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Well, this is the sequel to Muscle Memory; First Blood. (*hintity hint hint* For those of you who have never read Muscle Memory, you may want to before you start First Blood or you're going to be very, very confused…)

Before we get started, allow me to explain a few things… Whereas Muscle Memory was told from the first-person narrative (from the eyes of the leading female, Setsuko "Aporro" Nakamura), First Blood will be told from third-person omniscient, meaning there will be 'her's, 'him's and 'they's with introspective looks at thoughts and feelings of all characters involved, when it applies.

Also, while this story is rated 'T' for the moment, the rating will go up the next chapter for various reasons… mostly Aporro's bad, bad mouth, but also because of dark and, at times, explicitly violent situations (especially much later on).

Just so you know here and now, First Blood is strictly AU. While it does tie in with the main BLEACH story-line, it also takes place a good 100+ years after the main story, meaning this plot is fan made. Now, while I know this may instill doubts about whether or not I won't just lose interest or run out of ideas… never fear~! I already have an intact plot and a fair amount of material to work with.

…Am I boring you yet? Because I am boring myself. ^.^' Well, if there's anything else I need to say, it will be said in subsequent chapters. For now, sit back, relax, and enjoy, because here it is~!

First Blood

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Vicenta winced as her mother went off on another tirade at the other end of the complex, sighing in relief that that anger wasn't directed at her and awed, even with being the daughter of that woman taken into consideration, that Aporro could get that loud…

Even if she denied it, Aporro was, pretty much, the matriarch of the Arrancar here at El Sanctuario, as some had come to call it…

When she heard her mother scream again, Vicenta sighed and was forced to acknowledge with a grin the other name their home was going by amongst the younger Arrancar; La Cueva de la Mujer Dragón.

Unfortunately for those so-called wits…


Vicenta smirked, plugging her main computer up to a new handheld system she was working on and starting the data transfer.

Honestly, if Aporro wanted to convince everyone she wasn't their unspoken leader/mother, she really needed to stop chastising everyone…

Unfortunately, that was something Aporro just couldn't do. She was getting more maternal with age, and not the nice maternal. No, the bossy, bitchy maternal.

Couldn't blame her, though; she was trying to boss around Arrancar, here, not humans. It was way harder to make Arrancar mind.

"Miss Vicenta…" The large terminal in front of her spoke, the giant numbers of a digital clock on military time flashing on the screen, "It's time for breakfast."

"Thank you, Meryl." Vicenta sighed, rubbing her forehead and yawning. She'd worked through the night. Again. She really needed to make the clock visible on the desktop…

She winced when she realized something; Grimmjow wasn't going to be happy.

"Fuck." She hissed, standing and dashing out of her lab.

Grimmjow was going to be pissed; this was the fifth time this week! In a row, at that! Damn her parents and their quirks… Damn her father for his obsessive work habits and damn her mother for her poor sense of time.

"Damn!" Vicenta skidded around the corner and dove at the large set of double doors right in front of her, sliding across the floor in her well-worn shoes and holding out her arms as she slammed into the doors.

They swung open readily and the mess hall fell silent, everyone stopping to stare at the young techie, making her shift and laugh nervously.


A few scattered greetings were thrown back and Vicenta sighed, moving through the tables until she came to her usual seat at a small table in the center, occupied by the former Espada, her mother, and him…

She winced slightly as she felt Grimmjow's eyes bore into her face, sitting in front of the waiting plate.

"Good of you to join us…" Her mother, Aporro, rasped.

Vicenta looked up, blinking. It never really failed to send her spinning that her parents looked like they could pass for identical twins, though she had long since gotten over feeling creeped out about it.

"You shouldn't yell so much." Vicenta shrugged when her mother twitched, "That rasp'll never clear if you don't relax."

"I get enough of that shit from your father, young lady." Aporro growled, clearly already in a foul mood, "I don't need it from you, too."

"Aporro," Szayel sighed, glancing at her, "You didn't take your hormones, did you?"

"Fuck off, Szay."

"Have a nice nap, Aporro."

No one at the table reacted when Szayel slipped a syringe out of his sleeve and pricked Aporro in the arm with it. They didn't even blink when her eyes widened and she slumped forward not even a second later, Halibel barely looking up from her book as she reached out and moved Aporro's tray so she didn't land face-down in her food.

