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Chapter 12: Point of Redemption

Bo slumped over as blood spilled angrily over his face. Adriana stood a few feet away; the revolver in her hands was shaking from the impact of the shot. She couldn't believe it. Bo's eyes were glazed over in red and his lips parted as if he was going to tell her something. Adriana was shaking but her mind had made firm resolve. There was nothing more she wanted then to save Dalton. She felt a pang of guilt over not being more sympathetic towards the rest. But those eyes, those vibrant blue eyes, brought Watson back into her mind.

Carly and Nick clung to each other. Adriana let out a small wail as she dropped the gun onto the floor. She had killed him. Bo was a member of her family. She had just killed her brother. It was unsettling.

"Get out of here. You have to go to the mill, your friend's truck was there. Though, I didn't reach in time, he's dead, I'm sorry." Adriana's voice was breaking, "Just go, run!"

Carly let go of her brother. She walked a few steps towards Adriana.

"Thank you."

"Just get lost." Adriana seethed as she sat on the floor, stroking Bo's hair, "You don't owe me anything."

"Come on, Carly." The two of them disappeared into the dark passageway leading out of the underground lair. Adriana simply sat on the floor disheartened and wanting to die.


Vincent was walking towards the Sinclair house. The ivory hilted hunting knife shone in the eerie moonlight. He was unhappy. He was suicidal. He knew something was wrong as he heard the revolver shot coming from the house. He picked up the pace. Vincent's straggly hair fell around his face, his wax face was dented and damaged, and his clothes were covered in blood. Vincent opened the door to the house and entered. There was dim light coming from the old lamps but other than that there was darkness.

Vincent stopped suddenly as he heard two voices in the medical room. They were no familiar voices. He readied the knife. Vincent entered the room to see the trapdoor open and light flowing steadily out of it. Vincent felt the anger rise in him. The first head emerged from the trapdoor. Vincent propelled the knife forward and swiped open the blonde boy's jugular. The boy, Nick, was shocked and confused as he slumped back down the ladder, lifeless.

"Oh God! Nick! Nick! Nooo!" Carly was yelling as the weight of her brother's body fell on top of her. He legs were pinned and she was clawing desperately into the chip covered floor. Vincent jumped down into the pit. He was disgusted with the way the girl was begging for her life. It was indignified.

Carly pulled herself free and stumbled forward, getting to her feet.

"Help! Help!" She yelled, "Oh please! Help me!"

Adriana snapped from her reverie. She looked into the darkness as Carly's pleas approached. Adriana rose but stood pristinely.

Vincent grabbed the back of Carly's tanktop. He was angry, the rage was boiling in his like an inferno, he wanted to see blood. He pulled Carly backwards, she stumbled, and he pushed her head into the rock wall.

Adriana heard the sickening crunch and the immediate silence. She began to walk towards the hall.

"Carly?" She called out, quietly, frightened at what was transpiring in the darkness beyond her vision.

Vincent's eyes narrowed. The bitch was here. She was waiting for him. He was going to give her the time of her life.


Wade limped along the uneven ground, his arm was around Dalton's good shoulder.

"There's the truck." Wade said, even though it was plain as day.

"Where's Carly and Nick?" Paige piped up timidly, "It's been almost an hour since Adriana left."

"They're ok, they're coming." Wade said, even though he himself was unsure.

They waited silently. Out of the night came a pickup with a broken headlight.

"Oh shit! Shit!" Dalton pointed at the truck, in full panic, "Get in the truck, Wade, get in!"

The pickup door opened and Wade recognized the driver as the hillbilly from the road when they first arrived to Ambrose. Dalton ripped open Blake's pickup truck pushing Wade inside. Wade groaned as pain shot everywhere in his body.

"Well looky looky!" Lester called, loading his shotgun, "guess we got a few survivors!"

Dalton ran around as Lester shot at him. The bullet hit the ground and Dalton stumbled before coming around to the driver's side. Lester continued cocking his shotgun and firing. The bullets were missing the targets and he was laughing shrilly.

Dalton revved up the engine.

"I'm gonna run the motherfucker down!" He pressed the gas pedal hard and Wade was cursing loud and hard. Lester continued shooting at the windshield before it registered what was about to happen.

The truck slammed into Lester and his ribcage cracked. He felt it, the agonizing pain but as suddenly as it came it went. The tire rolled over his skull and he was no more.

Dalton was screaming, crying, and laughing at once. Wade was smiling through his pain.

"We're going to make it out of here!" Wade shouted.


Vincent lunged at Adriana knocking her down with a heavy thud. She groaned, flailing to get herself back up but he had forced all the wind out of her. Out of breath and disoriented, Adriana looked up at him. Vincent was holding a pair of blood-stained machetes.

Adriana lifted herself off the floor and began running; Vincent closed in behind her. She felt the air generated by the slicing of his machetes and ran towards the darkened corridor to the House of Wax. Adriana stumbled inside with Vincent close at her heels. She was scared in the mausoleum of their sins. She hid behind a large leather couch to regain breath as she scanned the room. Adriana could see Vincent searching the adjacent room for her. She got ready to move before a sharp pain paralyzed her.

