Ok I know I said the last chapter was gonna be the very last chapter but several have asked me to do one more. So here you go I hope it is what you wanted.

Bella walked down the aisle looking at the various packed foods wondering what to get Jake and Charlie when her phone went off.

"Hello" she answered "hey babe where you at?" she smiled "I'm in the local supermarket buying some food what about you?"She smiled as she listened to his voice "I'm with your dad and mine and CW (I wanted baby Charlie to have a nickname) we are all going fishing won't be back till late tonight is that ok"

She smiled Charlie was 4 years old now he loved his dad and both his grandparents and he shared their love of fishing Jake didn't but he endured it for CW as he liked to called him. The past few years after graduation were very hectic but they managed to work it all out.

They even have their own place next to Billy's so that Jake can help him if he needs it and they are both going to the local college a few times a week Jake worked in a local garage he loved it.

"Yeah that's fine I hope you have fun" she heard Jake mumble under his breath about how bored he was gonna be she laughed out loud "oh Jake why don't you just asked CW if just Billy and Charlie can take him so you could spend some time with me".

"That's a great idea Bella I'll do it call you later I'll tell you what he says" answered Jake excitedly "ok then talk to you later" she hung up and smiled even wider.

She often wondered why a man like Jake wanted her she would never consider herself to be beautiful but Jake seemed to disagree completely with her every single time.

She decided to get something nice for dinner, it had been a long time since she and Jake had some time alone. She had just got back and was putting the shopping away when Jake came in.

"Hey beautiful" he greeted as he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her waist "hello yourself" she responded "my dad said that he will have Charlie tonight so we can spend some more time alone"

She turned in his arms "really" she asked with a slight hope "yep so *kiss* we *kiss* have *kiss* the *kiss* entire *kiss* night *kiss* to *kiss* ourselves" she smiled as she wrapped her arms around his neck but before she deepen the kiss he pulled back causing a moan to come from her.

"Emily wanted you to drop by she needed your help with something" she pouted as he moved away which earned a chuckle from Jake.

She made her way to Sam and Emily's they had moved in together around the same time Jake and Bella did now Emily was pregnant, she would bombard Bella with questions. Emily was definitely a nervous 1st time mother Bella can easily relate.

After a an hour Bella waved goodbye and headed home as she neared the house she noticed all the lights were out, but as she got nearer she noticed a faint glow coming from the living room window.

'If he's gone out and left that fire on again I'll kill him' she thought as she walked up to the front door, as she stepped through she gasped at the site of the living room.

Candles were lit everywhere the furniture had been moved so a blanket and some pillows could be placed in front of the now roaring fire. Jake stood in the centre in his best shirt and pants with two glasses of wine in his hands.

"I thought since we only had tonight we should make the most of it" he said as he held out a glass towards her. She dazedly took off her coat and dropped it near the front door as she walked to him and took the glass.

"See I also made us a nice little buffet too" she looked down and the little coffee table was filled with different types of finger food "its great Jake" she said as she leaned up to kiss him.

They settled down in front of the fire enjoying the food he had laid out and the wine. Soon things started to steam up as he hovered above her next to the fire.

"You are so beautiful" she smiled and moved her hand to behind his neck and pulled him down so his body was completely covering hers.

The made love that night slowly and passionately enjoying each other in a way they had been unable for some time. They loved CW with all their hearts but sometimes they craved the chance to be intimate with each other and now that he was getting older they would be able to be alone more times if their parents wouldn't mind helping.

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