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A/N This just wandered into my head so I thought I' better write it down.

I always thought it was impossible to have a soul mate; One person meant just for you - your other half, the kind of person that you can look at and instantly know that you're going to spend the rest of your life with that person. I believed that right up until the second before I saw Edward Cullen for the first time and the second after? I knew that every word of it was true.

It started out like every other day or should I say day off I haveā€¦.. Wake up, have shower, eat breakfast, get bitched at by my neighbour Alice and then go to Coffee Bean two blocks from my apartment and spend a good portion of the day reading and drinking coffee.

I had just got through the door of the coffee shop when I noticed how busy it was - which wasn't usual. I walked over to the counter and waited to be served. "Bella honey!" a voice shouted, I turned and found myself looking at someone's chest "Mr Pento, its good to see you again" I said. "Mr Pento she say's - the girl I see more than my own daughter it's Andro please remember it, use it and stop making me feel like such an old man" he said laughing.

"What's going on today - it's usually so quiet in here" I asked. "Ah, tourists" he said with a wave of his hand "Anyway stop standing around, otherwise there's not going to be any tables left and I'll bring your coffee over to you". "Do I have a choice?" I asked him laughingly. "No, so move it" he said walking towards the counter.

I shook my head as I walked towards the last free table that was tucked away in the corner towards the back of the room. As I approached the table I noticed a few of the regulars and gave them a wave and then sat down, pulled my book out of my bag and made myself comfortable.

I'm not sure how long I had been sitting there reading my book but somewhere between chapters 10 and 11 I looked up to find my usual pot of coffee and lemon muffin sitting at the corner of the table.

I poured myself a coffee and settled back to reading my book when I heard someone clear their throat above me and I looked up to find the most amazing green eyes gazing down at me.