Nope, no reactions at all. They were too used to it to be shocked anymore.

Vicenta sighed, then shuddered when a lithe yet well-muscled arm wrapped around her waist.

Grimmjow pulled her close, nuzzling her neck and murmuring, "You really need to quit workin' late… Ain't healthy."

"You need to quit challenging Ichigo." She glanced at him, smirking, "Ain't healthy."

"Hmph." Grimmjow snored, rolling his eyes, "Bastard ain't got time for sparring since he got that promotion, anyway. But don't turn the conversation back on me." He frowned, "Just what're you workin' on in there, anyway?"

"New handheld system!" Vicenta perked up at talking about her work, pulling an 'L'-shaped, remote control-like device out of her pocket and pushing her tray aside, laying the unit out on the table, "I made a new frame and worked out some kinks in the old programming." She looked up, smiling when she saw her father staring down at the unit with interest, "The data from your old handheld it being transferred over right now. Sorry for the time, but there was a lot of it…"

Szayel shook his head, "It's fine…" He then sighed, smirking slightly, "It's strange…I used to do just fine with my computers alone, but without the handheld things seem a little… odd."

Vicenta shrugged, "Common when people interact with technology; develop a dependency, conform it right into your everyday life, make it so natural you hardly notice just how much you use it, and then when it's gone you feel like someone's thrown a wrench in your life. Anyway, your new one should be done before I get back; I'll have it sent over."

Szayel nodded, glancing when Aporro stirred, then turning back to his tray.

A sudden whirring from above summoned the table's attention up, Vicenta grinning and flashing the small, spherical flying unit roughly ten feet above them a thumbs up seconds before it clicked, then zoomed off to the next table.

"Observer unit 3301…" Szayel muttered.

"Yep!" Vicenta chirped, shoving the handheld back into her pocket before pulling her tray back and eating, "All of the OUs are up and running again! At least, the internal ones are… The aerial ones are under an intense reprogramming, but they should be operational soon. Then I'll be able to start the Hueco Mundo Mapping System!"

"Be careful with that…" Her father stared at her evenly, "You have to take the privacy of the others in the complex into mind, not to mention—"

"Alerting Hollows to our location, I know, I know." Vicenta sighed, sticking her lower lip and throwing him a sullen look, "You're so mean, Daddy…"

Szayel twitched, staring at her. His eyes narrowed when she grinned.

Vicenta acted, and had her moments when she looked, like her mother. They both knew she knew that, they both knew she took advantage of that, and they both knew Szayel was a sucker for the look, especially when it came to his daughter.

"Right…" Szayel muttered angrily, looking back down at his plate, "Just be careful…"

Vicenta's grin widened and, beside her, Grimmjow's sides shook with a silent chuckle.

"Well, I'm full!" Vicenta jumped to her feet, stretching.

"…But you didn't eat anything…" Halibel said after a moment, blinking along with the others.

Vicenta shrugged, "Not hungry. Later!" She turned and ran off.

Everyone stared after her.

Slowly, blearily, Aporro lifted her head and glared at Szayel though glazed eyes, "I have every fuckin' right to blame you for her workaholic… ness…"

"The word you are looking for is ergomania, Aporro." Szayel sighed, "But… I have to admit you may be right." He jerked when there was a loud ping at Aporro's side.

Slowly, the drugged woman took out a PDA-like device and grinned down at it.

"Score for Apor-ro~!" It sang.

"…You actually programmed your handheld to keep score between us…?" Szayel asked slowly after a moment, quirking a brow.

"Yyyyyep." Aporro drawled, slumping forward again.

"…What's the score?" Szayel had no idea why he was interested; he just was.

Aporro twitched, "Don't as—"

"Sza-yel, 2,994,352. Apor-ro, 399." The PDA sang.

Aporro twitched again, then slumped down all the way.

Grimmjow chuckled along with everyone else for a moment, then stood and flashed after Vicenta.

Vicenta turned away from the pages of code in front of her and yawned widely, leaning forward and slumping over her knees.

"Miss Vicenta, you have been working for thirty-two hours without rest." Meryl brought up the stopwatch application on the screen in front of all of the code, the timer running over 31:59:50:44 quickly and flashing passed 32:00:00:35. "Your body requires downtime for recharging."

