Important Note

To my fans of The Zero Fox, Naruto the Fox Sage, Vampire Pride and Ah Kami Naruto. This is gonna hurt you a lot but I've decided to halt these story's, I'm sure you've noticed I haven't been updating for over a year now and I'm sure that's upset you.

My reasons for stopping these stories's is well for one thing my stories aren't following the Manga/Anime I've based them from and it annoys me. Also I've had big change's happen to me threw out the year that's distracted me from updating. So I think better to stop altogether than disappoint both you and myself trying to complete Fanfic's that I know won't end the way I want them too.

But I still love reading the Fanfic's of those Manga/Anime's of other people, I haven't completely left. I shall continue admiring other people's work and maybe some day return when I have some enthusiasm to make stories again.

I'm really sorry once again, I will accept any hate reviews, I know I let you down.

Until we meet again "GOOD BYE".