Chapter 7

Renji and Byakuya had a big day today, they were filming the shower scene in the movie. It required them both to be fully naked and holding each other very close like lovers. Byakuya and Renji were fine with it, they were looking forward to it really. The rest of the crew were a little scared, more for Renji's sake because he has to be the one in the shower. The crew all knew Byakuya as the mean boss that can't take a joke and wanted to see just how he was going to handle having a naked man holding him in front of cameras.

The moment had come, Byakuya and Renji were in dressing gowns ready to strip in the bath room as soon as 'action' is yelled. The water suddenly started the lights dimmed a little and action was yelled.

The two men walked holding hands through the door, stripping each other of their gowns and left them in a pile on the tiled floor.

"Oh Jack you look so beautiful" Renji said in full character

"You shouldn't say things like that James" Byakuya spoke back as he blushed. The thought of Renji calling him beautiful slightly turned him on, even if it was the script that told Renji to say it.

Renji and Byakuya had told each other to make the scene as real as possible so they were trying to make each other become erect. Byakuya had warned Renji when they were in the bedroom that after the scene he may act like it was nothing, like he had no feelings towards Renji, but that was only to fool the crew. They made an agreement to not touch each other after the scene to make it look more like they were just doing their job and weren't in a relationship. Byakuya just wasn't ready for them to know yet and Renji respected that.

Byakuya slowly walked into the shower leading Renji in behind him. As soon as the shower door shut the camera changed to the one in the shower, and this was where all the fun was about to start. Before the movie had even been bought Byakuya had decide that he was going to make it a steamy eighteen plus so everything was seen, Renji smirked a little as he could tell that Byakuya had trimmed his hair and made his lower are look as nice as it could be just for this scene. Renji slowly ran his fingers through the dark black curls, and as he thought they were as silky as the hair on Byakuya's head. Byakuya sighed and leaded his head back, fully giving in to the soft touches Renji was giving him.

This scene was mainly action and sound so there wasn't many lines to be said just a odd one or two every minute or so, so the crew just let the two men do what they wished as none of them wanted to tell Byakuya what to do, or to get in between to wet naked men in a tight small shower.

Renji and Byakuya were as close as they could be, their faces were only inches apart, and Renji was dying to lay his lips on Byakuya's softer ones. Renji moved his hand further through Byakuya's soft silky black curls and down the shaft of Byakuya's penis. Byakuya closed his eyes leaning into Renji touches as he felt himself getting hard as Renji slowly pumped on his shaft slowly.

"Jack, you're getting hard" Renji said. Changing the word flustered in his line to hard. He knew that no one would say anything to stop it so he though he may as well have some fun and say what he wanted. Byakuya did say to make the movie as real as possible so Renji was acting the way he would with a lover.

"What are you waiting for then it's your fault, take responsibility James" Byakuya said as Renji started to pump faster. By this time the script was out the window and they were just saying what they felt like.

Byakuya held on to Renji as he knees went week. Renji smirked and pushed Byakuya so he rested against the cold tiled wall. He then stared to kiss Byakuya body slowly, starting from his lips and moving down his neck, taking a few small bites as he went he then moved to Byakuya's shoulders and licked and sucked, leaving a small red mark. A deep low moan came from Byakuya as a reply, his face was red from the heat he was feeling just from Renji touching him like this. Byakuya was that weak at his knees Renji had to fold him up, otherwise he would have sank to the floor.

The two men had forgot that they were being filmed, and were now kissing and touching each other like they would do behind closed doors making love to each other. They got snapped back out of it as they heard some talking behind the camera.

"You don't think they will go all the way do you?" Asked a lower ranked director.

"I don't think so, it's only the shower scene, they had only meant to have confessed a day before, but the director wouldn't let that guy touch him like that if he thought it wouldn't be ok for the movie" Another guy said.

