Disclaimer: Yeah yeah, I don't own them, but they own a little part of me

Word Count: 100

Spoilers: You should've seen the start of S5

Set: Season 5, after "A Bloody Valentine"

Thanks to my lovely Betas: BarbaraGER and Katydid43

He heard Sam, desperately howling his name.

He felt the guilt radiating from Castiel.

He knew Bobby was waiting for him upstairs, slumped in his goddamned wheelchair.

Too much pain.

It was true. There was only a gaping black hole left where once had been a sparkling lust for life.

One by one his connections to living had been severed... burned... ripped.

He seemed to swing above the abyss with only one single nail to hold him.

And he couldn't even name it.

Not duty. Not faith. Not stubborness. Not even family.

Maybe - just maybe - it was hope.