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Chapter 1

"Jesus Christ, Edward!" I said rather loudly "I can go to the fucking toilet by myself you know"

Everyone around us were shocked to say the least. I had never spoken to Edward like that. Ever!

I grabbed my bag and pulled my arm from his grasp. Without a word I turned and walked out of the class room. A huge storm was going on outside so all the students were scattered around the school at free periods.

I don't know what had changed to make me snap at Edward like that. I guess I was just sick of all the controlling and clinginess.

I mean, god! He didn't even want me to go pee without him or Alice standing behind the door waiting for me.

"wow. Who pissed you off?" Jasper asked as I rounded the corner after going to the bathroom and bumped into him.

"Edward" I spat the name.

"ah. Say no more" he smiled. I liked Jasper. Since alice and I had returned from Italy two months ago, Jasper and I have become friends. He told me all about his past and what he had done and I respected him. It cant have been easy for him to tell a human about that sort of thing but he did and we have formed a kind of bond. He was now my brother in every way but blood.

"he wanted me to wait for alice to go to the bathroom! Like alice needs to pee" I snorted.

He smiled "no. but she might be wanting to fix her hair"

"what's wrong with my hair?" alice said and appeared in front of him, eyes blazing.

"nothing, my love. Its perfect" he said smoothly and kissed her nose.

"nice save" I laughed.

Alice opened her mouth to say something but stopped as her eyes glazed over.

"ohh, its beautiful!" she breathed "how is it I have never seen this place?"

"Ali, what do you see baby?" Jasper asked with a small smile on his face.

"mountains. And beautiful blue water" she said with a sigh.

"who was there?" I asked as her eyes came into focus.

"I'm not sure. I couldn't see anyone. Just the view" she shrugged.

"Bella, there you are. I was worried" Edward said as he walked towards us.

"why, because I am incapable of being away from you for more than ten minutes without injuring myself or getting lost" I said.

"don't be mad love. I just get nervous when your alone" he said and ran his cold finger down my cheek. Damn my stupid body for betraying me and shivering with pleasure.

He smiled, obviously pleased that he still has that affect on me.

"let me make it up to you, love" he said and leant down to brush my lips with his.

"how?" I asked and narrowed my eyes.

"we can go over to my house and spend some time alone" he whispered and kissed my ear. My heart sped up and my breathing hitched. "really?" I asked.

"really" he breathed, letting his cool breath wash over me.

"ohh, Bella's getting some tonight!" Emmett sang as he picked me up and spun me round.

"put me down you big oaf" I laughed. Edward frowned at his huge brother. He didn't like it that I had close bonds with both his brothers.

Suddenly alice squeeled/screamed.

"oh, thank you thank you thank you, jazzy. I can wait" she cried jumping up and down.

"still cant surprise you" he sighed and rolled his eyes.

She giggled and kissed his cheek "not a chance"

"what were you surprising her with?" Emmett asked.

"a vacation" Edward said in a flat voice. I shot him a dirty look.

I already knew of course as I had helped plan it with him, but as Edward couldn't read my mind and I had been with Jacob when I was talking to Jasper on the phone. Neither alice or Edward knew.

"Bella!" a voice rang out from down the hall. Well speak of the devil!

"Jacob!" I squeeled and ran to him. He had been away for a week and I had missed my friend.

He picked me up off the ground and hugged me tightly "I missed you" he whispered into my hair.

"oh god, your all wet!" I said jumping back from him. "oh thanks Bells. No, hey jakey I missed you. Or my life wasn't the same when you were gone! Just oh god, your all wet!" he rolled his eyes.

"I do not sound like that" I said and put my hand on my hips "but I did miss you" I smiled.

He grinned back. "so I was wondering if you wanted to come over later. Or I could come to yours, either way's cool" he shrugged.

"Bella already has plans" Edward said from behind me and wrapped a protective arm around my waist.

I took a shaky breath. I couldn't take much more of this! He was driving me crazy.

"and couldn't Bella answer for herself?" Jacob asked. Edward growled.

"knock it off" I said. Both looked at me. "I did just make plans, Jake. But I will come over to yours tomorrow morning and spend the whole day"

"Bella….." Edward started. I rounded on him "what?" I said through clenched teeth.

"I don't want…" he said but I cut him off.

"well I do!" I hissed and turned back to jake who was looking amused. "I gotta go jake. Class is about to start. I'll call you tomorrow. Tell everyone I said hi"

"okay. Catch you later Bella" he said before jogging back down the corridor.

I turned back to Edward "why do you do that?"

"do what?" he asked, confused.

"answer for me like I'm a child" I said angrily.

Both Emmett and Jasper pulled faces and left while alice came to stand beside me.

"not now alice" Edward hissed. "fine!" alice huffed and walked off.

"don't talk to her like that" I said to him "she's only trying to help"

"interfere more like. We don't need anyone's help" he said softly.

The bell rang signalling the last lesson. Since our return from italy we had moved a few classes. Or should I say, Edward had moved a few of our classes. So now English was the last lesson of the day.

