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To Be With You


"Oh god," Tenten moaned wantonly as Neji's hands slid slowly under her shirt to caress the quivering muscles of her stomach. She shook her head dazedly. How in the name of all things holy had she wound up making out with Hyuuga Neji in the supply closet? She was supposed to be in her math class not allowing him to ….

Neji swallowed her surprised squeal with his mouth as his left hand gently cupped her breast, his thumb stroking softly over the distended tip again. She could feel him smirking against her mouth, no doubt hoping for another surprised reaction, but she was damned if she'd allow him the upper hand so easily.

The problem was that this was exactly what she'd always wanted. Maybe not exactly, since she'd had no idea of what to expect from physical intimacy of any sort until this moment, but if she had known then this would've been exactly what she wanted.

A dull, far-off ringing penetrated the confused haze that surrounded her mind, and she pushed at Neji's shoulders. Reluctantly he drew back, his hands sliding over her skin in a last, lingering caress. Tenten stared up at him warily, unsure of what to say or do, but he leaned forward and licked at her bottom lip before trailing hot kisses sideways so he could whisper in her ear.

"I'll pick you up at eight."

Before Tenten had a chance to reply, or even drag her thoughts back to coherency, he had slipped out of the closet, leaving her to lean her trembling body against the wall as she wondered what on earth she'd gotten herself into now.

Chapter 1

Uchiha Sasuke groaned in frustration. The knocking at his front door just would not stop. He stared longingly at the half-finished joint in his hand before getting slowly to his feet. Fuck it – guess it doesn't really matter. He shrugged as he took another deep drag before stubbing the lit tip out in a nearby ashtray.

"All right! I'm coming!" he growled at the door when the knocking intensified. Even the calming, happy effect of the drug taking effect couldn't stop the flare of irritation from showing on his face when he yanked the door open.

"What?" he snapped, staring at the vaguely familiar girl on his doorstep. Great work Uchiha. Real smart – open the door for the fangirls. Sasuke stared at the small brunette expectantly. Finally her expression began to penetrate the pleasant fog surrounding his senses: she looked … kind of scared, a little sad, but mostly just pissed off.

With growing unease Sasuke scanned her features looking for any hint of recognition, just in case he was the object of her ire. Her heart-shaped face seemed almost all eyes. Chocolaty eyes framed with sooty lashes, and for a moment Sasuke was utterly entranced by the way the light reflected off the dark pools of her eyes, before his attention was caught by the shimmering pink of her lips as she spoke. He didn't hear a word. She shook her head impatiently, shoulder-length dark hair swinging in a silken cloud and Sasuke forced himself to concentrate.

"What?" he asked, stupidly but, hey, what else did she expect from an obviously trashed guy: rocket science?

"I need you to teach me to be bad." The girl repeated slowly, as if she was speaking to a total idiot, and Sasuke had to marvel at the thought that the girl – he still had no idea who she was – didn't realize that he was completely stoned. Could she honestly be that innocent – that she'd never seen anyone high and thus didn't recognize the effect? He shook his head again, and leaned a shoulder against the doorjamb, crossing his arms lazily. It was only then that he noticed the blonde that hovered just a few feet away from the brunette. This one he did recognize: the four pigtails, the glare … but what was Temari doing in front of his house in the middle of the night with an unknown girl who was asking him to teach her to be bad? It made no sense, but of one thing he was sure: Temari was a bitch who would as soon castrate him as ask him for a favor. Something was seriously off here.

He turned his gaze back to the brunette again, and this time with a focal point to start from he racked his brain for memories of her. Sasuke squinted at her … yes, if her hair was different … maybe up in two buns … if she wore less feminine clothes … no make-up … and he remembered. She was Temari's quiet little friend, a smart girl, a good girl … now if only he could remember her name….

She waved her hand in front of his eyes, "Hello? Are you even listening to me?" she asked before turning incredulously to the girl behind her, throwing her hands up in a 'can-you-believe-this' sort of gesture. Temari stepped closer, staring into Sasuke's eyes intently before she sighed in disgust.

