The Zero Fox

Chapter 1: The Beginning

Summary: Naruto and Bleach Crossover Basically Naruto dies becomes a Hollow then Aizen finds him and turns him into an Arrancar and eventually becomes the Zero Espada. My couple will be Naruto and Neliel NaruNel enjoy.

It was a dark rainy day in the Hidden Leaf Village of Konoha and everyone of the Konoha 11, the Hokage and every ninja gathered around in the villages Graveyard to say their last goodbyes to the villages number unpredictable ninja and the new and probable last Toad Sage of the Leaf Naruto Uzumaki Namikaze.

Everyone was sad, crying and feeling horrible that Naruto was gone especially his two teammates Sakura and Sasuke for they had really done something so evil and hurtful that they believed it was their fault that they lost their goofy teammate (but that will be told later).

In the shadows stood a blond haired man with whisker marks on his cheeks along with a small chain in the centre of his chest. That's right it was Naruto but a more ghost like Naruto because no matter how much he tried to bring attention to himself earlier no one could see him and he was actually glad because he was pretty upset right now because of the faxed he was died.

(Naruto in his mind with Kyuubi)

"Would you look at them all gathered around that tombstone like they really give a damn about me." Said Naruto looking angry.

Kyuubi with a serious look said "Well what you expect these are the people who hurt you as a child because they thought of you as the new me along with that cheating bitch and that double traitor Uchiha this was inevitable kit."

Naruto with an understanding look replied "Well ok so do you know what happens when these little mouths on my chain finish eating it Fox."

Kyuubi with a bit of a sad look said "I hate to break it to you kit but when that chain is gone your gonna become a monster your becoming a Hollow."

Naruto with a sarcasm laugh said "Well that must have been inevitable too huh. So what's gonna happen to me when I become a Hollow Kyuubi.

"Well if you where normal you'd start like any other Hollow and kill and eat human's souls. But with me still trapped inside you for reasons I don't understand our powers will start merging and I'll transform you into the highest level of Hollow I can to start with an Adjuchas." Kyuubi explained

"Well that does sound interesting let's see what happens because I'm down to my last chain lets see what my new life as a Hollow will bring. Hey Kyuubi thanks for everything" Naruto said feeling the change about to start.

"No problem kit I'll watch over you in Hueco Mundo but you'll be so strong I can sleep for a long time while you look after yourself. Well see you in the next life kit" Kyuubi said a little sad that he couldn't save his partner from death but he'll look after him in the next life.

Naruto feeing something coming out of his mouth said "Goodbye Kyuubi."

After those last words the room went dark and then Naruto suddenly vomited loads of white clay-like stuff and it started to surround his body. Then he felt Kyuubi's power merge with this white liquid and suddenly he was forced to go on all fours his hands and feet became paws with sharp toes his back sprouted a tail and then the white stuff covered his head to form his mask and it looked exactly like a fox's head with pointed ears and sharp teeth. (Think of Grimmjow's old form remember his entire body looked like a panther so I made Naruto similar but as a fox).

(Hueco Mundo)

"Where…. Where am I" said Naruto waking up "Is this that place the Fox told me about is this dark sandy place Hueco Mundo."

After realizing where he was he tried to get up but tumbled down after seeing that his hands and feet became paws then it hit him the fox changed Naruto to resemble him.

"Great that damn fur ball now I really do look like a Kitsune and I have to stand on four paws just brilliant. If I ever see that fox again I'm gonna-." But then Naruto felt a presence not just one but many others he looked around and surly he was right he saw probable 10, 20 maybe 30 big creatures with white masks like him but dark eye holes with red pupils instead with his blue slatted eyes like him. (I made Adjuchas Naruto's eyes like Kyuubi's only not red one his blue ones)

When he saw them all starting to come close to him he saw they looked hungry and then he started to feel hungry just looking at them made him drool. So when the first Hollow started to attack Naruto's eyes went red and with strong speed he attacked the hollow first biting of his mask killing it on the spot and he started to eat it feeling power rise from within him and suddenly his white armor on his body grew and then a second tail sprouted out of his back making the Hollows around him shocked thinking they should fall back. But Naruto would have none of that he had a taste for Hollows now after gaining some power from just one he imagined gaining more power from eating more so he said "You aren't leaving now I'm still hungry" then he jumped and started feasting on the Hollows around him within that feast all the other Hollows started screaming in pain as Naruto kept eating each Hollow that dared challenge him until he was full.

