I was walking down the street one day.

My name is Appyllyna Phorc Twyggstarr. I have beautiful long raven locks, amythest orbs, and crème brulee skin. I am really pretty.

Anyways, I was walking down to my school. (I'm 17) I saw a man. He was very manly. He had pale marble skin, bronze hair, and dark golden eyes. He was very ugly.

He looked at me with a strange desire in his eyes.

"What do you want baka (Japanese for idiot)?" I yelled.

"I love you!" He said. "You are really pretty!"

I rolled my eyes and gave him the middle finger and told him to fuck off.

"I'll be back," he said as he walked away.

I suddenly felt a strong sense of kinship with this strange man.

School was ok. I came right in the middle of last period, which was a study hall. Then I decided to work on my mad trenchcoat wearing skills.

zome zought it was egzremely sketchy, zhat was ze point (snap fingers), duh. I mad ze effort to continue ze sketchy twend zoughtout ze rest of ze lives' of ze pweps.

(Which was probably when the bell rang, then I'd continue as a mymorial) I decided I'd cut the French shit out and continue with Latin.

I remember from the shitty textbooks that were immediately set on fire directly after I brought them home the fucking stupid shit like "Sextus est molestus et Cornelia eum pulsat" "Omnos coquunt sextum" "Cornelii sunt fatui" etc and so on.

Fedward Mellon came back. I yelled at him, "shouldn't you be at home you mother-fucker, Bedward Mellon!"

He answered, "No nicknames, I'm Deadward Fellon, wait, I ment, Fredward Pellon, no, something or other, wait that aint close, I'm Edward Cullem" he answered again immedietly banging his messed-up (that is all that is needed to say) ugly face.