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"We do not have a visual UCIC Benson," a voice spat through Olivia's headset. "I repeat, we do not have a visual."

"Well, Donovan," Olivia said back through her mic in harsh whisper, "You'd better fucking get one before I kick down the door and start shooting. I need to know what I'm walking into, here!"

There was silence. She heard a loud beep. Then what sounded like typing. She rolled her eyes. "Today, Donovan!" she barked.

"Sorry, UCIC Benson!" the voice spat. "Sorry, uh, okay we have a visual. Two men, both armed. Hostage appears calm and unharmed."

"Thank you," Olivia said, gruffly. "Why was that so damn hard?" She stayed low to the ground, holding her task-weapon out in front of her, and signaled to the twelve agents around her to move out. She made a hand gesture and two of the agents slowly headed toward the door of the building, pulling it open, quietly. The agents moved in, stealthily, and had the two men surrounded. Olivia stepped through the doors and shouted, "Special Ops! Drop your weapons!"

The two men, dropping their guns, froze and put their arms up in the air. The agents acted quickly, securing the weapons and taking the men into custody.

"Damn," Olivia muttered. "That was rather uneventful. It's always less fun when they just give up like that," she said as she reattached her weapon to her vest. She readjusted her task vest and walked toward the hostage. As she untied the young woman, she bent over and asked, "Are you all right, Your Majesty?"

The regal looking young woman looked up at her and nodded. "Oh, yes," she said. "Quite. A question, though."

"Yes, Your Majesty?" Olivia asked, helping the woman out of her chair.

"Who, if I may be so bold as to ask, are you?" the woman asked, yanking her hand out of Olivia's and backing up slightly, "And why are you touching me?"

"That was two questions," Olivia seethed as she narrowed her eyes, straightening up. "Special Ops Universal Commander-in-Chief Benson," she said. "And I just saved your Royal Highness's ass. A little gratitude would be much appreciated."

The woman rolled her eyes. "Thank you," she said. "Did my father call you?" she asked, her eyes suddenly wide.

"No," Olivia said. "Your father doesn't even know you've been kidnapped. It's my job to know these things before anyone else does." She grabbed the woman's arm and yanked. "Let's go," she said.

"How dare you touch me!" the princess yelped. "I demand that you..."

"You," Olivia interrupted, "Do not get to demand anything from me. Someone didn't read their government hierarchy guidebook. I'm at the top of the food chain, and you answer to me, Princess. As does your father. Now get in the car," Olivia said, shoving the woman toward a black sedan. "Fasten your seatbelt, Princess," she spat, slamming the door.

"How rude!" the princess spat, folding her arms.

"Oh, you haven't seen rude, yet," Olivia said as she smirked. She walked to the front of the car and knocked on the driver's side window. It rolled down and she looked at the agent behind the wheel. "Take her to LHQ, stick her in an interrogation room. Then get King Reynold on the phone and transfer him to me immediately. Do nothing with her until I get back to LHQ."

"Yes, UCIC Benson, Ma'am," the agent replied, then he drove away, the tires screeching.

"Okay, Baby-Girl," Fin said, sliding up next to her in his task gear. "We came all the way the fuck to London to save that fucking princess, and now that we have, you need to take her in? Why?

"Because, Fin," Olivia said, putting on a pair of dark sunglasses and taking off her task vest, revealing a fitted black suit, "She had herself kidnapped, and I want to know why."

Fin raised an eyebrow. "How the hell do you know that?" he asked, tiliting his head.

"My son, Fin," she said, referring to the now six-year-old boy who entered her life a few months ago. He had a sixth sense, so to speak. "He's never wrong," Olivia added She smirked at Fin, handed him her task vest, then walked away.

"Stabler," Cragen shouted from his office. "Commander Benson is on the phone."

Elliot picked up the phone immediately. "Hey, baby!" he said excitedly. "When are you coming...woah, woah, stop yelling. Did you just punch someone? Are they fucking crying, Liv? You made an agent cry! They're not supposed to be able to cry, Liv! I told you not to go back out into the field, honey! Stay behind the damn desk! I'm not yelling at you, I'm yelling because I can't hear anything when that guy is crying into the phone! Move away from him! Thank you, now what is wrong with...oh, my God. Yeah. I'll be there in...no, I'll take the chopper. They're both fine, honey, they're just fine. I'm bringing them, yeah. I love you, too." He hung up the phone and grabbed his jacket. "Cap!" he yelled.

Cragen ran out of his office. "What, Stabler?" he asked.

"I'm needed in London. A matter of international security, or some shit," Elliot said. "As SIC of Special Ops, I, apparently, have to be with..."

"Go," Cragen said, nodding. He knew the rules. Ops came before SVU. In fact, Ops, it was discovered, ran SVU.

"Yeah," Elliot said, walking out of the bullpen. His wife needed her husband, and his Universal Commander needed her right-hand man. He was proud, honored, and relieved that he was both.

Olivia was waiting, with Fin and several other agents, on the helipad of the Ops HQ in London. She checked her watch, several times, and tore a small hole in her sleeve from picking at it absently as she watched the skies. One thing she hated about her new "human" existence was the nerves she couldn't control when it came to her family. Finally, she saw the black stealth-copter land, hovering slightly above the ground.

