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Three hundred and sixty five days.

Tenten smiled as she crossed out the previous day on her calendar. It was exactly one year to the day since that fateful morning when her childish, yet loveable, older brother had stepped foot into the crowded barbeque restaurant where the Konoha 11 had agreed to meet for lunch. It was hard to believe that time had gone by so quickly. It seemed like only yesterday that Tenten walked into the restaurant to find her older brother harassing her white-eyed teammate; a habit of his which had become more prevalent over the months that followed.

"Poor Neji." She grinned as the memories of the countless insults, instances of hidden training gear, random flash bombings, caffeine in his bedtime tea, and all the other various pranks her brother had pulled on the Hyuga over the last year, came rushing back at her. "Despite how much he tries, I don't think Koudo-nii-san is ever going to ease up on him." the kunoichi mused to herself.

Though she faked ignorance on the matter, Tenten was very much aware that there existed some sort of animosity between Neji and her brother. And while at first it had bothered her to think that two of the most important people in her life seemed to hate each other, she had soon come to believe the exact opposite was true, and that in reality both men actually really liked each other.

"Though I'm sure they'll never admit it." Tenten snickered, as she walked over to her bedside drawer and picked up the picture Ino had taken of her and Neji the previous week as they were coming back from training. The younger kunoichi had been eager to try out her new camera and, having run into them right after purchasing it, had asked the two teammates to stand close together. But just as the blond kunoichi was about to press the button to take the photo, Koudo had jumped in between the two sparring partners, and had ended up in the shot as well. "It came out nice though." Tenten noted; smiling happily as she took in the image of her brother, with each arm wrapped around her and Neji. (1)

He looked happy. Something for which the bun-haired kunoichi was very glad.

When he had decided to stay in the village as a regular shinobi --forsaking his previous life as an ANBU who spent most of his time on far off, long-term missions – Tenten had been slightly nervous that her older brother would become bored, or worst, that he would end up hating the new life he had chosen. But now, a year later, it seemed she had worried for nothing. Not only had Koudo adjusted to life as a normal Jounin, he had become quite popular in the village. Having taken a liking to him immediately, Gai had introduced, or rather re-introduced, Koudo to the village and practically all it's inhabitants in a single day (a goal he had set for himself and had somehow managed to achieve).

Naturally, being of an easy-going (albeit at times goofy) personality, Koudo was able to make many friends instantly. Among his many new friends, Iruka, the academy teacher, had introduced Koudo to the world of academia. Shortly after their friendship began, Iruka had somehow convinced the former-ANBU to teach a daily weaponry class at the academy for about two months. Koudo had apparently taken such a liking to the post that, with the help of Iruka and some of the other academy teachers, he had recently taken and successfully passed the shinobi teaching examination.

"He might actually be growing up..." Tenten mused proudly as she looked down at the picture in her hands.

"AHH!" A sudden scream, followed by a loud bang as the kunoichi's bedroom door flung open, filled the small room.

"Huh? What?!?" Tenten quickly positioning herself in a defensive stance as she turned to see what was going on. "KOUDO!" She yelled, upon seeing it was her idiotic older brother in the doorway. "Can't you ever knock?" Rolling her eyes, the kunoichi pulled back the kunai that had been meant to protect her.

"That gives him time to hide." Koudo bluntly replied, as he entered the room and quickly began searching through the small space; tossing over the bed covers, opening the closet, and scanning any possible place that a full grown adult could hide in.

"Then why yell before bursting in?" Tenten snidely remarked; pointing out the flaw in her brother's plan.

"Because I want him to fear what comes next." Koudo replied in an eerie tone as he made his way towards the window to check if the Hyuga had maybe stepped out onto the side of the house or run off before Koudo entered the room.

"You do realize he has x-ray vision right?" The kunoichi reminded her older brother, implying that Neji would be able to see Koudo coming even if he did try to sneak up on him.

"Haah!" The older shinobi gasped upon making some sort of connection in his mind.

Turning to his younger sister and quickly grabbing hold of her hand, he frantically began pulling her with him out to the busy streets below.

"Where are you taking me?" Tenten pulled at her arm, trying in vain to wrestle herself away from her brother's grasp.

"To buy lead underwear!" Koudo replied; hurrying his pace as they entered the village shopping distract.

"That's ridiculous!" She slapped away the older man's hand, effectively releasing herself as they came to a stop in front of a clothing store. "Besides, it's not like it would make any difference at this point anyway." She carelessly added; not thinking that the paranoia of his overprotective older-brother brain would conjure up images and thoughts that were not in her best interest.

"WHAT?!" Koudo instantly tensed; once more grabbing hold of his younger sister's arm. "Does... does that mean...." He began; tears brimming at the corners of his eyes as he stared down questioningly at the younger girl. "Oh Kami!" He desperately exclaimed to the heavens. "How could this happen? My baby sister has been defiled! That bastard! I'll kill him! How could he soil my precious little Tennie-chan?!?" Tears began pouring out of the older man's eyes as he continued on his idiotic ranting.

"Stop it!" Tenten urged her brother to calm down; feeling more than a few eyes burrowing into her back as her brother continued to humiliate her with his irrational behavior. "That's not what I meant!" She yelled; hoping her voice might reach over her brother's loud sobbing.

"Oh?" Koudo momentarily ceased his tantrum as he waited for the bun-haired girl to explain herself.

"I meant," Tenten began; grateful that at least he had stopped yelling embarrassing things, even if his face was still covered in tears and snot. "We've been teammates for years now," she stated; momentarily believing that would be enough explanation, but upon seeing her brother's uncertain expression, as he wiped his face with the sleeve of his red coat, she decided to try to explain it more clearly. "Which means, if he had wanted to, he could have peeked plenty of times by now."

"..." Koudo's eyes grew wide as he processed the statement the kunoichi had just made. "I knew it!" He agitatedly exclaimed. "HYUGA NEJI IS A PERVERT!" The former-ANBU loudly declared; causing more than a few passersby to stop and stare at the two siblings as one tearfully cursed at the heavens and the other covered her face in shame and frustration.

"Ahem." An exaggerated cough behind them pulled the two sibling's away for their personal thoughts.

Turning to see who had walked up to them, Tenten just about fell over as she came face to face with none other than the Hyuga prodigy himself. "Neji!" she gasped in surprise and embarrassment.

Instantly, Koudo rushed between the two sparring partners, effectively blocking his little sister from the Hyuga's sight. "BACK! You perverted fiend!" the former-ANBU dramatically exclaimed. "Don't even think about using your byakugan to peek through my Tennie-chans clothes!" He accusingly glared at the younger man; already convinced in his mind that that was naturally all that the prodigy used his bloodline-limit for. "You may have done it in the past, but from now on, no more!" He adamantly declared.

"I have done no such a thing." Neji firmly denied; trying his best to keep his irritation at being called a pervert from showing in his stoic expression.

"But you THOUGHT about it!" Koudo accusingly pointed at the younger shinobi. "And if you think I'm gonna let you try anything, you've got another thing coming!" And with that, the former-ANBU-turned academy teacher, once more grabbed hold of his younger sister's arm and pulled her away from the Hyuga, as Tenten smiled apologetically at her less than please sparring partner, who merely watched the siblings disappear into a blacksmith's shop, all the while attempting to cover the soft crimson that colored his pale complexion at the slight truth in the last accusation made by his crush's paranoid older brother.\

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