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"Szayel…" Aporro growled, stalking towards her mate at a slow, deliberate pace, "You're going to give Barracuda Bicuda back to me now."

Szayel twitched, backing away with equally slow, deliberate paces as his hand discreetly found its way to the hilt of Fornicaras, "No, Aporro, I won't."

"Yes," Aporro countered, her aura starting to crackle with purple and her eyes narrowing, "You will."

She had had it.

She was sick of people knocking her out every time she tried to go after her daughter, and now that she and Szayel were effectively alone she wasn't letting it happen again.

The only thing standing between her and her zanpakuto was her mate, and Aporro was ready to land him in the intensive care unit for as pissed as she was at him.

He was lucky he had a dick, because if he didn't Aporro would have little other reason to not kill him.

Shallow, yes, but Aporro was being broiled down to her most base instincts, and unfortunately for Szayel she was so pissed that loving him for his big, sexy brain wasn't one of them at the moment.

"Aporro…" Szayel started, sounding slightly anxious as he drew Fornicaras slightly, "Do not instigate a—"

Beyond listening, Aporro sonidoed forward, landing on one foot and spinning around in a full roundhouse.

Her other foot arced gracefully through the air, catching Szayel under his jaw and sending him flying across the room before he crashed into the wall, the stone rippling before caving and cracking.

Szayel hissed, drawing his sword all the way and throwing his head back when he landed on his feet. The blade slowly slipped down his throat… "Sip, Fornicaras!"

Tensing, Aporro jumped back, landing on her feet and crouching slightly with one hand pressed to the floor as she skidded back, stopping just feet from her butt touching the wall.

She watched with narrowed eyes as her mate finished his transformation, sneering when he tossed his head and fixed her with an icy glare.

"Aporro, dear, I do love you," Szayel drawled, crossing his arms over his chest and staring down at her derisively, "But I will not hesitate to harm you. Stop this. Immediately."

"Give me my zanpakuto and this can all end." Aporro drawled back, long pink hair sliding down over her shoulder and amber eyes meeting her mate's solidly.

Szayel's purple tattooed upper lip quirked up slightly in a sneer, one of his wings twisting forward as Aporro leapt at him.

The red, hanging appendages swelled and blocked the attack, but Szayel still grunted and had to brace his feet when the shockwave reached his back.

Aporro wrapped her fingers around the top edge of his wing and swung herself up, flipping around so her feet pressed against the ceiling when she reached it. Crouching and growling down at him, she pressed off powerfully and rocketed straight for him.

All four of Szayel's wings were necessary to block the blow, and even then several of the swollen red appendages burst, spattering them both with the runny liquid inside.

Snarling angrily, Szayel swung his arm, one of the wings following the motion and throwing Aporro across the room.

Unable to flip herself around fast enough, Aporro slammed into the wall above their bed, blood spattering the wall when the back of her head smacked the stone.

Normally, Szayel would have frowned and instantly started fretting.

Now, he just watched coldly as she whimpered and collapsed on the bed, her pink hair quickly turning red and slick.

Szayel walked over to the bed slowly, his high heels clicking on the floor with each step and his dress swirling back and forth around his legs.

When he was standing next to their bed, one of his wings slowly slid out and nudged itself under Aporro, wrapping around her tightly and lifting her into the air. As it did, the hanging appendages swelled, trapping her and making her moan in pain at the increase in pressure.

Aporro peeled her eyes open slowly and one by one, her vision splitting and spinning and the right side of her body going numb. She whimpered when she was squeezed, looking down at Szayel dazedly.

"Do not fight me, Aporro." Szayel said smoothly, his chin tipped up slightly and his eyes lidded as he looked at her as if she were scum, "You won't win."

Aporro stared at him, panting and in pain, then closed her eyes and rasped, "I… wouldn't count on that…" Abruptly, she opened her mouth as wide as she could and charged/fired a cero, right in Szayel's face.

Not prepared for her to actually be cognizant enough after the blow to the head to be able to gather the reishi for a cero, Szayel took the brunt of the blast with an indignant screech, his wing dropping her as he stumbled back.

Aporro collapsed in a heap, blood running down her temples and to her forehead as Szayel pressed his hands to the burns on his face.

Then, quickly, Aporro pushed herself onto her hands and toes, then launched herself forward and slammed into his torso.