"True, why did we have to pick this part to film so soon on in the filming? it really makes me feel strange watching to guys do that, what about you?" The camera man said

"I don't mind really, I grew up with an older brother that was gay so it really doesn't bother me anymore, and anyway this is different, they are only doing it for the movie. The director isn't gay, not sure about that other dude though" Spoke the other director. This just proved that they didn't have a clue about Renji and Byakuya's relationship, which made Byakuya very happy, he really wasn't ready for the world to know that the high and mighty Byakuya Kuchiki liked men. He knew people would think bad of him and he really didn't what that. He didn't want to have to pick between his love for Renji and his pride, because his grandfather would always make him pick his pride, even over love.

"They should rap the scene up anyway it's only meant to be a short scene before the major stuff after" The director spoke again, he looked at the time and then his notes, he didn't want to stop Byakuya, mainly because he was scared of him, but he didn't really need the scene to be any longer.

Byakuya somehow managed to hear this over the feeling of dizziness Renji was making him feel. So Byakuya decide to let go and rap the scene up, not that he had much choice, he was about to cum anyway.

"James in going to..." Was all he could say before he coated Renji's hand in sticky white fluid, followed by Renji covering Byakuya's body with his. After slowly coming down from his high Renji kissed Byakuya one last time and then licked the cum off his hand.

"Did you enjoy that Jack?" Renji smirked as he licked his fingers.

"I did thank you James, I really do Love you" They kissed one last time before Renji went to switch the water off and led him out the shower. Renji somehow new that the last part of that line was meant for him and was not a line for the movie, so he replied

"Love you too, Just you wait till you see what I have in store for you next Jacky boy" Renji said. Byakuya gave him a glare as he knew his character wouldn't have liked to be called 'Jacky boy' even by the man he loved.

"I will be looking forward to it" Byakuya spoke. The two males were still in character as they walked out of the shot and cut was yelled.

"That was great guys, sure it wasn't too much though?" The second director asked.

Byakuya and Renji were getting towels and fresh gowns given to them at this time, so weren't really listening. They just wanted to dry off and get covered up. They cleaned themselves up and put the gowns on before walking over to the crew to talk.

"No the characters are in love right, so that is just fine, most of it will be used, but I will want to watch it back after I am dressed, have it ready to play for me when I'm back" Byakuya spoke to the crew. Byakuya quickly walked to his dressing room and dressed as fast and as smart as he could, as he didn't feel right to be standing in just a twice and a thin gown, he so much preferred his suits. He picked just a simple plain black suit and white shirt, forgetting about the tie.

When he returned he expected to see Renji changed but he was still in his towel and gown, not that Byakuya minded. If he was honest he liked seeing so much of Renji's skin he was just not expecting it, and didn't want anyone else to see him like that. He knew some of the young female editors had their eye on Renji.

When they were all gathered around the crew played the scene back to Renji and Byakuya. They both pointed out good parts and bad parts and part that would need editing. It didn't take long to discuss what he wanted doing. He dismissed the crew and had the editors take care of what he wanted.

As promised they didn't talk much or stand close to each other after that. They both new it would be for the best until they or Byakuya was ready to tell everyone.

The shower scene had took longer to film than they thought, and it was lunch already, Byakuya decided since the scene they needed to film next was a long I've and required the sun and day light to be the same all the way through, That they would call it a day. The work would be back on tomorrow, for now everyone could be free to go as they wanted.

The camera man and crew went out for drinks, one of the editors went home as the others were still editing the shower scene. As for the cast that we're meant to film in the next scene, they weren't very happy to start with, but who was to argue with Byakuya. So they went back to their rooms got out of costumes and went home for the night.

"See you all bright and early tomorrow" Renji says to the people left in the studio, as he stared to walk out if the doors to head home. Everyone had a room or a shared room at the film set in case of a late night shoot, but Renji felt like sleeping in his own bed tonight, and he really wanted to see his friends and tell them about what happened.

"Renji see you tomorrow" Byakuya said so badly wanting to hug or kiss him goodbye. Renji smiled and him and waved.

"Yeh see ya tomorrow Byakuya" Renji said blowing him a kiss.

Renji and Byakuya walked different ways away from the studio, both thinking about what happened today and what tomorrows day of filming would be like. Byakuya only had a short walk to his house, but Renji had to get a taxi back to his apartment.