600 words

Kazuha & Heiji

Kazuha gazed down at the small boy. He was asleep, momentarily, and tossing. He was covered in sweat and mumbling. His clothing was a few sizes too large, but that didn't quite matter. He was a small child, so far nameless, and sleeping on her couch.

"Neechan! Neechan!"

Kazuha turned at the shouts. She saw a tanned boy, of six or seven, with pants rolled up eight or so times (same for the sleeves on his shirt) and blood covering his arm and the left half of his face. She had gasped.

The boy arrived at her feet (she had been walking home) and stood panting with his hands on his knees. "Neechan," he gasped. "Call the police!"

"What?" she gasped.

"Neechan!" he repeated more urgently, tugging on her skirt now. "Neechan, you have to call the cops. The men in black, they kidnapped me and hurt me, but I got away. You have to call the police before they get away!!"

After that, Kazuha had indeed called the cops. They had not found the men in black whom the young boy had spoken of, but had found traces of them being there—meaning that the kid hadn't lied. Kazuha had impulsively decided to take him home with her and wait until he woke up (as he had fallen into a restless slumber towards the end of the investigation) and then decide what to do. The police agreed to this. Once she had his name they would search for records of missing children. Now she was kneeling on the floor as he slept on the couch.

He turned, and mumbled something. Kazuha couldn't make it out. She vaguely thought that the kid looked kind of like Heiji when they had been younger—he even had a string around his neck. Whatever was on its end was inside his shirt, tucked away, and Kazuha didn't want to check his sleep to see what it was.

The boy jerked into a sitting position suddenly, and Kazuha jumped back. The boy let out a gasp, his head jerking to look in every direction. He seemed to relax when he realized he was in a home—probably relived to longer be captured by the men in back—but his eyes still showed fear. He didn't seem to have seen Kazuha until she leaned forward and put a hand on his shoulder. He jerked, and gasped when he saw Kazuha hovering over him, her mouth open to speak. He quickly pulled backwards, pressing into the couch cushion—he winced when his arm hurt. When he examined it, he saw it had been bandaged, and he shot a suspicious glance at Kazuha.

"Did you—" he started. Kazuha nodded.

"I bandaged your arm up. What a nasty cut!" Her eyes showed concern. "What's your name, little boy?"

At first, he didn't speak. "I need to call someone," he said instead. "Privately, please—do you have a phone….?"

Kazuha left the room to let him make his call, and hovered in the doorway trying not to listen. He carried out the conversation in a low voice as if he knew Kazuha was trying to eavesdrop. When he hung up and offered the phone back, he seemed much more relaxed.

She smiled. She asked again, "So, what's your name?"

The boy gave a confident smirk. "My name would just happen to be Kizokou Ari."

Kazuha blinked. "Well, Ari-kun, do you have a place to stay?"

The smirk widened as if Ari knew that she would ask that. "It just so happens that my parents are out of town…"

Kazuha & Heiji

600 words alternate

It was a pleasant night. Kazuha was walking home from a quick trip to the grocery store—it was her turn to make dinner for the family. So naturally, Kazuha screamed when a hand clamped around her mouth (sufficiently muffling the scream) and dragged her into an alleyway. A piece of cloth was shoved into her face, and as she struggled she felt herself unwillingly begin to fall asleep….

When Kazuha awoke she was chained to a pole in a small, dark room. The door began to creak open. She wanted to scream, but there was tape around her mouth. Her ankles were bound together. The men who entered the room were tall and blonde and short and burly, respectively. Behind them was a brown-haired woman, dark shadows covering her eyes.

The blonde lifted her chin and told her to enjoy heaven. She glared at him and tried to kick him but failed. The burly one smirked, and then both left, leaving her with the woman. She removed the tape from Kazuha's mouth, and Kazuha spat out, "What do you want from me?" the moment it was removed.

"You were kidnapped," she whispered in harsh tones. "They want me to test a poison on you. If it kills you….well….but if it doesn't I'm going to smuggle you out. Okay?"

"Why should I trust you?"

"Who else do you have to trust?" he voice was sad but her eyes were sadder. She offered a white and red pill, gently put it into Kazuha's mouth, and fed her some water.


The last thing Kazuha saw before blacking out was the woman taking out a clipboard with a pained look in her eyes.

This time, when Kazuha woke up she was in an alley way. She stood and walked on unsteady feet towards the mouth of the alley. The first thing she realized was that she was now wearing a long white shirt that went to her knees and had a pocket that against her left knee. Pausing, she dug into it and found a note that said:

The poison had a strange side effect. You now have the body of a seven-year-old girl instead of sixteen. You must not tell anyone about this—because if the org finds out you're alive they'll eliminate you and everyone around you.

Kazuha crumbled up the paper, and tossed it into a puddle. Thinking twice, she grabbed the balled up paper once more. She had a chance to check her reflection and what the note said was true. She looked like a seven-year-old. She looked a mess, too, with her hair tangled and the left side of her face bloody (probably from when she had blacked out) and her right arm bloody as well. (She didn't know how this happened, but there was a long cut on the inside of her arm, no longer bleeding.) She started to panic, but took a deep breath. Then she started towards Heiji's house.

His dad was a police officer. He should help. That was the excuse she gave herself, but Kazuha barely believed it herself.

From now on, I'm Kenshin Chou. Until I'm Kazuha again, of course.

Chou rang the doorbell on the Hattori residence. No, she thought. I'll tell Heiji the truth.

Heiji's mother opened the door. Chou told her she had a case for Heiji. He was summoned for her. Heiji lead Chou to his room after being told that no-one was to overhear the conversation.

Kazuha took a deep breath, standing with her back to the closed door. "Heiji," She said slowly. "It's me, Kazuha."

Really, there just arn't enough small Heiji stories around--and NO small Kazuha stories! I keep wondering what'd happen in those senarios--now you know a couple of the possibilities I thought of :)

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