Just a little idea that I had. I really like this idea and have already written the entire thing in my head, but life is crazy, so you might not get an update for a while. But I have a four day Easter weekend, so there is some hope.

The title is one of Lifehouse's new songs.

Takes place mid-May. Will be an actual date in the next chapter.

I don't own anything.

"Lexie!" Meredith called as she ran up the stairs annoyed. Lexie had the day off and Meredith had just gotten home. She had been calling for Lexie for the past little bit and she had not been answering.

She opened the door of Lexie's room and saw her sister sitting in bed in with her hair in a sloppy ponytail, wearing her favorite pair of Under Armor shorts, and a grey Columbia T-shirt that she already knew was Mark's. She knew something was wrong. Lexie's face was red and she was sweaty. Looking down she realized that Lexie was wearing her sneakers. She had been running. They didn't run.

"Hey, what's going on?" Meredith said sitting on the bed across the bed from Lexie.

Lexie didn't say anything. She simply opened the bedside drawer and took out a pregnancy test.

"Oh, Lexie." Meredith said looking at it. It was positive. "Are you sure?" She said looking at her little sister.

Lexie nodded and pulled out a plastic baggy. There were eight more tests and they were all positive.

Meredith looked at her little sister. The whole time she had known Lexie she had never seemed as scared as she did now. She looked small and afraid. It made Meredith realize how young Lexie truly was.

"It, it could be Mark's." Lexie stuttered out.

"Lexie, you'd have to be what… 5 months pregnant? You're a doctor, you would have noticed."

"I haven't exactly been thinking about that kind of stuff." Lexie said sharply. "And look." She said pulling her shirt up.

Meredith gasped. There was a small, but defined baby bump.

"Lexie, how could you not know?" Meredith asked her sister in astonishment.

"Well, I haven't really been paying attention to eat and I've already eaten my way up a scrub size because of everything that's happened. And I've only thrown up maybe once or twice, but it was when I was around Mark so I figured it was just nerves."

"Well, didn't Alex notice?" Meredith asked.

"Mer, I stopped sleeping with Alex a month ago."

"Oh." Meredith said.

"What am I gonna do?" Lexie groaned leaning against the bed frame and slowly rubbing her fingers over her stomach.

"Well," Meredith said sitting beside Lexie and letting her sister lean her head on her shoulder. "You're gonna get some sleep and tomorrow I'm going to think of a plan in the morning."

"Meredith." Lexie said quietly.

"Yeah, Lex?"

"This baby has to be Mark's."

"I know Lexie, I know." Meredith said before they both drifted off to sleep.

"Hope is like a bird that senses the dawn and carefully starts to sing while it is still dark."