(Out of the Menos forest and at the top of the white sands)

After he finished his meal Naruto jumped to the white sands of Hueco Mundo where the moon shines. He looked a bit bigger now along with two more tails for his first two now having four he feasted on maybe hundreds of Hollows along with a few Menos Grande's but his hole for hunger seemed emptier then ever and he wanted more so he came to the top.

Naruto spent his first year as an Adjuchas in Hueco Mundo feasting on other Hollows and after a year he only grew one tail.

But one day he was walking around a lot of stone trees looking for his next meal and came across a group of Hollows they looked like a group of Adjuchas like himself so he thought he'd gain a lot more power tails from eating them so he attacked the purple snake-like Hollow. When it started to scream from pain the others turned around to see in horror that Di Roy Linker was killed and eaten by a fox hollow.

"He killed Di Roy" said Edrad Liones

"What should we do about him Grimmjow" said the tall Hollow with lond fingernails.

Naruto saw a Panther-like Hollow about his size walk up to him naruto assumed he was their leader Grimmjow. Then suddenly Naruto felt his body shake with power as a new tail sprouted out of his back making six in total surprising grimmjow and his group.

"So you ate our partner Di Roy and gained some more power that's impressive what's your name Adjuchas." Said Grimmjow

Naruto was scepticle at first but replied "Naruto Uzumaki and you are."

"Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez I'm the leader of this pack. Say seeing as how you killed Di Roy how about you take his spot and join us on our quest for power." Grimmjow says asking Naruto a question

Naruto thought about it thinking 'Well if nothing else they can probable show me a few place's I haven't been yet in Hueco Mundo.'

"Ok why not lets see how much stronger I can become in a group I'm in Grimmjow." Said Naruto with a grin

Grimmjow Grinned back saying "Good I look forward seeing how much stronger we can become as a group too."

(5 years later)

Over the years Naruto and Grimmjow became friends in a rival for power way but still friends along with the rest of the group they got along nicely even though Naruto only grew one more tail in those Five years bringing him up to seven tails of power he was glad to make some friends again. But one day while thet feasted on some Hollows Shawlong spoke out to Naruto and Grimmjow that him and the others have decided to stop their quest for power.

"What you can't be serious Shawlong" Naruto said dissapointed in what he heard his tall friend say.

"We are serious Naruto me and the others have eaten over a thousend Hollows and yet our powers stay the same there's no point in continuing for us we cannot reach the level of Vasto Lorde we wish to stop." Said Shawlong feeling horrible

"So your just gonna give up and leave that's fine more power for Naruto and I." said Grimmjow about ready to leave himself.

"Grimmjow" Naruto said in a stearn voice.

Then Shawlong spoke up "It's alright Naruto we understand we failed in keeping our promise to ourselfs but that dosen't mean you should. Naruto your's and Grimmjow's power can still increase there's no doubt that you two will reach the level of Vasto Lordes. Please eat us you two so that we may stay as Adjuchas and you two's power's can rise please do this as a faver to us and keep our promise alive.

(3 years later)

After they ate parts of their comrades bodys they continued their quest for more power and it brought them to the castle of Las Noches where it's said that a ex-soul reaper captain live's that can turn hollows into Arrancars.

Naruto broke the silence saying "So this is Las Noches not bad appearance. I wonder if it's true about that soul reaper who can give Hollows more power what do you think Grimmjow."

"Don't know unles we go there come on Naruto" said Grimmjow running off towards the castle.

Naruto shouts out "Hey no fair you got a head start."

