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It was dark. Scary. Conan was scared. They had found him. And now he was in for it. All he could think of was Ran, and his family. The Detective Boys. All the others connected to him. They would die, all because of him. It was his fault. Conan cried.

50 words alternate

Aoko & Kaito



"Kaito, why—you know what, I shouldn't even ask."

The boy gave her an innocent look. "Ask what?" He inquired.

"Kaito, just why are you covered in neon spray paint…?"

"…Aoko, I think you were right the first time when you said you shouldn't ask…."

Aoko just sighed.

50 words alternate


Yukiko loved small things—small children. She was thrilled when she learned that Shin-chan was small again. And so she hugged and cooed over him, despite his protests. Even though her exterior showered him with love and silliness, all that was inside was worry, for his safety, health, and state-of-mind.

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