It took a lot of energy and determination for Adriana to stay silent. Was she injured? Adriana moved as Vincent approached into the kitchen of the House of Wax where she saw a small closet. She would hide in there until the pain subsided and then move on.

Adriana crept inside and sat there wringing her fingers. She couldn't hear Vincent's footsteps anymore and it disconcerted her. The door flung open, letting light stream in, Adriana screamed.

"I found you." Vincent snarled.

"Vincent, I'm begging you, please," Adriana was crying, she crawled back before hitting something.

Adriana looked up and gasped. He was standing over her like a pristine angel waiting to take her away. For a moment, Adriana forgot Vincent standing behind her as she stared into the eyes of her beloved Watson.

"Oh God, oh God, what did you do to him?!" Adriana was shrieking and sobbing as she stood to touch the waxen, dusty face. It must have been all too much. The pain return to renewed vigor and a flood seemed to wash down Adriana's legs. She looked down to see blood soaking into her pants. The baby was dying and she could do nothing. There was nothing for her. Nothing to hope for.

Adriana slumped onto the floor, broken. Vincent felt pity and sorrow as he looked at her now. He and Bo has taken away her lover, why was it so bad that she separate herself from him. He pondered whether to kill her now or later. He lowered his machetes and dropped them to the ground. Vincent collected her lovingly into his arms. Adriana was seeing blurry and she wrapped her arms around his neck, smelling his familiar smell. Where were they going to go? This limbo was just a farce and she was the traitor.

"Adriana." He whispered, tears in his eyes too.

"Our baby," she cried into his straggly hair and lost consciousness.


She was lying now atop his work bench. Her shirt was gone and her limbs bound. Adriana was terrified as he cranked up the fire under the wax. Vincent was standing over her stroking her face and hair. He left her side and Adriana desperately looked around. Vincent returned with hot wax and poured it over her belly. She groaned in pain. The wax was burning her flesh.

"Please, please Vincent," Adriana writhed on the table trying to get free. She wanted to beg for her life but knew she had no right. She betrayed them, she killed Bo.

Vincent turned his back, as tears streamed down his face under his mask. Slowly, he removed his mask so both of their vulnerabilities would be on display.

"I wanted to show you my greatest masterpiece." He rasped.

Adriana looked at him in disbelief. She stared at his back as he moved a figure into the light. She looked at his tool tray close by. If only she could grab the scraper, it would give her the time she needed to get away. Adriana reached out, farther and farther while her torso throbbed.

The figure was done, Adriana stared at it overwhelmed. It was her in all her glory except the waxy statue's eyes had been gouged out. She shuddered.

"I couldn't get the eyes the right color." He said matter-of-factly, "But that can be remedied."

Adriana abruptly shot up from the table grabbing the scraper. Vincent leapt forward and held her down and swiftly carved out her right eye. Adriana screamed in agony and plunged the sharp metal into his neck. Blood jetted out of Vincent's jugular as he stumbled back and fell flat clutching his neck wound.

Adriana saw her eye roll out onto the floor and she gasped. It was a horrific sight, her own body part lying there on the waxy floor. She held her hand against her damaged eye and stared at the dying Vincent.

"I'm so sorry, my love, so sorry." Adriana stepped over him and turned up the generators, "How can I forget that my own family killed the only happiness I ever had?"

The wax erupted into flames as she burst through the door to the outside. It was over. Her family was dead. The sins were done. And repentance remained. Adriana wrapped a cloth over her eye socket and wandered off into the deserted road. There was a life waiting for her out there outside of Ambrose.



Adriana shuffled around papers filing them away. She was tired and it was only noon. She stared at the corpse on the metal slab in front of her. The body belonged to some teenager bludgeoned to death. Her glass eye slipped a little and Adriana moved back from the table and removed her latex gloves. She popped out the glass eye and stared at herself in the metal cabinets.

She never forgot Ambrose even though it had been five years since it happened. She never forgot Vincent. She couldn't get herself to look at candles in grocery stores either.

The door behind her opened and Adriana slipped her glass eye back in. A young man dressed in a lab coat entered clutching a clipboard.

"Hi, I'm your technician, Corey Watson. Nice to meet you, Ms. Sinclair." He held out his hand and Adriana shook it, "Oh wow, there's a body here already. Well, I guess there would be, this is a police morgue."

"Your lucky day and his unlucky day, I guess, Watson." She smiled at him and handed him sheets, "Fill these out and I'll check them over."

Watson returned the papers to Adriana and she looked them over.

"That's impressive."

"I've had a few months experience with the hospital coroner." He beamed, "If you don't mind me asking, what happened to your eye?"

"You can tell it's fake."

Watson stared at her and Adriana looked at him curiously.

"Well, no offense to your ophthalmologist but it's not really the exact color of the other one." Watson said.

"Astute observation, Watson." Adriana turned around to file the papers into the cabinet, "I was told by an extraordinary artist once that it was a hard color to make."

Adriana motioned for him to get into gear so they could begin the autopsy.

"And is it hard, Ms. Sinclair, you know, not having that eye while working here?" Watson asked.

Adriana chuckled darkly.

"Please, call me Adriana," she said not looking up from the dead boy, "No, it's not that difficult, I wasn't really seeing before the accident anyways."