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Harry woke up the next morning, aching all over. He slowly sat up in bed and winced from the pain. Uncle Vernon had really out done himself last night, Harry thought. Harry grabbed his glasses and sulked to the shower. He turned on the water, and stripped off his clothes while the water adjusted. He looked at himself in the mirror. It wasn't a pretty sight. He was thin, pale from being malnourished, and had several bruises and other wounds. Given the deep bruising and pain in his shoulder, he was fairly certain that it was broken.. Harry stepped in the shower and began to wash himself gently. He reached a hand in between his buttocks cheeks and grimaced when he felt pain and blood. Without wanting to, Harry remembered the events of last night, in harsh detail.

It was late night, early morning and Vernon staggered into Harry's room. He began to beat and whip Harry with his belt until he became hard. Vernon then roughly stripped Harry of his clothes and threw him on the bed. He pinned Harry's arm behind his back until his shoulder broke. Harry screamed out in pain. "That's right, my precious whore," Vernon whispered, "I love to hear your screams." Than began to thrust inside Harry repeatedly, invoking more screams from Harry.

Harry turned off the water and looked down at his body again. After every one of Uncle Vernon's night visits, Harry always felt hurt, dirty, used, and cheap. "Maybe I really am a whore." Harry said to himself. He slid down the shower wall and sat down in the bottom of the stall. He drew his knees to his chest and hugged them with his good arm. "I'm a cheap, dirty whore. A freak!." Harry put his head on his knees and began to sob in despair. He wondered if he was ever going to get out of there and away from his uncle.

Harry was pulled from his musings when he heard a banging on the door.

"Boy!" His uncle yelled. " Get the hell out of that bathroom this instant, and get your ass downstairs!"

Harry quickly got dressed and went downstairs. What greeted Harry surprised him. No shocked him. Sirius Black and Remus Lupin were standing in the living room. Seeing his godfathers, Harry rushed over and leapt into Sirius's arms. He sobbed in relief into Sirius's chest. Sirius wrapped his arms around Harry and was alarmed when Harry cried out in pain. Sirius pulled Harry back and looked into his godson's teary eyes.

"What's wrong Cub? Are you hurt?"

"Sirius…Please..Don't leave me here anymore!" Harry sobbed and threw himself back into Sirius.

"Sshhh, Harry." Sirius tried to soothe the trembling boy in his arms, "Remus and I have come to take you home."

"You can't just take our nephew!" Piped in Petunia.

Remus stepped forward with a scroll of parchment is his hand. "Legally we can. James and Lilly's will has recently been discovered and it names Sirius and I his legal guardians in the event of their deaths. So we will be taking Harry with us right now." Petunia was about to protest when Vernon stopped her.

"Well, good riddance! That boy is fucking useless!" He turned to Petunia. "With him gone, we can move away and never have to worry about those freaks ever again."

When Remus saw that Harry was reluctant to let go of Sirius, Remus packed up Harry's belongings for him. When he made his way back downstairs he heard shouting and arguing.

"What have you done to my godson!" Sirius was yelling.

"We didn't do anything, that the freak didn't deserve!" Vernon retaliated.

"You son of a bitch! No child deserves to be beaten like that! You fucking muggle scum! You're inferior even in your world! How fucking dare you?!" Sirius spat on the carpet. Remus grabbed his arm in an attempt to calm his friend.

"Sirius.." Remus said quietly but firmly. "This isn't worth going back to Azkaban for. Come on. Let's just get Harry home." Sirius looked in his friends eyes, and calmed slightly. He saw that Remus was right, and shot a glare at the Dursleys before he turned Harry towards the door. Once outside, Sirius apparated them in front of Grimmauld Place, and ushered Harry inside with Remus following close behind.

When they got inside they showed Harry his new and improved room. In the middle was a large canopy bed, with a bed spread done in fall colors. The whole room was decorated with autumn colors, that Harry found very warm and relaxing. There was also a dresser, desk, and two bedside tables, as well as a bench at the foot of the bed and some bookcases. Cradling his hurt arm, Harry smiled and sat on the bed. Across from him he saw a door that led into a private bathroom. "Is this all really for me?" Harry asked.

"Of course it's for you Harry! You're our cub, and we will take the best care of you!" Remus chuckled slightly at Harry.

Sirius, however, was looking at Harry with concern. He walked over to be in front of Harry and knelt down before him. "Harry…Are you hurt?" Harry looked away from Sirius's prying eyes. "Harry…" Slowly and sadly Harry nodded.

Harry found himself at the hospital wing at Hogwarts. Remus and Sirius asked to wait outside while Madam Pomphrey ran tests on Harry. She picked up her wand an waved it over Harry. A piece of parchment appeared with a list of Harry's injuries. The healer looked over the list with surprise and disgust. After she was done with the list she frowned down at Harry with pity. "Harry, who did this to you?" Harry turned his head away from Madam Pomphrey. "Was it your relatives?" Harry nodded mutely. "Was your uncle the one who raped you?"

Enraged Harry shouted, "Who said anything about being raped?!"

"Harry, the wand doesn't lie. I can tell by your injuries that you have been raped. On more than one occasion."

"You're not gonna tell my godfathers are you?" He had tears in his eyes.

"No Harry, I won't. There is a healer/patient confidentiality that I will not break." She sat down on the bed next to Harry. "But, I do think you should tell them. You can't keep this bottled up. It will eat you up and eventually destroy you. Just please consider it, Harry." She stood up and walked over to a cupboard that held several kinds of potion. "You need healing, Harry, but I don't see why you can't do it at home. I want you to take these potions and get some rest." She handed Harry four different vials of potion and ushered him out of the ward and said goodbye. Harry looked at the vials. He saw that one was for his bruising, one for cuts and tears in the skin, and another for his broken arm. The last vial he saw contained a sleeping potion.

Harry's godfathers took him home and helped him into bed, and gave him his potions. The last thing Harry heard was his godfathers worried voices.

"How could anybody do that to a child?"

"Do you think that his…"

"I don't know…"

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