"Nnnnnneeeeeeeeeeeeeeehhh…" Vicenta grumbled, sullen, "Fuck off, Meryl."

"As you wish, Miss Vicenta." The computer fell silent.

Vicenta sighed, then sat up and turned back to her keyboard, resuming her typing.

"Reduced to taking out your anger on inanimate objects?" Vicenta jumped, yelping and turning, glaring as a certain smirking, blue-haired Arrancar waltzed out of the shadows, his smirk widening at her anger, "I'd say someone needs a nap."

"Screw you, Grimmjow." Vicenta snapped, spinning her chair back towards her computer and typing again.

"Aww, is the little fishy sleepy?" Grimmjow mocked, walking up behind her and setting his chin on top of her head, grinning widely and rubbing her shoulders when she tensed.

"Grimmy, fuck. Off."

"I'd say that's a 'yes'." Ignoring her screaming, Grimmjow hefted Vicenta out of her chair and slung her over his shoulder, turning and walking out of her computer lab.

"Grimmjow, put me down, put me down now!" She shrieked, slamming her fists against his back and kicking his chest, all without any real effect. "Don't make me kick your ass! Put me DOWN!!"

"Nnnope, don't think so." Grimmjow drawled, smirking and reaching up. There was the sound of a sharp smack.

Vicenta jumped and yelped, then flailed harder, "YOU SLAP MY ASS ONE MORE TIME—"

Grimmjow spanked her again, harder.

Stunned, Vicenta went limp and dangled, staring down at Grimmjow's heels and… well, frankly, his ass. Not her fault. Totally not her fault; it was right in her line of vision.

Not like she'd never seen his ass before… And it was a very fine ass…

But, point is, staring at his ass had not been her intention; she wasn't that out of control of her hormones. She was not her mother. End of story.

Anyway, Vicenta was stunned that Grimmjow had actually spanked her. Of all of the times to leave her zanpakuto back in her room…

Still… She supposed that Grimmjow was just trying to look out for her best interest…

"Good girl." Grimmjow patted her rump gently.

Vicenta twitched, 'Ooo, that's it.' Twisting, she turned on her side, ignoring how her ribs pressed down painfully on her lungs, and kneed Grimmjow in the face.

"GAH!" Grimmjow's grip loosened.

Smirking, Vicenta launched off of his back and skidded across the ground on all fours, turning back around and leaping back at him.

Grimmjow growled when she barreled into his side and knocked him over, flipping around and pinning her to the floor. He then smashed his lips down on hers, smirking when she moaned and arched to press up against him.

His smirk widened as he ran his hands down her sides, fingers curling slightly and nails digging into her skin through her jacket, making her writhe and whine.

"You've been a bad girl, Centa…" Grimmjow growled, lowering his head and biting her neck gently, "You need to be put down for a nap…"

Any protest or retaliation Vicenta may have bit out was cut short when Grimmjow ground his hips down on hers.

"Hey, hey, ain't we been over this?!"

They both froze, looking up and blinking when they saw Aporro and Szayel glaring down at them.

"No boning in the halls!" Aporro slurred, clearly not entirely over whatever drug Szayel had pumped into her.

"Right, right." Grimmjow grumbled, glaring at the woman slightly before wrapping his arms around Vicenta's waist and flashing back to her room. When he had her in bed, Grimmjow looked back down at her and smirked, "Now, where wer—" He blinked.

Vicenta was curled up slightly, head turned to one side and eyes closed. A few strands of hair slid across her skin and covered her face and her breathing was even.

She'd fallen asleep.

"…Fuck, you really were tired, weren'tcha?"

Vicenta whined softly and rolled onto her side.

Sighing, Grimmjow flopped down beside her and wrapped his arm around her waist, pulling her back against his chest and nuzzling the back of her neck. He smirked when she relaxed.

"Fine… Sleep. But I am so tearing your ass up later…"

Even when she was asleep, Vicenta reddened slightly.













Grimmjow quirked a brow, Szayel pinched the bridge of his nose, and Aporro snickered, all watching as Vicenta took out her frustration on her computer, kicking it, slamming her fist down on the keyboard, and then brandishing her zanpakuto and screaming obscenities at it.


