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Chapter 2

Okay, I'm pretty sure I was staring but with a face like that who could blame me, pale skin, cheekbones to die for, full lips, amazing eye's and the hair… oh god the hair - it was bronze coloured and definitely the best case of bed head I'd ever seen! And now I'm sure I was drooling - when I realised he was saying something to me, I gave my head a shake "I'm Sorry, what was that you said?" I asked him.

He smiled at me and I felt what can only be described as butterfly's in my tummy "I said, would you mind if I sat down - It's just that there are no other free tables left" he said finishing with another smile. My god yes! My mind screamed - how could anyone say no to this guy? " Sure, of course there's plenty of room - just make yourself comfortable" I said while thinking that last sentence sounded way to desperate. He sat down opposite me "Is it usually this busy on a Tuesday? I usually come tomorrow but my day's off were switched this week" he said. "No it's not, It caught me by surprise too" I replied.

"Ah Edward, I see you've found my other favourite customer" said Andro as he came over and placed a coffee cup in front of the guy I now knew as Edward. "Yunno, you two kids are exactly the same, books and coffee the only difference being that you both come on different days but who know's maybe the same day from now on eh?" he said with a laugh as he walked away.

Okaay, could you be a little less obvious please Mr Pento I thought. Edward gave a little embarrassed laugh "Well it's a bit late but, Hi I'm Edward Cullen and you're Bella right?" he said. "Yeh, Bella Swan - does he really talk about me that much?" I asked. He gave another laugh "Well enough for me to get the hint anyway" he said. "So you think that Mr Pento wants us to get together huh?" I asked him letting out a nervous laugh of my own. "I'm not going to argue" he said with a smile

"So Bella, what do you do when you're not reading or drinking coffee" he asked. "I'm a doctor at Seattle General hospital - I work in paediatrics" I said. "Wow, that's impressive - well would you believe that I work there too, I'm a nurse in A&E" he said. Hmm male nurse "So no bed baths then?" I asked. "Well that depends" he said a smile teasing the corner of his lips "Do you want one?". Okay don't blush, Just breath I told myself, ducking my head slightly. "That colour looks charming on you" he added, referring to the pink glow that was probably lighting up my face as he spoke. "Hey I didn't mean to embarrass you" he said while he put his finger under my chin to tilt it back up. He then moved his hand back to his side of the table but I swear I could still feel the heat from it.

"It's fine" I said smiling at him, "It doesn't take much really". "Well I can't help but feel bad - and we really can't have that on my day off, so to make it up to you how about you let me buy you a coffee" he asked. "Sure" I said "But only if you let me buy the next one". "The next one?" he said. "Well it's only fair that we make the most of today because I'm Tuesday and your Wednesday remember? If it wasn't for you getting today off instead of tomorrow, we would never of met" I told him.

He laughed again, (sigh) I could listen to that sound all day. "Maybe it was fate, and even if today didn't happen then it would of happened some other day instead" he told me. "Maybe it is….. so where's that coffee you promised me, Im getting thirsty with all this talking" I said and then laughed as he rolled his eye's and went to get it for me. I had a feeling that there were going to be a lot more Tuesdays like this in the future and it felt good.