This series began as a response to Dwimordene's May 2008 request for AU drabbles at the Henneth Annûn Story Archive. Two years after Sauron won the war, his Orcs come to a Shire under Saruman's dominion. The hobbits that are its proper inhabitants are caught in the middle. Told in drabbles and drabble-increments (200, 300, etc.)


It is Autumn when they come to Bree and the inn is filled with half-Men, who fawn on them. One tries to be cavalier: "Ho lads, but you took your own time getting here. We've held this fat land two years now and thought to see you before." Norgush, who is not friendly this way, smiles and motions the fellow closer. Breaks his neck with an easy twist. The room is silent as the corpse hits the floor. In another room a woman is weeping.

"We have heard of your Sharkey in the Southeast," says Norgush. "We come to rendezvous."