Here is a little one shot of an alternative to the scene in 'A Few Good Men' when Elena helps Damon with his shirt. I know it has been done but I just live how sexy Damon looked so I wanted to write this. It is one shot for now…but I may be persuaded to continue if you all enjoy it!!

"Stefan?" I called as I walked into his bedroom.

"Better." Damon walked over to where I was standing. "Me."

The only thing Damon had on was a pair of black jeans that sat extremely low on his waist. There was no denying that Damon was attractive, he had an amazing body.

"You look um…" I was trying my best not to scan his body with my eyes.

"Dashing, gorgeous…irresistible?" He said as he walked closer to me.

I moved my head back because he was getting a little too close. "Wrecked. You…look…wrecked."

He lifted his eyebrow and shrugged his shoulders a bit. "No reason why. Do you know that I am one of Mystic Falls most eligible bachelors?"

"Huh." I said

"Yup." He said turning around. He walked over to the full length mirror.

"How Are you doing?" I knew he was not doing well; he was drowning himself in whatever alcohol he happened to be drinking,

"Never better." He put his arms through a black shirt. "What can I do for you? I'm a barrel of favors today. My new found purpose…how can I help people." He began trying to button his shirt.

I must admit I was a little disappointed when he put the shirt on. I am sure the auction would have raked in a hell of a lot more money if he had gone without a shirt.

"I'm just meeting Stefan; we're going to the fundraiser."

Damon turned away from the mirror to face me. "Help a guy out, will ya. I can't…get this." He said as he fumbled with the buttons on his shirt.

I sighed and walked over to him. I grabbed the side of the shirt with the button on it first. I felt my hand graze against his skin. I grabbed the side with the button hole and slowly started to button his shirt. I decided that it would be best to talk about something to distract me and help me to think of something other than his chest.

"So, I found out who my birth mother is." I said smiling.

"Ahhgg who cares." Damon said making a face. I immediately felt the hurt that took over my face. Damon looked into my eyes and I could tell, even though he had seemed like a huge drunk a few seconds ago, that he knew that hurt me. "She left you…she sucks." I continued to stare into his eyes. Damon never sugar coated things…he never lied.

I had almost finished buttoning his shirt but instead of reaching for the last two top buttons I was still hanging onto the bottom of it. I suddenly felt his hand gently brush up against my cheek. He just barely touched me but it made me shiver. My heart started beating faster and my breathing became unsteady. He slowly bent his head down and gently placed a small kiss on my lips. When our lips parted he kept his face close to mine. I honestly didn't think Damon Salvatore was capable of being that gentle. I didn't push him away or slap him or even yell at him instead I moved my head the few inches needed to grab his lips with my own. He put his hand around my waist and pulled me in close to him. I slid my hands under his shirt and moved them to his back. I slowly rubbed his back in small circles. Surprisingly he was the first to break the kiss. He moved his head an appropriate distance from mine and before I could ask what was wrong Stefan walked into the room.

"Stefan. There you are." I said as I walked over to him. He smiled slightly at me.

"Uh, you need a bigger jacket." Damon complained. He was trying to put on what I assumed was Stefan's jacket. "You know that occasional sorority girl might fill you out a little big."

Damon threw the jacket and walked passed Stefan and I Buttoning the last two buttons I had not gotten to. He seemed to have no problem buttoning his shirt up now. Before he left he gave me a look that I couldn't figure out the meaning behind.