Guys, first of all. Happy new years. And, I LOVE YOU. Every single one of you. You've made me feel like a special writer, i felt like I could actually write something. But truth be told, I started this story about a year ago. And I sucked, I know...I don't know how I got so many reviews. But guys, I've sort of lost interest and have no idea what I'm writing. I had no skill in writing descriptive things when I first started this fic. But over this past year, I've been trying to improve my skills by Role Playing. Yes, It has helped tremendously and I am proud to say my skills have improved, a lot. I am not perfect, I live in Argentina, and I never speak english unless by internet and chat. So I do make mistake. By the way. I'm in middle school, I'm a kid. I do not have much expierience, but I try, I really do. And I have a whole new IchiRuki idea.

And, well. I'm thinking of taking this one down, if you guys aproove. Because I am not interested in this anymore, this was just a test. But I cannot explain how grateful I am to you all for sticking with me. I feel really bad about this, but I cannot keep waiting. I need your opinion. Because I don't think I can continue this. I'm just re-reading it and seeing how much it sucked. I feel so ebarassed of myself, but I promise I'll try my best on the new fic, which hopefully I'll upload sometime this month. I have school now. And yeah. Please don't be mad guys. I know I have a couple of readers who liked this story.

Recently, I was dissapointed to find out that one of my favorite IchiRuki stories had been took down, I felt so mad, but I know it was for a good cause. When I was on vacation I came up with this awesome plot for an AU IchiRuki story. I can't say much about it, but I just wanted to tell you awesome people this. I love you guys, I do. Thank you so much for sticking with me, but I guess this was just a test of my skills. Would you guys be willing to read another story from me? If not, I won't waste my time doing it.

Please leave me your opinions. Please.

Also, if anyone would like to adopt this story, and is interested in it, I will pass it to you. Please send me a PM or tell me in a review, I won't accept anybody though, I'd like this story to progress further.

I'm sorry for the rant and taking up your time.

OH! I almost forgot, thank you to everyone who has Role Played with me on Chatango, you have helped me so much improve my skills. I'm Rukiakuchikiv on Chatango btw. :D

Love you guys. 3