A short little story, maybe four chapters long, ridiculously short chapters, but hopefully, the crazy amount of fluff will rot your insides out and you won't mind it being so short…XD


I love my little world, shrouded in darkness.

Tamaki Suoh shattered my world into pieces and glued them back together with light.

I love the peace and serenity that comes with darkness.

Tamaki Suoh showed me, whether I wanted to see or not, that light has peace and serenity all the same.

I want to stay the way I am, but I want him equally as bad…if not more.

Tamaki Suoh…what would my life have been like if you had never entered? If the Host Club had never entered?

If I'd stayed sheltered in my darkness for the rest of my life, would I have ever fallen in love? Fallen in love like the way I am right now? Wrapped up in so much love I think I might suffocate. Covered in so much light, I think I'll pass out.

Tamaki, you listen. You don't push me into the light; I follow you into the light. I don't know why I do; I always end up running back, falling back into my endless, dark abyss.

Tamaki Suoh, I want to exist in this world of love and light; I want to exist with you. Show me how you do it; how you live like this. I want to know; I want to join you!

I want to be loved back.

Tamaki Suoh…

Tamaki Suoh…


Tamaki stared at the door to the music room, him and his friends from the host club, dressed up in an odd manner, as usual for them. I stared at them, as usual for me.

I heard Kyouya mumble something to Tamaki, I'm not sure but I think he said, "Where's Haruhi?" Tamaki ignored him, "She's late." He added.

Tamaki didn't turn to look at 'mommy', "I don't know. Maybe she's sick…" He trailed off and I could've sworn I saw a tear start to well as he turned and grabbed the other male by his shirt collar, "WHAT IF ITS LIFE OR DEATH!? WE MUST VISIT HER AT ONCE!"

Kyouya slapped his hand away and pointed toward the door, "I hear footsteps, someone's coming."

Tamaki ran a hand through his slightly messed-up hair and regained his composer before running toward the door as it slowly swung open, "Welcome to the Host Club!" He exclaimed with his eyes closed trying to make his large smile as genuine as possible, but it actually only made it look cheesier. I couldn't help but let out a small chuckle as the others sighed and walked away, mumbling to themselves.

"Tamaki…no." Haruhi said as she swatted Tamaki away.

Tamaki pouted and stood up, walking fast-pace after her, "But why?" He whined.

Haruhi ignored him and disappeared into another part of the room, out of my view. Tamaki followed after her, he also disappeared from my view.

I sighed and closed the door to the Black Magic Club and, back sliding against the door the whole way down, sat on the floor.

Another day gone by and all I did was stalk him from afar. I couldn't get the nerve to make a move on him or whatever. Or maybe…I was waiting for him to make the move, I can't be sure. Maybe there were just too many people, too much light out there, something else stopping me from talking to him other than just me being nervous.

I swear to you, one day, one day I'll do it. I'll come straight out there and talk to you. You might be scared of me, but if you just get to know me you'll know that you're one of the few people in this world I will not hurt.

Tamaki Suoh…

Tamaki Suoh…