"He's high as a kite, Tenny. I doubt he'll be any good in this condition. Or ever. Now can we please abandon this ridiculous plan?" she grabbed the brunette's hand and turned to lead her away, but the girl called 'Tenny' pulled her arm away and stood her ground.

The gaze she leveled on Sasuke was unsure, and still a little scared as she also stared intently into his eyes, and Sasuke nearly laughed - as if she had any idea of what signs to look for.

"Tenten, right?" he said, at last latching on to the elusive name, and Tenten nodded slowly, hesitantly stepping closer again.

"And you want me to teach you how to be bad, is that it?" Sasuke smirked down at her, but her gaze hardened and she nodded emphatically, deliberately ignoring the despairing groan of the girl behind her.

"Why?" Sasuke asked, mildly curious.

"None of your business," Tenten said sharply, "Can you do it or not?"

Sasuke's smirk disappeared and he came out of his languid pose with startling grace, leaning closer to Tenten who could feel the fear crawling down her spine but she firmly met his obsidian gaze.

"Let me rephrase that question," Sasuke breathed, so close to her that the puffs of air brushed across her mouth, "I don't care why – I want to know what's in it for me?"

"You get the satisfaction of watching me totally and utterly humiliating Hyuuga Neji, knowing you had a hand in the process – he's not your favorite person last time I checked," Tenten paused and then added uncertainly, "and I guess I could, like, pay you or something. If you wanted."

This time Sasuke couldn't stop the bark of laughter from escaping, "I don't need your money, ridiculous girl," he said disdainfully, again fascinated by the play of light in her impossibly expressive eyes as she bristled up at him.

"But," Sasuke paused before deliberately drawing back to resume his previous pose, "you caught me on a good day – I'll help you purely for the satisfaction of watching the mighty Hyuuga fall from his perch. What makes you think you can accomplish that feat?"

"I have motive," Tenten forced the words out between clenched teeth, and abruptly Sasuke was just so incredibly tired of her and the tension that was vibrating the air around her – he was relaxed and wanted to stay that way. He pinched the bridge of his nose between thumb and forefinger and said, "Fine. Come over tomorrow night. Party. Nine. We'll see what you're capable of." He stepped back into his house, already closing the door on her surprised face when Temari's voice halted his actions.

"You're actually going to help her with this ridiculousness?" the blonde stared at him incredulously and Sasuke simply shrugged as he closed the door on the pair of them. Blame it on the fact that I'm stoned he thought cynically as he headed back toward the unthinking haze that awaited him in an ashtray.

"Tenten. Please. Do not do this. I'm begging you!" Temari's voice pleaded from behind Tenten as she turned slowly from side to side in front of her full-length mirror. When no reply came, Temari sighed and fell back onto her friend's bed. "He's not worth this, Tenny! You're effectively selling your soul to the figurative devil – and all for what? To prove a point to Hyuuga Neji?"

At the name Tenten spun around, the black dress she was wearing swishing seductively around her thighs. "It's not about him, Temari! It's about my dignity, my pride! I was stupid, fine, I can admit that. I fell for his lines, that I can admit too. What I can't take is that I slept with him and he simply got up and walked away afterward, and hasn't said a word to me since! I can't stand the thought that he's smugly thinking he played me just like every other silly, naïve idiot he's ever gotten his hands on! I want him to be on the receiving end of that feeling for a change – it's the only way that I can ever look myself in the eye again!"

Temari sat up again, her expression laced with sympathy and Tenten quickly whirled back to the mirror so that she didn't have to see the pity emanating from her friend. "Tenny, I know it hurts. And I'm sorry that had to happen to you, but this isn't the way! Why do you need Sasuke to accomplish that?"

Taking a deep breath Tenten said over her shoulder, "Because the only way I'm ever going to get Neji's attention again is if I'm in his face the whole time – meaning I have to travel in his social circle, and for that I need Sasuke."

The silence from the blonde on the bed only confirmed to Tenten that she was entirely right: the only way for her to gain access to Neji's sphere of existence was through the Uchiha. Her thoughts were interrupted by Temari's presence at her shoulder.

"They're not like you, Tenny. You can't handle them. You're everything they're not! You're not an arrogant, hedonistic, trust-fund brat more concerned with partying than anything else. You don't know what you're getting into."