Elliot stepped out of it, carrying a tiny girl in his arms, and a six-year-old boy hopped out after him. The boy looked at Olivia and ran, smiling, leaping into her arms. "Mommy!" he squealed.

"Evan, baby," Olivia said, scooping him up and squeezing him tight, "Mommy missed you so much!" Evan, a boy they had been given legally custody of when a manipulated agent no longer wanted him, wrapped his little body around her tightly and peppered her with tiny kisses.

"Hey, Benson," Elliot said, using her last name since they were in the presence of other people, as he walked up next to her. He kissed her deeply, and said, "Sleeping Beauty here just couldn't stay awake long enough to see you, but she did nothing but cry since you left this morning."

Olivia shifted Evan, holding him to the side, and she leaned over to kiss her husband again, then peered down at the sleeping five-month-old baby girl. "My sweet Lily," she whispered, running a finger down the girl's cheek.

"I missed you, baby," Elliot whispered to her, kissing her again. "So damn much," he added, kissing her yet again.

Olivia saw something flash in Elliot's eyes and she knew that the same thing had flashed in hers. Lust. "I've only been gone for a few hours, El. I'll make it up to you, later," she said. She smirked at him, took a breath, and said, "Agent Stabler, front and center!"

A young man who looked like a younger version of Elliot stepped forward, in a black suit, and said, "Yes, UCIC Benson, Ma'am?"

"Escort your niece and nephew to our quarters," Olivia said, putting Evan down. Elliot handed Lily to Damon, carefully, and nodded at his half-brother. "Stay with them until we get back," Olivia added.

"Yes, UCIC, Ma'am," Damon said, taking Evan's hand and walking briskly to the sliding glass doors on the right that led into the building. Evan, the cutie, jumped and pressed his little palm onto the palm-print-panel to open them, since Damon had his hands full.

"So, how did this happen?" Elliot asked, getting right to business, knowing that extreme pleasure would come sooner if they got the business out of the way.

Olivia began to walk toward a set of sliding glass doors on the other side of the roof. Everyone followed her, closely, as she linked her hand with Elliot's. "Security breach in the palace," she said, pressing her palm to the panel that would open the door. She knew Elliot hated being spoken to like an agnet, but she had to say this to an entire team. "Princess Britania had herself violently abducted, knowing the attention and focus of security and offical angencies would be on finding her. Meanwhile, she hired someone else, someone with apparent connections, to terminate her father. No security camera picked anything up, and no guard saw anything suspicious. It was either an inside job, or that royal pain-in-the-ass gave the assassin a map of the palace and the locations of all the cameras so he or she would avoid them." She walked, dropping Elliot's hand, into a bright white corridor. Her team followed her.

"So, we've got a fucking dead king on our hands and the princess is the perp," Elliot said, raising an eyebrow.

"Must you talk like such a...cop?" Olivia asked, rolling her eyes as she rested her hand on another panel, opening the doors to a bright purple hallway.

Elliot rolled his eyes right back. "I am a cop," he said. "Excuse me if I still haven't gotten used to saying things like 'terminate' and 'un-sub,' 'assailant,' and 'task.' He sped up, noticing that she walked a lot faster when she was in Agent Mode. "Kill, perp, perp, and case, Liv. English. You should try it sometime."

"Anal retentive son of a bitch," Olivia muttered, smirking as she sent a sidelong glance at him.

"Agent-speak for asshole," Elliot said, translating for his own benefit. "Remind me why I love you." He smirked back at her. He loved playing with her.

Olivia looked over her shoulder as they continued down the hall, the walls changing their shade to a light lavender. "Because I love you," she said. "And it's in your genes," she added. It was. They'd been genetically coded to compliment one-another perfectly. Special Ops referred to this phenomenon as "pre-determined mating."

Elliot winked at her, a smile on his face, as they turned the corner and waited for Olivia to open the sliding doors. They were in a red corridor now, with lots of large, windowed rooms. "The British interrogation corridor," Elliot muttered.

"Yes, Stabler," Olivia said. "Exactly. You and I have to talk to her royal bitchyness."

Elliot whistled. "Uh-oh, she really rubbed you the wrong way, huh?" he asked, teasing.

"In a manner of speaking," Olivia said, stopping in front of the interrogation room holding the princess.

"What did she do?" Elliot asked, folding his arms and chuckling.

Olivia raised an eyebrow as she glared through the two-way-mirrored wall at the young woman. "She demanded..."

"Stop right there," Elliot said holding up a hand. "No one demands anything from you, Benson. You've killed people for less."

"So have you," Olivia said, reminding him what the last year of his life had really been like. Olivia held out a hand and Agent Donovan slapped a file into her open palm. Olivia nodded, then opened the file. "Well," she said, snapping the file closed, "You ready?"

"I was born ready," Elliot said, smirking as he straightened his tie.

"That line is really getting old, you cheeseball," Olivia said, looking at him with a tight- lipped smile, trying not to laugh. It was true, though. Elliot, like Olivia, was a genetic agent. But circumstances and a lot of manipulation had kept him away from the life he would have known. Now that he knew it, he accepted who he was by joking about it. It made it easier to handle.

