Summary: Ichigo has been missing for 6 years, leaving behind Rukia, pregnant. "I Never even got a chance to tell him." She had sobbed. Now six years later, her 5 year old son, Kenage, Starts having weird nightmares, invloving a certain orange haired shinigami. I was never good at summaries. Rated T just to be on the safe side. First fic! :3

Author: LizKuchiki.

Title: Reuniting.

Publish date: 03/28/10.

Rating: T.

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Chapter 1: Nightmare.


Kuchiki Rukia woke up from her peaceful slumber with a slight jump as she processed what or rather, who had disturbed her.

Didn't take long. The Kuchiki princess glanced at her clock and sighed, 3:45 AM, just her luck.

She slipped on her Chappy slippers, and forced her body to walk over to the door, swinging it open with a small 'swoosh'. Soon after she was stepping into her 5 year old's bedroom. From a small bed you could see a bundel of raven orange streaked hair, and a sweaty face with wide violet eyes. Rukia gasped,

''Kenage-chan what's wrong?''

She rushed over to her son's bed and sat down. The small boy uncomfortably made his way to his mother's lap and spoke between sobs.

''K-kaa-chan! I had a really scary dream, I saw a mask, it was really scary...! And there was a man, with orange hair, and a huge kitchen knife, calling m-my name..And then, the mask formed a body just like me but he was black and white. And the bad-me, took out a sword out of nowhere and...stabbed the - the, ma-....Kaa-chan it felt so real !!''

Rukia's violet orbs widened.

'A mask...a hollow mask? Orange hair..? No way...Ichigo? No.'

She pushed it out of her mind, Ichigo was dead, he died 6 years ago protecting her and her son. Yet...her son clearly described her lost love, it wasn't possible that it was a memory, Kenage had never met his father!

Rukia had so many thoughts and questions in her head, but she brushed them off for the moment and concentrated on her shaking son.

''Shhh, Kenage, it's alright.''

She passed her hands through his smooth locks of hair and pushed him against her in a comforting way.

''It was just a bad dream, I'm here now, it's ok''

The small child in Rukia's arms slightly nodded. His small hands clutched his mother's night gown while he let out small sobs. Soon the crying stopped and the small Kurosaki looked up at Rukia with red puffy eyes and cheeks and sniffed, wrinkling his nose, The Kuchiki would've considered it cute if it weren't so heartbreaking.


Her mini-Ichigo spoke, wiping his tears and trying to sound more confident of himself by droping the 'mommy' he didn't mean to say, after all he was all grown up now.

''Yes, Ken-chan?''

Rukia had given him that nickname when he was 4, always for him to feel more comfortable in these situations.

''Ano, Canisleepwithyoutonight?''

The boy asked rather fast while playing with his fingers. Rukia blinked once, it had been a long time since Kenage had asked her that, then her eyes softened in understand.

''Sure, if that'll help, we wouldn't want my baby all gloomy later, right?'' She smirked.

Kenage scowled in a very Ichigo-ish way and playfully glared at his mom. She just giggled and cooped him up in her arms, while he gasped, she skipped out of his bedroom doing car noises.

While in the trip to the other room...


Rukia sudenlly crashed into someone, and was sent to the wodden floor of the hall with her son in her arms.

''OI, baka! Can't you see ri-...?

She was interrupted with and ''Oji-san!'' from Kenage. Rukia gasped while looking up into Byakuya's face, and standing up akwardly, leaving her son on the floor.

''My deepest apoligies, Nii-sama..!!'' Rukia nervously apoligized.

''Rukia'' The noble started. ''What are you doing..running..around the manor in the middle of the night?'' He asked, raising an eyebrow.

''Eto..I wa-..'' She began, but was once again interupted by her son. Kami, where did he learn to interrupt people?

''I had a bad dream so Kaa-san came to my room and stuff, so I kinda asked her if i could sleep with her and then she KWIDNAPPED me!'' He finished dramatically.

Rukia resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Byakuya's eyebrow went a little higher, he was pretty atached with Kenage, although he would never admit it, this suprised Rukia, and would have scared the hell out of Ichigo.

''Ah..really?'' Byakuya inquired.

''Uh-huh!'' Kenage nodded.

''Very well, try not to let this happpen again, you'll tell me about this dream later.''

''Um, sure.'' Kenage said as he watched his uncle walk away gracefully.

'Saved by my son, wow'

Rukia thought.

''Now...where were we?'' she asked.

She normally didn't disobey Byakuya's orders, but this once, it could pass. Kenage's eyes widened and tried to escape, but his mother was faster, and grabbed him by the waist, and giggled off to her bedroom.

Once they got to her bed, mother and son crawled under the king sized bed's blankets. Rukia gently grabbed Kenage's waist and pushed him closer to her, taking in his scent.

''Arigato, Kaa-san.''

''Goodnight Kenage, I love you, you don't know how much...'' Rukia placed a kiss on her son's hair, and slowly drifted off to a peaceful sleep, knowing her son was near, and thinking of a certain orange haired idiot.

End chapter 1.

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