"And you do?! Who made you the expert?" Tenten almost immediately reached a contrite hand out to Temari – the words had been unnecessary, Temari was only trying to keep her best interests at heart, but this was one time that Tenten was determined to not back off. Ever.

"I may not be an expert, but I've seen enough of that kind of life to know that I want no part of it," Temari stated quietly, "I live with Gaara, remember? I have first-hand experience of having to go and drag him from some drug-infested, drunken orgy in the early hours of the morning, because the police called and my dad made it my and Kankurou's problem."

"Shikamaru's friends with them," Tenten returned sulkily, unwilling to let the truth of Temari's words shake her resolve. Temari shook her head exasperatedly, "Yes, fine, my boyfriend occasionally parties with them. But, the difference is, he knows how to handle it – and he doesn't go as far as most of the others do. What are you going to do if a drunk and/or high Sasuke suddenly decides that he deserves a more carnal form of repayment for his help? What if some other idiot decides to slip you a date rape drug or something? Do you honestly imagine that Uchiha will care or even notice? He's not going to protect you, Tenny!"

Tenten whirled around again, glaring at her friend, "That's just it! I'm tired of needing protection! I'm tired of being sweet, good, little Tenten – and thanks for the vote of confidence by the way! You just assume that I'm so useless that I'm just going to hang around patiently waiting to be taken advantage of?! I do have some common sense, Temari!"

A long silence descended as the two girls stared at each other, engaged in a silent battle of wills. Finally Temari sighed and reached over to smooth a strand of dark hair off of Tenten's forehead before drawing the other girl into a tight hug.

"You're good, pure, innocent, trusting and I just don't want to see you corrupted," she drew back, "so if this is really what you want and then I'll call Shikamaru and we'll go with you, all right?"

Tenten smiled sadly back at her friend, "No so innocent anymore," she said softly, "but it would be great if I had back-up the first time around." She squeezed Temari's hand tightly as the latter drew her cell phone from her pocket and, with a reluctant sigh, phoned her boyfriend.

The Uchiha mansion's grounds were overflowing with parked cars, various groups of people dotted here and there, and Tenten had to admit that she was incredibly grateful to have Shikamaru and Temari with her as they navigated the gravel of the drive to reach the open front door.

Temari was shooting haughty, distrustful looks at everyone she saw but that wasn't so different – even in a school filled with rich, bored, spoiled kids Temari managed to be a bigger snob than Tenten had ever imagined anyone being. Shikamaru nodded lazy greetings as they passed various groups of people, but Tenten only vaguely recognized some of them.

They entered the crowded foyer, the blasting music vibrating through her body, and she turned around searching for the host. The tension of the situation was getting to her, and she jumped when a hand clamped down on her shoulder, whirling around only to exhale in relief when she saw Shikamaru staring quizzically at her. He jerked his head toward the left, and Tenten took the lead when they walked into living room.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?"

Tenten jumped again when Inuzuka Kiba threw a drunken arm around her shoulders. But she resisted the urge to push him away, and smiled tightly. They were lab partners after all and she didn't want to spend the rest of the year listening to his snide remarks because she wounded his pride by showing how disgusted she was by the alcohol on his breath, and the weight of his body against hers.

"Hi, Kiba," she mouthed instead, trying to wriggle away surreptiously but Kiba was having none of that. His hand tightened around her shoulders and he leered at her, eyes going directly to her breasts. "Never would've expected to see you partying with us. Or looking so hot."

Tenten couldn't help the blush that spread over her cheeks as he insolently gave her the once over. Before she could begin to formulate a suitable reply – that would spare his ego, and yet make it perfectly clear that she wasn't interested – a dark voice spoke in her ear. "So you actually came."

Thankfully Kiba let go of her to stare at the Uchiha who had materialized behind them in surprise, but Tenten most definitely didn't like the smirk she could hear in his voice. She turned around, steeling her gaze, "You doubted it? I was serious."