Elliot chuckled as he moved to press a palm to the panel that would open the metal door to the interrogation room, but he stopped. He looked at Olivia and furrowed his brow. "What, exactly, is our primary interrogation tactic here?"

"Oh, I'm sorry?" Olivia said, looking up at him with wide eyes. "Did you just speak like an Agent?" she asked, feigning surprise.

Elliot laughed and rolled his eyes. "Yes, UCIC Benson, Ma'am!" he said, saluting, just to mock her. He pressed his palm to the panel and waited.

The metal doors slid open and Olivia, through her chuckling, whispered, "She's afraid of spiders, baby."

"Excellent. I love it when they're afraid of spiders," Elliot said. Then he and Olivia stepped through the door to get some answers and hand down their sentencing. Princess Britania had no idea what was about to hit her. Or bite her.

"Agent Stabler!" Olivia called as she and Elliot walked through the gold elevator doors to their London HQ penthouse.

Damon came running in from the kitchen. "Yes, UCIC Ma'am?" he asked, standing at attention.

"Cut it out, Damon," Olivia said. "Relax."

"Thanks, Benson," Damon said, smiling. "The kids are both asleep. They were well behaved and young Lily only cried three times. I have successfully distinguished between her 'hungry' cry and her 'change-my-diaper' cry."

Olivia chuckled. "Wonderful. Now you can watch them whenever we need you to, Damon. Since we're here now, you can go. Thank you."

"Anytime," Damon said. He gave Olivia a hug and gave a small, masculine hug to Elliot. He grabbed his jacket and left, and as soon as the golden 'vator-doors slid closed, Elliot pulled Olivia toward him, roughly.

"Oh! Hello," Olivia said, raising an eyebrow.

Elliot yanked lightly on her hair, pulling her head back. He dropped his lips to her neck, finding the spot that made her crazy, and she moaned. "Hi," he mumbled against her skin. His hands pushed down her black pants, taking her silk underwear with them, and he pushed two fingers into her, just as roughly as he'd been kissing and biting her neck.

"El, baby," Olivia panted, "God. What are you..."

"Baby," Elliot said, picking his head up to look at her, "Don't ask questions."

Olivia moaned as Elliot's fingers thrust in and out of her, and he thumbed her clit. "Okay," she said. "Tell me what you're doing, then," she said with a moaning grunt. "That wasn't a, holy shit, question, El."

Elliot backed her up against the wall, and pulled his fingers out of her, licking them clean the way he always did. He gave her an evil laugh and stared into her eyes, devilishly. "No orders, either," he said, winking at her. He unbuckled his pants and lowered them quickly, then pushed himself into her on one swift move.

"Jesus, Elliot!" Olivia cried, clutching onto him before she could remind herself to be quiet.

"Shh," Elliot scolded. "You'll wake up the kids," he whispered, hitting into her, hard and fast. "You left so early this morning," he said, hiking her legs up around his waist. "You left before I even woke up."

"Had to," she said, through gritted teeth. "Needed, fuck, El, to get here. Oh, God, Elliot!"

Elliot continued his hard, vicious pistoning as he ran his hands through her hair. "Damn, baby," he said, breathing against her lips. "You know, holy shit, baby, I get like this after interrogations. Still blowing off steam," he whispered, crashing his lips into hers.

Olivia clenched around him, digging her nails into his back, and whimpered as she came. She squeezed him tighter, clenched around him harder, as she felt him spill inside of her. Just as her head dropped to his, her watch bleeped, loudly, like a cricket. "Bloody hell," she muttered.

"Oh, we have to get back to New York," Elliot said, kissing her. "You've been hanging around too many British agents."

Olivia, still pinned between the wall and Elliot, hit the communicator button on her watch and said, "What, Donovan?"

"UCIC Benson, Ma'am," Donovan's voice greeted. "We need to get back to NYHQ, ASAP."

"Now, Donovan, is really not an appropriate time," Olivia said, feeling Elliot moving within her again. "Stop!" she whispered.

Elliot just chuckled and kept moving. "No," he whispered. He grinned as Olivia pressed her lips together tightly to keep from moaning when a subordinate agent could hear her.

"UCIC Benson, Ma'am," Donovan said again, "We really do not have time to waste. Task information is being transmitted. We're expected at Central at oh-four-hundred, Ma'am. Agent Lake will meet you there." There was a bleep, signifying that Donovan had ended his call.

Olivia tilted her watch up, peering at it, and she gasped. "El," she spat, "Put me down, baby. Go get the kids. We really do have to go. Now."

Elliot, concerned, looked her in the eyes. "What is it, baby?" he asked, brushing her hair back.

Olivia, dropping to her feet and picking up her clothes, looked back up at him. She softened her gaze, but spoke as officially as possible to keep her emotions in check. "We have to go initiate Phase One on Task:Cragen."

A/N: So, we're back! How has life with children affected Commander Benson? What's different in the SVU? Who's after Cragen? And what kind of worldly troubles can they get into? Coming up, as the saga of these two indefatigable people continues!