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This is an idea that would not leave me alone until I wrote it, it's only short.

More than love

"Uncle Jasper?" Renesmee's curious voice rang out.

Jasper sat up straight turning to where his niece was lying on the floor.

"Yes Renesmee?"

The little girl looked up from the book she was reading. Pride and prejudice, one of her mothers.

"How come you never tell Auntie Alice you love her?"

Jasper frowned, taken by surprise with that question.

"I do Nessie." he said automatically.

She shook her head stubbornly, her bronze curls bouncing, and picked herself up off the floor making her way over to Jasper so she could place her small hand on his face and show him what she meant.

He watched in fascination, the way he always did when Nessie used her gift on him.

He saw each couple within the family telling each other they loved them, then she showed him Sam telling Emily at a tribal bonfire Jacob had been allowed to take her to.

"You never say it." she said again.

Jasper looked down into curious brown eyes, she wasn't angry or upset with him, she was just generally confused by his apparent lack of feeling for his wife.

Jasper smiled softly at her thinking how best to explain this.

"There's more than one way to express how you feel Nessie." he began slowly "Your parents are very verbal with their affection, Auntie Rose and Uncle Emmett are more." he paused wondering how to describe that to a child "Physical." he decided to go with "For me and Alice it's more feeling, we just know how we feel, there's no reason to keep saying it all the time."

He stopped to watch as Nessie processed that.

"But how does she know if you don't say it? You're the empath not Auntie Alice."

Jasper chuckled softly "She knows Nes."

"So you project your feeling to her?"

Jasper paused to think again.


"But you could still tell her." Nessie insisted.

"I could." Jasper admitted "But it never seems enough."

Renesmee's confusion increased.

"You've heard the phrase 'a picture speaks a thousand words'?"

She nodded.

"It's like your ability Nes, sometimes you need more than words to explain something.

'Love' is just a word, a word that these days gets thrown around far too lightly. Everybody uses it as a way to describe their feelings and sometimes they never stop to think what they're actually saying.

The truth is, how I feel about Alice cannot be summed up in one word, not even a word designed to describe it. That doesn't mean I don't love her we just find other ways to let each other know because it is so much more than that. Do you understand?"

Slowly she nodded and then grinned.

"So you more than love her?"

Jasper laughed "Yes Nessie I more than love her."

"That's better than Mr. Darcy." she said satisfied and returned to her book.

Jasper watched her reading for a few minutes intrigued by the play of emotions that ran through her as she delved further into the story.

Some time later Bella and Alice returned from their hunting trip. Renesmee leapt into her mother's arms.

Alice skipped over to Jasper a huge smile on her face and took hold of his hand, his fingers tightened squeezing her hand back. A simple sign, they had missed each other and were glad to be together again.

Alice let out a giggle and leant closer to Jasper.

"I more than love you too." she whispered.