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I have been so mean to Harry and Ruth in my current multi chapter ( Family Ties) that I decided to write something nice. This is Ruth's point of view of One Night Only.

One Night Only (Redux)

It was late when Ruth finally gave up waiting. Harry had yet another meeting with the JIC that would no doubt go on and on until the early hours. She had decided that they would have a nice quiet night in at his place. It was nicer than the safe house flat she was still using plus she would get to spend some time with Scarlet and her cats. It hadn't been fair to uproot Fidget and Muggles yet again. So while Harry continued to suffer in his meeting she was curled on the sofa, hot chocolate in hand with Muggles lying in her lap purring away. Eastenders had started and finished. So had DIY SOS. Ruth knew Harry wouldn't be eating the dinner she had made for them that night. Glancing at the clock she sighed when she realised the time. Instead of locking the house up and leaving she chose to do what was becoming more and more of a habit since she had started seeing Harry. Cats were plonked in their baskets as Scarlet trotted to her basket in the kitchen as Ruth tidied up and went to bed.

Hours later Ruth was still awake. Her mind alert, just in case Harry returned. She sighed, until she had met Harry Pearce she had never been an insomniac, but since the first day she ran in to the meeting room dropping files and showing herself up she had never been able to sleep properly. It was usually because she was worried about him. If there wasn't some imminent danger threating Section D or a rouge agent trying to kill them there was the until now intangible relationship they shared. Sighing heavily she turned in the bed, pulling the duvet around her and waited for the key in the lock. She glared as the clock ticked over to midnight and hoped they would both sleep tonight.

Author's note : Part two soon. Just an introduction - this one really will only be 2 chapters! Back to the multichap tomorrow!