"come on love" he said and took my hand "I'm sorry. I don't mean to answer for you. Old habits die hard" he smiled "I will try not to do it anymore"

I nodded "and I'm sorry for yelling at you"

He winched slightly. "what?" I asked.

"before when you were angry. You cursed. I don't like to hear women using those kind of words"

Oh my god! Could this guy be more fucking anal!

Hanging out with the pack had given me a very colourful vocabulary. But still!

I had never been more grateful that he couldn't read my mind right now.

Edward, you idiotic fucking moron! You are a stuck up fucking tit of a man who needs to fucking grow a pair and stop being a fucking pussy!

I had been doing that a lot. Venting my anger through thoughts.

If I took it out on something then alice would see me. If I kept it inside and did nothing, Jasper would feel it and if I smacked Edward, I would break my hand. This way works all round.

I didn't speak to him for the rest of the class. When we walked to my truck he slipped his hand in mine.

It's not that I didn't love Edward, because I did. He was my everything. But I couldn't stand who he had become. He was too much. I knew he felt guilty for leaving me, and so he fucking should! But I didn't want him shadowing me twenty-four-seven and answering for me. He had always been a little like this. Always overly protective and clingy but sometimes, enough is enough.

When we got home from italy, he had promised me change. He said that we would get more physical. So far, he's become unbearable and he hasn't touched me once.

That was all about to change though. Tonight I was going to seduce him.

As lame as it sounds, I had been reading online how to seduce a man.

When we pulled up at the big house he took my hand again.

"am I forgiven, love?" he asked with his sexy half smile.

I smiled "aren't you always" he chuckled and bent his head to kiss me.

That was one of my problems. I always forgive him. I have been working on that with Alice. She's helping me with my problems, like forgiving everyone and not accepting gifts. Even down to being the centre of attention.

It was working too but with Edward I couldn't seem to stay mad at him for too long.

So far, I have had a whole new wardrobe since alice had Jasper burn every item of clothing I owned. The damn pixie had done a double whammy on me. She had Jasper burn my clothes to see if I forgave him and had bought me a whole new wardrobe to see if I'd except.

I did forgive Jasper but only because he looked terrified when I was shouting at him. Who'd have thought it. Jasper hale/Whitlock afraid of a little human.

And I did except the clothes from alice. Not just because I didn't have any left but because there were some really nice stuff in there.

She knew I wouldn't completely change my style so she got me tons of jeans. They were all tight and flash but they made my butt look good. She had also stuck to plain t-shirts and vests.

The under wear was all crazy and sexy. I was horrified.

But hopefully the lacy blue balcony bra and matching French knickers would do the trick tonight.

Edward led me up to the house and took my jacket and bag from me.

"hey Bella" alice called from the stairs "come help me with something"

"okay" I said and followed her to her room. "whoa, alice. It looks like a bomb went off"

She giggled "I'm packing"

"for vacation or to move. Seriously alice, nobody needs to take this many clothes on holiday" I said and sat down on her bed.

"silly Bella" she laughed and shook her head like I was missing something.

"so what do you need me for?" I asked.

"if you were going to be sitting in a hot tub at night, outside. Would you wear this?" she held up a chocolate brown bikini. It was the type that had hot pants instead of briefs. It was gorgeous.

"sure" I said ogling the two piece.

She giggled "thanks Bella"

I smiled and went up to Edwards room.

He was waiting for me on the bed. That's a good sign!

Walking over to him, I sat on his lap and snuggled into his chest.

"this is better" he sighed and kissed my forehead "I hate it when we argue"

I nodded in agreement. "we have all this time together and all we have done is fight"

I had kind of moved in with the cullens after Charlie and I had a huge fight about me and Edward getting back together.

"well, were not fighting now" he smiled and moved his head down to mine.

This is what I had been waiting for.

I kissed him softly. But brushed my tongue lightly across his lip and pulled away before he could.

His eyes had darkened and his unnecessary breathing had picked up.

"I'm going to get changed" I told him "I'm all wet"

"okay love" he smiled and sat back on the bed, expecting me to go to the bathroom.

Not this time, bubba! I smiled to myself.

I lifted my t-shirt up over my head and tossed it to the side.

"Bella! What are you…." he said looking panicked.

"getting out of these clothes" I smiled.

He gulped, looking terrified.

I slid my jeans down my hips and stepped out of them. "that's better"

His eyes devoured me as he looked me up and down.

I watched him. Pretending to be shy. When he looked up at my face I quickly looked away just like the article on the internet had said to do.

I watched him from under my eyelashes and slowly walked towards him.

I took it as a good sign that he didn't try to stop me so I continued by crawling onto the bed.

He was still as a statue. Just staring.

"Edward" I breathed and bent to kiss his neck.

He grabbed my hands as I tried to wrap them around his shoulders.

"Bella" he sighed and I knew what was coming next.

"Edward, please. I cant take it anymore. I need this. I need you. Please!"

He looked like he was battling himself inside.

