I feel romantic at this time. I've heard this song and it inspired me to write… and made me feel bad that I'm not in a relationship with a girl :(. Never mind, onwards!

I Never Knew

Sonic was in conflict. All he could think about was one person: Amy Rose.

I never had this feeling before

She gives shakes and shivers I can't ignore

And I see that there's more now than just running free.

Amy was also thinking about Sonic.

I never felt my heart beat so fast

I'm thinking of him first and myself last

And how happy I want him to be.

No matter how many times he ran away, she always ran after him, would do anything... for him.

It's amazing someone in my life

Just might be loving me

I didn't know that I could feel this way

She loved Sonic, she always had... but why didn't he feel the same, she thought.

It's so crazy

something in my life

Is better than a dream

I didn't know that I could feel this way.

Sonic had stopped running, because he'd seen Amy on a park bench. He shyly went towards her.

She makes me warm and happy inside

Amy looked up. There was Sonic! She budged up to make space for him.

He smiles and I get dizzy and starry-eyed

"Hey Amy." "Hey Sonic." They were both acting like on a first date.

All these feelings I have

have me asking

"Amy I gotta tell you something."

Can this be love?

"What Sonic?"

Can this be love?

It's crazy

"Amy, I have strong feelings towards you, I can't stop thinking about you."

I can hardly speak

"Sonic, do you love me?"

Whenever he

says "hi"

"Yes Amy, I do", he said sincerely.

I didn't know that I could feel

"I love you too Sonic", Amy said tearfully.

I never dreamed that I could feel

They leaned in, looking into each others eyes. Then closed the gap with a kiss.

Didn't know that I could feel

this way.

Not much I know, but this is to keep you lot happy until I'm done with my longer one. Hoped you liked it. The song is from Lady and the Tramp 2. R&R or be destroyed!