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Something Lost.

"Oh no," Ted muttered. "No. No. No. John's going to kill me."

Ted searched his duffel bag for the dog tags, but all that was in there were his trunks, his other set of clothes, his cellphone, water bottle, and shower stuff. No dog tags.

Ted sighed in frustration. John gave them to him to wear and what did he do? He lost them.

John had a match that night and he needed to find them.

The younger man growled under his breath before going over to the couch and searching under the cushions. Maybe they dropped down there when he and Cody were play wrestling.


Sighing, Ted sinked to the floor. He was on the verge of tears. How couldn't believe he lost something that was so special to John.

"Teddy!" John burst into the dressing room, clad in his ring gear. He looked to see his lover on the floor, silent tears making tracks down his cheeks. He was at Ted's side immediately, thumbing the tears away. "Teddy, what's wrong?"

Ted shook his head. He couldn't tell John. He just couldn't.

"Come on Teddy. You know you can tell me anything."

Ted sniffled, burying his face in John's chest. "I lost your dog tags."

The reaction Ted got was not one he was expecting; John was laughing.

The blonde lifted his head, glaring at the older man.

"That's not funny." He slapped John on the chest.

"Teddy," he gasped out. "You didn't lose them."

"Yes, I did! I don't have them and I searched everywhere!"

"That's because I have them." John pulled the dog tags out of the top of his shirt. "I came in and got them when you were talking with Randy."

Ted slapped John on the chest again. "Don't do that! You had me worried. Tell me when you're going to take them!"

John laughed, hugging Ted close to him. "I'm just glad that the tags mean that much to you."

"Well, they're apart of you and you mean everything to me."