Pictures in my Head


This is my first fanfic that is not based on the anime it has the anime characters in it but they are not soul reapers. They are humans and Byakuya is a director and Renji is an actor... Let's see how this goes.

Chapter 1

Byakuya was the most popular director in Japan. He had been a director for a while now and nearly all of his movies were in the academy awards and won most of the ones they were nominated for. He was the most recommended director for any movie being made and he knew that. There was people every day asking for him to work on there move but he would always turn them down, he would say that he would not just work on any movie the movies he works on would be ones he knows they have potential. 'Movies would come to me; I do not go to them'. That's what he says

Renji on the other hand had only been an actor for a year or two at the most, he has only been in a few movies and adverts and he wasn't even the main character in them. He lost the main role to a movie he wanted last month to the very well known actor Kio, and was not having any luck from there on.

Renji's agent Ukitake had bucked him an audition for the next big movie in Japan and they were in his office talking about it.

"Renji you better get the main role, do you know what I went through to get you this" Ukitake said

"Yeh I will try Ukitake, but don't blame me if Kio get's it again, that dude is just amazing"

"That will not happen Renji, Kio will not be auditioning for this movie, he has an interview with an American director in Hollywood"

"No way he is going Hollywood now, HA that dude is a true ledge"

"Renji it's at four don't be late" Ukitake said whilst walking to the door with Renji muttering behind him.

"Wait where you going" Renji had stopped and walked to the door

"Well unlike some people I have a job to do"

"Hey I have a job" Renji said showing Ukitake his teeth

"Yeh well one I am good at"

"Are you saying I am a bad actor" Renji was having a little tantrum at the fact that his agent just said he was bad at his job

"No, I am just saying that if you wanted this part so much why don't you get ready and not be late this time"

"I was only one hour late last time"

"Renji one hour is still late and it's not good enough you get there on time or you can find another agent, you are giving me a bad name, and no director these days will take actors that come in late, your first impression makes all the difference"

"Yeh yeh I know, what are you my father I can be on time when I want to be" Renji said in a proud voice but obviously Ukitake was not happy.

"Well want to today" Ukitake grabbed his coat and left the office.

Renji huffed and sat in Ukitake leather chair swaying from side to side and playing with this thing on his desk that had him very amused for the last week, he got shouted at by Ukitake for playing with it when they were meant to be having a meeting. 'I never did ask Ukitake what this thing was'. Renji looked up and something on Ukitake's Computer had caught his eye so he stopped swaying and slid closer to the desk and looked at the computer. It was an email from this man called Byakuya Kuchiki. 'Sounds posh, bet he is full of himself' Renji thought as he maximised the email so it was full screen. 'There talking about me'. Renji went on to read what the email said.

The email said

Dear Byakuya Kuchiki

It's been such a long time since we last met and I hear that you are making a new movie; I think I might just have your leaning man.

He is my new client Renji Abarai, he might be new but he loves what he does and is very good at it. We should meat up sometime I think we could work something out.


"You went through at lot to get me that audition didn't you" Renji said out loud to himself. He was a little pissed that Ukitake would lie to him about going out of his way to get his that audition all he did was send a email. 'There must be a reply' Renji knew he shouldn't be reading other people emails put he was never one to follow rules 'Found it' Renji was about to open the email when Ukitake walked back in

"Sorry I forgot to log out" Ukitake said in a furry logging out and crossing the screen. He gave Renji a look that said you better not have read my emails.

"I didn't read them; I was just playing with this thing" Renji said and poking one of the balls to start the row swinging.

"Well get up and get ready you have one hour and I want to lock my office" Ukitake but have been late because he was rushing and waving Renji out.

"Ok" Renji got up slowly and walked out of the office.

After getting kicked out of the office, Renji decided he might as well get ready and not be late for once, he had this strange feeling like he wanted and needed to be there. Renji walked down the hall to his room, He had been staying in the office since he was not getting any work and could not pay for the rent.