Instead of stumbling, like she thought he would, Szayel grabbed her shoulders and pressed her against him, all four of his wings wrapping around them both and crushing her body to his chest and stomach.

Vaguely, Aporro was suddenly conscious of just how much taller Fornicaras made Szayel, and she found herself temporarily forgetting her anger and leaning against him.

Szayel frowned deeply, finally allowing himself to worry as her eyes rolled back into her head, which slumped back at an almost odd angle.

"Aporro!" Szayel hissed, letting go of her shoulders and grabbing her bloody head, instead, lifting it and hovering over her, "Aporro!"

Aporro's lips parted slightly and she panted, her eyelids fluttering up so she could stare at him through bloodshot, glassy eyes.

"Aporro, stay with me." Szayel growled, looking over his shoulder and barking at the door, "Lumina! Verona! Get in here, now!"

Once the door swung open and the two Fraccion scuttled in, Szayel grabbed the closest one and smacked its head against one of the four posters of his and his mate's bed, barely paying attention to the spray of blood as the skull in his large hand crumpled and the form twitched before going lax.

Behind Szayel, Lumina wailed and lamented the death of his sister, and Szayel didn't bother to snap at him to shut up as he, with a flick of his wrist, tore his Fraccion in half, pressing the bloody, jagged tissue of the half still in his hand to his mate's lips.

When Aporro mumbled into the carcass, Szayel shushed her and soothed, "Eat, Aporro. Eat it now before I have to take you into intensive surgery."

Aporro mumbled a bit more, blood spraying from her lips before she finally obeyed and started nibbling and drinking the dribbling blood.

Szayel continued cooing and urging her with almost sickeningly sweet words, sighing at the twinge of relief that came with a soft purple light that worked its way down her body, staunching the blood and healing her.

Within seconds, Aporro's eyes snapped back open with renewed anger and she flailed, snarling.

Szayel glared down at her, tossing the remains of his Fraccion aside and grabbing her head with both hands so he could kiss her roughly.

Aporro made vicious noises and bit at his lips and tongue, drawing quite a bit of blood before she actually calmed down and started kissing back.

Verona's blood, some of it still in Aporro's mouth, healed Szayel's bitten skin, and he walked over to the bed and pressed her down on her back, pulling back and panting, "I'm not giving you Barracuda Bicuda… yet."

"Yet?" Aporro asked huskily, her eyes clouded with a different kind of red now.

"Should Marccia Bones show up… I'll give it to you then." Szayel elaborated, squeaking when she grabbed his collar and jerked him off of his feet.

Groaning and kissing her back, it took Szayel a moment to push her away and look down at her sternly.

"But you will be careful, and after unsheathing it you will only release if I say you can."

"Yeah, yeah, blah, blah." Aporro rolled her eyes, grabbing him with both hands this time and jerking him into another kiss.

Szayel groaned again, lifting his lower body when she started pulling his skirt up over his legs and hips, "Weren't we… just fighting?"

"Yeah, but fighting's such a turn-on." Aporro rasped, rolling them over and pinning him to the bed.

Szayel didn't have time to comment as she pushed his skirt up to his stomach and ground down on his erection, instead tossing his head back and groaning throatily.

If it wasn't so damned arousing when she was still angry as she took control, Szayel would have made several acerbic remarks about how their fights always led back to her demanding sex… Though Szayel supposed he probably should have considered himself lucky.

He knew that when humans fought, it often led to the male being banished to the sofa.

When Aporro bit his neck harshly, nearly breaking both his barely passable hierro and his skin, Szayel flinched but didn't say anything, closing his eyes instead and groaning again when she clenched her thighs tightly around his hips.

Aporro, despite how affectionate she may seem at the moment, was still pissed. And Szayel could understand why…

Every single time Aporro had attempted to go after Vicenta, someone had intercepted.

And, quite frankly, several of the interceptions hadn't even been planned.

It seemed everyone had drawn the same conclusion without realizing it; the conclusion that Aporro wasn't mentally stable/strong enough to save her daughter.

And Szayel knew that had hurt her…

And the fact that she'd been denied her own zanpakuto, which he knew she wanted only for the mental security of having some control of the situation, hadn't helped at all, despite the fact that when Szayel had taken Barracuda Bicuda from her, she had said she understood why…

…He could only imagine how infuriated she would be when she found out he had no real intent to give her her zanpakuto.