Both Naruto and Grimmjow run off across the sands until they suddenly get hit by a cero which only made them jump and move back a bit.

"Who dares try to entre Las Noches" Says a demanding voice.

"Well who dares get in our way" replies Naruto

"Oh you lowly Adjuches think your so high and mighty well I am Arrancar number 103 Dordonii Alessandro Del Socacchio fear my power." Said Dordonii

Grimmjow spoke first "Boy that's such a long and stupid name in any case I'm Grimmjow and this is Naruto that's all you need to know dancy pants."

Naruto laughs "Ha good one Grimmjow he does have dancy legs hahaha."

"Oh your gonna pay for that one my little friends prepare to die by my true form Wind Giralda." Said Dordonii as he changed into his apparntly real self making both Grimmjow and Naruto shake a little.

"Hahahaha what do you think of me now nino more powerful and impressive right." Dordonii gloted

"Yeah right like your little power would make us impressed right Grimmjow." Naruto said bringing Grimmjow back from day dreaming.

"Huh oh yeah you could never scare us let's get him Naruto" Grimmjow said.

"No problem" shouted Naruto as they ran to attack Dordonii.

"Hmp your so foolish nino's but I'll still kill you." Said Dordonii.

The battle all three of them had was so intence Naruto and Grimmjow had the upper hand at first but Dordonii was to fast and powerful. It was looking like the end for them as the pair of Adjuches just laid there exhausted hardly breathing as Dordonii came up to finish off Grimmjow first.

"The two of you fought well but it was hopless from the very beginning you two weren't ment to go to Las Noches. But you two did give me a good fight and I thank you for that but it's time to end it, you first panther nino (He charged up a Cero) goodbye."

Before he attacked Grimmjow Naruto thought to himself 'Come on move why can't I move, I can't lose my best friend not now, not when we've come so far please move now I need to move.'

"Want me to help you Kit"

"Who said that wait is it you fur ball" Naruto thought.

Then suddenly time stopped and Naruto was drawn to his mind to a big fermillier cage.

"It's been a long time hasn't it Kit" Kyuubi said with a smile.

Naruto shocked said "Kyuubi it is you oh it's been so long I've missed you partner."

"I've missed you to Kit have you enjoyed being a Hollow because I just woke up ever since your transformation." Said Kyuubi with a yawn

"Yeah it's been different like- WAIT I cant waste time talking to you even if time dosn't change here Grimmjow needs my help" said Naruto getting excited.

"Don't worry Kit I know all about that it's why I called you here I'll give you the rest of the power you need to reach the level of 'Vasto Lordes' it's why you've grown more tails everytime you've eaten Hollows. It's a count down to reaching the final level you can get at Hollow form." Kyuubi explained

"Really then give it to me I'm ready and I have to save Grimmjow" said Naruto getting excited in a good way.

Kyuubi smirked "Ok get ready you've never felt this type of power before so be prepaired and good luck Kit not that you'ed need it now."

(Back to normal time outside Naruto's mind)

"Goodbye Nino" said Dordonii about to hit Grimmjow with his Cero.

Then suddenly he stopped because he felt power rise from the other Aduches and Grimmjow shook in surprise as he saw his friend Naruto grow an 8th and finally a 9th tail.

Then Naruto's fox body started to blow up like a balloon and when it reached it's peak Naruto exploded and loads of smoke appeared. After the explosion Grimmjow and Dordonii saw a humanoid figure start to stand on two legs. From what Grimmjow could make out it was naruto in his human form but still having claw like hands and the top half of his mask covered his face and head(So it's like a fox skull helmit now) along with Nine Red/Orange tails waving beind him.

Then Naruto spoke "So Grimmjow how does my Vasto Lordes form look" He said with a powerful voice.

(In the Castle of Las Noches)

Sitting on his thrown Aizen smiles "Well this is a strang turn of events this Naruto may just be very useful in my Espada." Says Aizen drinking his tea.

To be continued

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