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Important Note: This is the continued storyline of my first story Through The Looking Glass Once More. If you have not read this, I urge you to, or else you could find yourself slightly confused. If you have not read it, and still don't want to, here's a quick summary: Alice is living in England and everyone thinks she is mad. She decides to go back to Underland and goes through the looking glass. She falls in love with the Hatter, who later finds that he loves her as well. Then, ruining a very important Moment, in comes Stayne, who is leading a revolt against the White Queen. Finally, Alice's sister, Margaret, found her way into Underland to find her sister.

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Margaret didn't belong in Underland.

She was confused by everything there. The animals talked and wore clothes. The dormouse even had a sword (which was actually a hat pin). Then, there was the cat that disappeared. It always scared Margaret. One moment she was alone, the next there was a cat floating beside her. And it was always smiling!

Then, there was the Hatter. Margaret had never met a stranger person. He would talk on and on about absolutely nothing. Then, if he was talking about something that was actually important, he would randomly stop and become lost in his thoughts. Somehow, however, her sister seemed enamored by him.

Alice did belong in Underland. It was obvious. Underland was a part of her and she was a part of Underland. She understood everything that happened around her. She was never surprised when a cat appeared behind her. She was never caught off guard when a teacup sailed toward her head. She even talked in the same lilt that the Underlanders did. Margaret had never really noticed the sing songy voice that Alice had, but when she was around other Underlanders, she could tell where that voice Alice had came from.

Alice belonged in Underland, but Margaret was completely out of place.

"I keep hoping I'll wake up," said Margaret one morning just a few days after she had arrived.

Alice nodded. "That's how I felt the last time I was here."

"And yet, you feel so at home here now," said Margaret, still slightly unable to comprehend it.

Alice smiled and Margaret followed her gaze. She was staring off into the distance where Margaret could see the vibrant orange hair of the Hatter. "Yes, I do," replied Alice finally.

Margaret had a feeling that the strange, eccentric man had something to do with this, but she did not voice her opinions. "Alice, I want you to come home with me," she said finally.

"I know," Alice sighed. "I can't Margaret. Underland needs me."

Margaret knew what she was talking about. In the past few days that Margaret had been staying in the castle, all she had heard about was some sort of revolt, some man named Stayne and a Jabberwocky. She didn't care. "I need you too, Alice," whispered Margaret.

Alice did not answer for a moment. Instead, she gently fingered the hat that sat neatly on her head. Finally she said softly, "Margaret, what happened between you and Lowell."

Margaret turned swiftly. She did not wish to speak of it.

"Alright, we don't have to talk about it," said Alice with a sigh. "Are you at least ready to tell me how you got into Underland?"

Margaret sighed. "I just remember staring at the mirror and thinking how much I wished to see you, then when I touched the mirror, I went straight through."

Alice nodded. It was obvious she was familiar with this.

"I believe that it takes you wherever you wish," she said thoughtfully. "I wished to be brought back to Underland and you wished to be brought back to me. But I wonder if it works to bring people to other places. Could I have gotten to China faster? Or maybe-"

"Alice," said Margaret, interrupting her train of thought.

"Sorry," said Alice quickly. "Goodness, I'm starting to act just like the Hatter!"

She laughed, but Margaret didn't.

"Alice, I don't know about that man," said Margaret. "He seems a littleā€¦ mad."

Alice smiled and looked back towards where he stood in the distance. "He is," she said dreamily.

Margaret sighed. She'd never be able to talk sense into her sister.

"All work and no play," said Alice, letting herself into the Hatter's workshop.

The Hatter looked up at Alice. He didn't respond to her statement, but instead asked. "Where is your sister?"

"She was tired, so I brought her to her room," replied Alice with a sigh.

The Hatter looked curiously out the window where the sun still shone brightly.

"You have to remember, this is a lot for her to handle," said Alice softly, leaning against the Hatter's work table.

"I don't like her," muttered the Hatter.

Alice sighed. She knew exactly what he was talking about.

"Why don't you like her?" asked Alice

"She obviously thinks I am mad," replied the Hatter. His tone was calm as though the two were discussing the weather.

"Well, you are," said Alice playfully. "Why do you think I fell in love with you?"

The Hatter smiled at this. "True."

"I know what you're saying though," Alice said softly after a moment. "But she'll get to know you soon and see what a marvelous person you really are."

The Hatter looked at Alice, and she could see his eyes lighting up just a little. "You really think so?"

"Hatter," said Alice, stepping toward him and smoothing out his collar. "I know so. No one can resist your odd charm, even someone as stuffy as my sister."

The Hatter's smile widened. Then it suddenly disappeared. "She wants to take you back, doesn't she?"

There it was. The real reason he didn't like Margaret.

Alice looked up at the Hatter's beautiful eyes and found she could not lie to him. "Yes, she does."

The Hatter's eyes got slightly darker, but he seemed to want to keep himself in check. "And do you think you will go home with her?" he said, his voice low.

Alice reached up and placed her hand on the Hatter's cheek. "Hatter, my home is Underland. And I will never leave it, or you, again."

The green returned quickly to the Hatter's eyes and he pulled Alice to him and kissed her.