Sasuke stared at Tenten and Tenten stared at Sasuke until Kiba cleared his throat nervously and opened his mouth before closing it with a snap and disappearing into the crowd shaking his head. Sasuke broke eye contact first, his gaze flickering to Temari and Shikamaru, the former hovering protectively while the latter traced soothing patterns on the nape of her neck – not that it was having much effect.

"Being bad with bodyguards?" Sasuke smirked at Tenten again, and she bristled. "No, I don't need them to watch over me," she snarled back, stung into a flare of temper by the condescension in his dark eyes. He eyed her speculatively, "Last chance to back out," he said warningly, and held out a hand.

Without hesitation Tenten took his hand, and he raised an eyebrow at her but only said, "Where we're going they can't come," jerking his head at Shikamaru and Temari. Turning slightly Tenten gave her blonde friend a reassuring yet hard stare until the blonde huffed and leaned forward for a quick hug, "Keep your cell with you at all times – I'm only a phone call away."

Tenten nodded and allowed Sasuke to pull her through the crowd, back into the foyer. She followed him silently through the kitchen and down into the basement. It was a lot quieter down here, a lot more comfortable, with black leather couches grouped around a flat screen, a pool table, and a glass bar in the corner.

Her gaze flicked over the occupants of the large room, noting that this appeared to be a private party within the larger party – this one solely for the inner circle. Naruto looked pained, he was trying to keep an extremely drunk Sakura from falling over, as she called for her boyfriend, Sai, who was nowhere to be seen. Tenten shot him a small smile that he returned distractedly, and Tenten relaxed somewhat: it was a well-known fact that Naruto did not approve of his friends' activities but that he hung around regardless – trying to keep them from trouble.

Shifting her eyes, she took in the sight of Shino hunched over the entertainment center looking for a song to play. Kiba's eyes lit up and Tenten nearly groaned out loud, so this was where he'd disappeared to. She quickly skipped her gaze away, only to connect with Neji's as he lounged in a dark corner of one couch, Gaara next to him. They were sharing a cigarette of some kind – and Tenten highly doubted that it contained anything even remotely legal. His empty eyes held no emotion whatsoever and Tenten quickly glanced away – pretending not to have seen him.

A loud squeal nearly deafened Tenten as a blonde whirlwind threw herself at Sasuke. Tenten couldn't help it – she recoiled slightly from Ino's exuberant (and alcohol drenched) form as the girl latched onto Sasuke's arm. He simply gave her a freezing look that she returned with a pout before flouncing off to join the red-headed Karin at a bar where the other Sasuke-obsessed girl was clearly drowning her sorrows, if the injured look she gave Sasuke was any indication.

Tenten shuddered, and Sasuke smirked again, "Still sure you want to enter this world of depravity?" he asked, his voice heavy with irony. Tenten nodded – again stung into replying when she really wasn't sure if this was a good idea anymore.

Sasuke tugged at her hand and led her into a dark corner away from everyone else. He backed her against the wall – not touching her – but shielding her from everyone's view. Slowly, his gaze travelled up and down her body until Tenten could feel the flush on her cheeks burning like the midday sun.

Abruptly, Sasuke grabbed a handful of the gauzy outer layer of her black dress and, with almost surgical precision he ripped the fabric away from her body. The unexpectedness of the action caught Tenten by surprise – she forgot to be afraid - as his gaze raked her critically again. The removal of the outer part had left her in the tube-like inner layer. The stretchy fabric barely covered her breasts and only came down to just below her ass, but Sasuke nodded in approval. "Better," he announced.

Disbelievingly Tenten arched her eyebrows at him, "Don't you mean sluttier?" she asked acerbically. Sasuke shrugged, "One and the same in this world – get used to it."

Without any further ado he hurried her over to the bar, and motioned to a bottle behind the blank-eyed, tuxedoed barman, who immediately poured a shot of the colorless liquor into a glass and placed it in front of Tenten.

"What's this?" she asked Sasuke suspiciously, and he sighed. "Tequila," he answered briefly, clearly irritated by her question, "Drink. You need to relax."

Dutifully Tenten raised the glass to her lips and took a small sip, only to grimace at the taste. Sasuke stared at her incredulously, before he motioned for another glass. His movements were exaggerated when he lifted the glass in her direction before downing the shot, and staring at her expectantly.