Rummaging through lots of clothes pilled on the floor or in bags he finally found a pair of jeans that weren't ripped and a clean shirt. All dressed and spelling fresh he grabbed the scrip he was given, turned to the characters line he was auditioning for and read them over. He was on his way down to the taxi rank were Ukitake had got him a cab and there it was waiting for him. Before he got in he did the check I have everything, pat down. 'Phone: yes, Keys: yes Wallet: yes, Script: yes' Once he was sure he had everything he got in. It was only a 30 minutes drive to the audition; it was 3:30 when he got there.

Renji got out and walked in to the building, he asked for the room he should be in and the lady at the front desk pointed the way for him. Having been there 30 minutes early he had nothing to do but sit down outside the room and wait. 'Well I better look at these lines again'. 25 minutes had gone and Renji was getting bored of waiting, so he got out his Iphone and started playing a game on it.

Not noticing the man next to him Renji carry on killing the people on the screen, Making very crazy sound and faces in the process.

"Have I kept you waiting" A dark low voice said

"Narr I was playing this" Renji said consternating fully on the game

"If you care to stop, I will do your audition now if would like" The low voice continued.

"Just gota kill this last guy...YES" Renji finally stopped, turned off his phone and looked up only to be greeted by a very well dressed man. 'He is beautiful'

"You may come in, I am Byakuya Kuchiki the director of this move, the producer could not make it his wife went in to labour so I will be doing the auditions, is that ok?"

Renji was so out of it just looking at him he didn't really get what he was saying.

"Yeh that's fine" Renji said slowly

"Well then what characters are you auditioning for" Byakuya said whilst sitting at a desk at the back of the room.

"I will be auditioning for the leading man James. What's the camera for?"

"I recording all the auditions so I can watch them over and see who will get the parts, does it bother you" Byakuya asked

"No, not really just wounded"

"You do realise what James's characters will require" Byakuya asked

"What do you mean 'require'" Renji asked back

"James's characters is gay and if you read far in to the scrip you will see that there is a couple of sex and nudity scenes, are you ok with that because if you are not I would say do not audition for James"

"Oh right that, yeh its fine, it's doesn't bother me"

"Zac will be reading Jack's line, you may start" Byakuya switched the camera on and pressed record, Renji was hesitating to start but after a long paused he began to read the lines.

"Jack, I don't see how this how this would affect us" Renji was saying these lines as if they were real he put his hole heart in to saying them.

"James you don't understand and you never will" Zac was almost in tears he was obviously a professional and was there to test Renji. Renji walked over to him and wrapped his arm around his waist and pulled him in so they touched each other.

"Tell me, show me how to understand, Please" Renji's eyes had sorrow in them just like he was feeling what James was going through. The two actors were fully in characters and didn't show any signs of changing back soon. Byakuya was very impressed with Renji's acting and stopped him before he finished his lines.

"That's enough stop" Byakuya said as if he was unhappy

"What wrong, was it too much?" Renji ask nervously

"No it was perfect, you are my man" Byakuya looked up and smiled a little then looked back down to fill in some paperwork. Renji was strangely turned on by Byakuya saying 'my man', but he managed to control himself.

"But you said you would look over them and see from that" Renji said very confused

"I don't need to look over it, like I said you are my man, you are very talented Abarai"

"How do you know my name I didn't tell you?"

"Ukitake said it would be hard to miss you"

"Ukitake told you about me"

"Yes we are good friends, and he did say you were the right guy, he always did have a good eye for talent" Byakuya stud up with a full scrip in one hand and a piece of paper with righting on it in the other hand.

"Well that's it for today there is the full scrip we will be having a meeting in one week, I will send someone to get you, Ukitake said you are not good with your time Abarai" Renji grinned and rubbed the back of his head

"Please, call me Renji"

"Ok Renji, I will see you soon" Both men walked out and Byakuya placed a sign on the door that said. 'No actor needed for James' he watched Renji walked away and all he could think was. 'He would be hard to miss, all that long silky red hair and those tattoos, I wonder where they go up to' Byakuya walked back in to the room thinking about Renji. He had to wait for the other people that came to audition for all the other characters.