Dear Diary,

So much has happened since last I wrote, I hardly know where to begin! William seems to be adjusting to life in my world with the excitement and wonder of a child. He spends hours online (now that I've shown him how to use a computer!) researching the events between his time and now. I told him it would be better, easier, for my mother if I introduced him to her as my fiancé. Oddly enough, she was not surprised to find that I had "hidden" a relationship with a "re-enactor" for as long as we claimed to have been together. In fact, she laughed it off and claimed she had known all along. If only she did. She is a little.. worried… about the fact that I'm getting married so young, but as I told her, I already thought I lost him once, I won't take the chance on losing him again. Our wedding is scheduled for the Fall, I thought a nice Colonial style wedding would suit him, I even told him he can wear his old uniform if it makes him happy. I know they say you should never look to change the past, but I found my life in him. And I'll never look back.

Cassandra sighed, and closed the leather bound book that he had given her so long ago, thankful beyond measure that he had kept it with him all this time. One day, she'd read her story to her children, as impossible as it sounded, and they would know what she knew now. That nothing; not distance, not space, not time, mattered when two people were truly meant to be.

- The End