Though Szayel couldn't bring himself to feel the least bit guilty about it. Not even when she leaned up to kiss him again and he saw how tightly her eyes were closed, how wet her eyelids were, how upset she looked.

Szayel sighed and closed his eyes, his Fornicaras-large, thin hands settling on her waist as he kissed back.

He had expected her to know better than to trust him on such matters…

Aporro waited until Szayel was asleep to take Fornicaras and slide it back into its sheath. Szayel always slipped out of Resurreccion after he went to sleep if he didn't reseal beforehand…

Standing, Aporro shuddered in the cold air before she pulled her clothes back on, glancing at Szayel to make sure he was still asleep as she secured Fornicaras to her waist.

He was sprawled out on his stomach, head turned to the side and hair mussed with a light pink flush still staining his cheeks.

It had been impossible to take his clothes off while he was in Resurreccion, but the moment he was sealed again he was naked, his fine, pert ass bare to the cold air.

Sighing, Aporro covered him up and turned, walking out.

She wasn't stupid.

She knew that, after nearly twenty years of Szayel hiding her zanpakuto from her whenever he so chose, her mate wasn't about to give it back to her, especially when she was so angry about what had happened…

If she wanted Barracuda Bicuda back in her hand, she would have to find it on her own.

As Aporro walked down the hall, Fornicaras thudded against her hip over and over, the heavy metal balls of the tsuba hit her with extra force, the cold of the metal stinging her straight through her hakama.

Though Aporro knew that Arrancar zanpakuto weren't conscious like those of shinigami, she'd always felt like… Fornicaras didn't like her handling it without Szayel's permission.

…Not that the sword would have much of a choice even if it were sentient.

Aporro wasn't having Szayel release and attack her again; fighting him while she was unarmed was a bitch.

When Aporro arrived at the first place she could think of looking (Szayel's main laboratory), she blinked when she saw Lumina sitting outside of the door, the small, bulbous Fraccion's face in his hands as he sobbed.

Feeling a tug at her heart, Aporro knelt down in front of the Fraccion and reached out to pet his head, "Lumina, sweetheart, what's wrong?"

Lumina jerked back to stare at Aporro with wide eyes, then threw his head back and wailed, "You ate Verona!"

Aporro blinked. She didn't remember doing that, but it did make sense and certainly explained why she healed so fast… And why Lumina was not only alone, but so upset; Aporro didn't remember Szayel promising to make him another Verona.

"Lumina, hon, shut up." When the Fraccion immediately obeyed, Aporro nodded, standing, "Good boy. Now, I'm sorry Szayel didn't get a chance to talk to you about this; how about I make you a new Verona now?"

Lumina immediately perked and stood, clasping his hands and staring up at Aporro with hopeful, beady, watery eyes, "Y-Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!"

Aporro smiled, reaching out and petting his face, "Alright, Lumina, let's go then."

Lumina practically stumbled over Aporro's heels as he followed her into the lab, and though Aporro kept turning to him repeatedly to slap at him and tell him to back off, he still stuck to her like glue.

The closer they got to one of the machines in the back, the worse he got.

Despite how annoying it was, Aporro couldn't help shaking her head and smiling as she started the machine.

Lumina took her hand when it was free and bounced up and down, rubbing her palm against the side of his small face, "Thank you, Master Aporro! Thank you, Master Aporro!"

"Don't thank me." Aporro turned to him and smiled, setting her hands on his shoulders and pushing him back down onto his bare feet, "You know I hate seeing you alone…"

When the machine cracked open with a hiss, they both turned and watched as a new Verona stepped out, the clone looking around with wide, confused eyes.

"Verona, Verona!" Lumina cheered, leaping forward and wrapping his gangly arms around her.

It took the new Verona a moment, but when she finally caught on she smiled widely and hugged him back, "Lumina! Lumina!"

Aporro watched them with her arms crossed over her stomach, smiling softly. Annoying as they could be, stupid as they were, despite the fact that they, technically, weren't real beings, she liked how, unlike other Arrancar, they weren't afraid of showing real emotions (or at least, as real as their emotions could get).

She loved how dependant they were on one another's existence… It was strangely and sickeningly sweet in their dark, lonely world…

When the two Fraccion turned and looked up at her, Aporro kept smiling and leaned forward, cupping their faces with her hands and looking between them, "There. Better now?"