"I cant" he said. But his voice was weaker this time.

"you can" I told him and kissed his lips slowly. I could see his resolve slipping.

"please" I said against his lips. That did it!

With a growlie groan he kissed me back. I wanted to do a happy dance but stopped myself.

He pulled me closer so I was on my knees pressed against him. His cold long fingers danced over my heated skin deliciously.

I got his buttons undone and pushed his shirt off as his kisses moved down my neck to my collar bone.

My insides were clenching with anticipation. He took a deep breath and growled sexily before lifting me and pulling me on to his lap. Once I was straddling him, I knew that if I didn't have him soon I would explode. A years worth of frustration made you that way. Sure I had learned how to pleasure myself but I wanted him to be the one to do it. I wanted him, period.

His kisses were becoming frantic as I ran my nails down his chest to his waist.

I felt his erection pressed into my core and moaned. I couldn't wait any longer.

I had his trousers unbuttoned and was trying to work the zip when he stopped me.

"what's wrong?" I asked breathlessly.

"we cant" he said, still holding my wrists.

"we can" I said and made to carry on with his zipper but his grip tightened.

"don't do this to me again, Edward" I said looking him in the eyes.

"its not possible, love. I could kill you" he sighed.

"Edward we have been over this so many times. It is possible. Loads of vampires have sex with humans. Just stop thinking so much" I said.

"I'm sorry Bella. I cant" he said and looked away.

"cant or wont?" I asked and got up off the bed.

"both" he said "its too risky. I wont risk killing you"

Anger was building up in me now. "you promised we would move forward, Edward. What, did you lie?"

His eyes dropped to the floor and he wouldn't look at me.

"ohmygod! You were lying" I said. "and what about when you said about changing me after we get married. Was that a lie too?"

He sighed and I knew I was right. "I was planning on distracting you with other things. I was planning a trip around the world for us"

I was too angry to even cry. I felt like I was falling apart.

"how could you lie to me" I asked.

"Bella, I cant lose you again. I need you. I would have said anything to keep you" he said and reached for my hand.

"don't touch me!" I said and stepped back.

"Bella. Please…."

"shut up, Edward. that's it! Too late, you've lost me" I said as tears finally made their appearance.

"don't be like this Bella" he said standing to face me.

"like what? Angry because my so called boyfriend has done nothing but lie to me. I have a fucking right to be angry, Edward"

"don't use that fowl language with me, Bella" he said and pinched the bridge of his nose.

"fuck you, Edward Cullen. We are over!" with that I turned to get dressed.

I didn't expect his to react the way he did.

He grabbed me by me arms and pushed me up against the wall.

"your not leaving me!" he growled "I wont allow it"

I knew I should have been scared and held my tongue but anger got the better of me.

"allow it?. Edward, I'm not your property. Get your hands off me so I can leave" I hissed.

"you cant leave me" he said and leaned his forehead against mine.

"I can and I am. Let me go!" I said feeling brave.

Something inside his eyes snapped and the next thing I know his hands were around my neck.

"Edward!" I choked out "stop!"

"if I cant have you Bella. No one can. This is the only way" he sobbed dryly "I'm sorry, I love you"

"he…elp" I said as the lights began to dim.

He pressed his lips to mine and tightened his already vice like grip just as the door flew off its hinges.

"Bella!" I heard four people shout at the same time. I couldn't see though because the darkness was already taking me.

Suddenly I could breath again and the hands were gone.

I gasped and fell to the floor, coughing.

Emmett and Jasper had Edward at the other end of the room as Alice and Rosalie helped me up.

"Emmett, rose. Get him out of here" alice said.

Rosalie nodded and went to help drag her brother out of the window.

"Oh Bella. I'm so sorry. We were all out side packing the car and couldn't hear you. And he made the decision before I could see anything" alice said and hugged me.

She stepped back "let me get you some clothes" she said and vanished.

Jasper's eyes were wide as he looked over me then politely looked away.

"I felt your fear. that's how we knew something was wrong" he said, looking out of the window.

Alice appeared and handed me some of my clothes.

"thanks" I said and quickly dressed.

I walked over to Edwards dresser and took out my passport.

"what are you doing?" Jasper asked.

"going back to phoenix" I said and took a bag out of the closet.

"no your not" alice said. I turned to tell her that I was but she was lost in a vision.

"well I sure as hell am not taking Edward back" I hissed.

"I know. Your coming with me and jazz" she smiled and looked over to me. "I knew you were coming with us, I just didn't know why. And now I even know where we are going. Come on, your bags are in the car"

Jasper chuckled and kissed his wife.

She beamed and held out her hand. With a sigh I took it "okay. Lets go"

"yay!" she clapped and pulled me down the stairs.

"we don't have time to say goodbye to anyone because I don't want Edward to know" she said sadly.

"good thinking. We can always call them from…. Wherever" I shrugged.

She smiled and helped me get into the brand new SUV.

"lets hit the road" Jasper said spinning the tires as gravel and dirt shot out behind us.

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