Luna Lovegood loved to dance.

It brought her up whenever life brought her down. She would twirl around and around, hands outstretched, grasping the air, eyes shut, letting her legs do the work. It brought her such joy, to be free yet so in control. When her mother was alive, she and Luna would sometimes just dance away the hours of the night.

"How many dances till morning, Mama?" Luna would whisper as they twirled.

"Just a few more, my little rabbit," her mother would whisper back.

When her mother died, Luna could only be happy while dancing. She would dance away day after day after night after night; while her father wept, she would spin her tears into a slow, tragic dance.

This was what went on in Luna's mind as she waltzed herself away at Ron and Hermione's wedding. A Nargle flew into her ear, and she slid suddenly, nearly ruining her sun robes by falling into a pit of mud.

Neville caught her. "Dance with me."

And Luna danced.

Luna loved to dance.

A/N: Yeah, this is really weird, I guess. I'm not usually Luna/Neville but this was so cute :). Nor am I sure Neville OR Luna were invited to the wedding, but they had to be! I mean..he's Neville! And she's Luna! :D Review! Oh, almost forgot-

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