Oh, Tenten thought, mildly irritated by his condescension, but she picked her glass up again and followed Sasuke's example – only to choke as the liquor burned a path down to her stomach where it settled uncomfortably. Soon the burning subsided and Tenten had successfully overcome the urge to throw it all back up again, the pleasant warmth spreading through her body reflected in the relaxed pose she took up, leaning half against Sasuke, half against the bar.

Staring down at her with vague amusement Sasuke had to concede that maybe corrupting Tenten was going to be more fun than he'd thought – her reactions really were quite funny. His musings were interrupted by his brother's entrance, followed by a few of his friends, and Sasuke grimaced as he quickly moved to stand closer to Tenten.

"What are you doing?" she asked him, a flush on her cheeks, and Sasuke nearly kicked himself for allowing her to start off with something like tequila – but how was he supposed to have known that she'd never had alcohol before?

Silently he jerked his head to the group at the door, "College guys," he stated succinctly and Tenten nodded slowly, not quite getting what he meant but not wanting to appear like any more of an idiot than she already did.

A long suffering sigh broke the quiet and Sasuke dragged her back to their corner, pushing her into the armchair that rested there before making himself comfortable on the armrest. "We need to get some things straightened out," he announced glaring down at her, "Just exactly how much experience have you had with anything you've seen here tonight?"

The blush was a dead giveaway and Sasuke sighed again, "God," he raked a hand through his already messy hair, "Okay, fine, define this 'badness' you want?"

Her gaze met his squarely but her voice was a tad husky when she replied, "I want to be like you." His eyes narrowed, she could almost see the fire burning in his gaze and his voice was low when he replied, "No, you don't. You don't know the first thing about being like me – or anyone else here tonight. And I think you should keep it that way. Go home, Tenten." He stood but her hand shot out to grab his wrist pulling him back down.

"No, please, you don't understand," she said pleadingly, "I have to."

Sasuke crossed his arms, "Explain." He demanded, but Tenten hesitated nonetheless. She was fairly sure that Neji had wasted no time in telling his friends about their little escapade but she still didn't want it all over school! Suddenly she decided to trust Sasuke – if he was going to introduce her to all of this then she had to, right? Or maybe it was just the alcohol that lowered her inhibitions but Tenten found herself opening her mouth and telling Sasuke exactly why she was in this position.

" I slept with Neji," she stated and watched the understanding dawning in his eyes. "He took your virginity, pulled a typical Neji disappearing act, and now you want to get back at him," Sasuke sighed again, "Look, I get that, but I don't see how corrupting you further is going to solve the problem for you. The deeper you get, the harder it is to get out," he added with a contempt-filled glance around the room.

"I'm already corrupted," Tenten said, bitterly, reaching for the glass of whiskey in Sasuke's hand. She took a long swig, only to have the drink pulled away. "Watch it. You're not used to alcohol – you'd better start with something a little less potent."

Staring up at Sasuke with hopeful eyes Tenten allowed him to take his drink back, "Does that mean you'll still help me?" she asked, and Sasuke stared at her searchingly. He took note of the resolve that shielded the hurt in her eyes and stifled the groan he felt welling up in him. How the hell had he managed to be the lucky one she approached with her ridiculous idea? Still, he couldn't shake the feeling that if he didn't help her then she would go to someone else and god knew what would happen to her then. Much as Sasuke hated to admit it, in this particular instance, she was lucky that she'd latched onto him – he was one of the good guys. It was a fucked-up code of honor he lived by, true enough, but it was still there, and she would be safer with him than with say … Kiba. Sasuke rubbed at a temple and glared down at the hope-filled girl, "You are completely insane, you don't know what you're getting into, but maybe tonight is exactly the wake up call you need," he ground out before handing her the glass of whiskey again, motioning for her to drink.

Over the rim of the glass Tenten gave him a grateful look, and Sasuke turned away in disgust. She had no idea how precious the naïveté she possessed was. Grimly, he decided to show her exactly what she was getting into – maybe she'd use her head and get the hell out when she woke up feeling like shit tomorrow, barely able to remember what she'd done.

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