In unison, they nodded so violently Aporro was surprised they didn't hurt their little necks.

"Good…" Aporro kept smiling at them gently, keeping their guards down, "Now, I need you two to help me find something Master Szayel Aporro… misplaced…"

Ignoring the Fraccion as they stood back and wrung their hands nervously, mumbling to one another, Aporro pressed her stomach against the edge of a seemingly empty table, leaning over and pressing down on the center.

A slip of the table gave way under her fingers, and then that slip parted down the center and slid away, leaving a small compartment open.

Aporro reached inside, sighing and closing her eyes when the tips of her fingers brushed against a familiar, well-polished object. She wrapped her hand around the sheath and pulled it out, staring down at her zanpakuto.

Barracuda Bicuda was a long sword, almost to the point where it ceased to be a katana and would have been considered a nodachi, were there just a few more centimeters to it.

The sheath was a dark charcoal color that, in the right light, seemed to look lighter than it actually was, and the wrapping around the hilt was a very, very bright white. Wave-like patterns decorated the squared silver tsuba, though one couldn't see them unless they were looking for them.

Aporro smiled down the extension of her soul softly, feeling a warmth radiate from the sheath where she grasped it despite the fact that the sword held no consciousness.

It was simply reacting to being connected to her again, she knew, but it still prompted a stirring in her chest.

…Then again, it could just be a small amount of bloodlust…

Quickly, Aporro secured Barracuda Bicuda around her waist, right over Fornicaras, and turned to Lumina and Verona, looking at them seriously, "You didn't see me take this, I didn't let you help me find it." She quirked a brow, "Clear?"

The two Fraccion shifted nervously, nodding and mumbling to one another, "No tell Master Szayel Aporro… No tell. No tell. No tell…"

"Good…" Aporro nodded, pulling them close and kissing their cheeks before she stared at the door to the lab.

All she had to do now was get out of The Sanctuary…

Then she could find that bitch, Marccia Bones, and make the woman wish she'd never been spawned.

Szayel lay out on his back, one arm crossed behind his head and the other holding up his handheld, on which he had a perfect view of Aporro as she walked out of his lab and towards the exit of the compound.

…Just how crafty did she think she was?

Fun in The Sanctuary~!

How Did They Meet…?

"Setsuko Nakamura?"

Aporro glances over her shoulder, quirking a brow, "Captain Kuchiki… you do know that was my human name, right?"

Byakuya pauses, then nods, "Yes. I just wanted to confirm it."

"…O…kay…?" Aporro's quirked brow goes even higher as she turns to the shinigami, tilting her head curiously. She had just come to the Seireitei to visit Jushiro while he was in the Fourth Division again, and she hadn't told anyone she was coming…

…Why was the Sixth Division Captain actively seeking her?

Noticing her befuddled expression, Byakuya sighs, "My apologies for not explaining. You see, the Kuchiki's are in charge of the archives of the Soul Society, and it has been something of a tradition for us to keep an eye on the cycles of rebirth of those who are… directly linked to us."

Aporro blinks. Byakuya had actually paused… She takes a moment to think about what he said, then slowly starts grinning. "Byakuya…" She starts, dropping the formalities, "Are you saying what I think you are?"

Byakuya narrows his eyes, twitching in indignation as he turns sharply on his heel and starts walking away. The twitching only gets worse as Aporro dashes after him. "Though confrontation usually doesn't happen, the opportunity presented itself and, as the head of the Kuchiki house, I could not ignore it."

"But you're regretting it now, aren't you?" Aporro jabs, grinning and throwing her head back to laugh loudly when Byakuya just twitches.

"You're almost exactly as I remember you." Byakuya finally grumbles, his eyes comically narrowed and lidded, "Impertinent and boisterous as ever. A smear on our family."

Aporro snickers, shrugging, "It takes all kinds, you know. So, how far apart were we? By marriage? Third? Second? Twice removed?"

"…First cousins." Byakuya admits, twitching to a stop when Aporro leaps in front of him.

"Cousin!" Aporro cheers, throwing herself at Byakuya and hugging him tightly.

Byakuya twitches yet again, glaring off into the distance.

He will not be introducing Rukia to this former Kuchiki…