Szayel glanced at Aporro, frowning, "You know her anger and swearing problems are your fault, correct?"

"…" Aporro smirked, "Hehehehe, yeaaaah…"

When the computer finally shuddered to life and started working, Grimmjow quirked a brow, "Hell, I could have done that…"

Szayel sighed, "Yes, but at least Vicenta waited until after it failed to start up the first twenty attempts. You would have resorted to violence after only one attempt."

"Got something to say, Grantz?" Grimmjow growled, throwing the scientist a glare.

"Just that…" Szayel replied airily, watching as Vicenta stared up a program on the now working but thoroughly abused computer and turning on a nearby machine, plugging the two together with a long cord.

"Aaaaand, here it is!" Vicenta grinned excitedly, stepping back as the machine, a large spherical device with a top hemisphere that spun clockwise and a bottom that spun counterclockwise, rose into the air, several lights flashing along the equator of the sphere. "The first operational unit of the Hueco Mundo Mapping System!"

"Kinda…" Aporro tilted her head, "Clunky, isn't it? Your indoor ones are a lot smaller than that…"

"Eh, it's first generation." Vicenta shrugged, typing something in on her keyboard and stepping under the sphere as it moved over to hover fifteen feet directly above her. She looked up, grinning and freezing.

The machine whirred, then clicked, and on the screen against the wall a high-definition picture of Vicenta formed.

"Right now I've only programmed so far as simple color imaging…" Vicenta started, turning back to her computer, "But soon I'll be working on multispectral programming… and eventually hyperspectral. In theory, in about ten years I'll have the most complete map of the three hundred mile radius around Las Noches ever created! After that, the rest of Hueco Mundo…" She turned back to the others, grinning widely, "Just imagine it!"

Szayel smirked, silently amazed and proud.

Grimmjow grinned confusedly, not understanding but happy that she was happy.

Aporro stared at the floating sphere, head tilted, "…I don' get it." When Vicenta 'mrow'ed and slumped, Aporro smiled, "But it looks amazing, hon… Just be careful, okay?"

Vicenta looked up, blinking, "Huh?"

"We aren't the only residents of Hueco Mundo, you know." Aporro shrugged, "And not all of them are pushovers, either…"

Vicenta blinked, then grinned, "Aww, come on, Mom! What's the worst that could happen?!"

Aporro twitched, her eyes narrowing slightly, "…You just haaaaaad to ask, didn't ya? Great. Now we're fucked."

The young half-Arrancar waved her mother off, turning back to her computer and typing in a few more lines of code.

'Just how right can Mom, of all people, be?'

Fun in The Sanctuary~!

Who's the Chef…?

Ichigo sits down at a table in El Sanctuario, summoning many glances from the Arrancar and the attention of an instantly enraged Grimmjow.


Looking up from his plate, Ichigo sighs irately and frowns, glaring at Grimmjow, "What do you want, Hollow cat?"

Grimmjow bores down in Ichigo with a glare, his eyes narrowed and a feral grin on his face, "What the fuck're ya doin' here, Kurosaki?"

"You guys always have awesome food, unlike the Eleventh Division barracks." Ichigo answers simply, shrugging and turning back to his tray.

Derailed by his honestly, Grimmjow pauses in his glare and blinks, then straightens and nods, "You're right. I've tasted some of the stuff you shinigami have back there, and it sucks ass." He then frowns, glancing at the ceiling, "I wonder who cooks here…"

"Pffffft!" A mist of sake bursts from Ichigo's mouth, soaking an unfortunate Arrancar sitting across from him. The Arrancar, though, goes unnoticed as Ichigo turns to Grimmjow, his eyes wide, "You mean you don't know who cooks your food?!"

"…No." Grimmjow frowns down at Ichigo, "There a problem with that?"

"…Not really…" 'Only if you don't mind possibly getting poisoned if the chef hates you.' "How do we find out who the cook is?" Ichigo asks, genuinely curious.

"Well… the food's always precooked…" Grimmjow shrugs, "We'd have to check the kitchens at night." He then turns and walks off.

"Right." Ichigo nods. He then blinks, jumps to his feet and runs after Grimmjow, "How do you guys tell when night is?!"