Hello! It's been a while.

This story has been in my mind for quite a while, so I'm writing it to motivate myself to continue with my other fan-fiction, The Suicune Tale. I'm horrible at naming stories though, so forgive me if the title is unfitting at any point.

This will be seven chapters long because there's a patten with the Chapter headings. It's the first time I've written a short story, so I hope the pacing is okay. This is focused mainly, if not entirely, on Kris (female heroine) and Silver from Pokémon Crystal, and it is quite different compared to TST. And despite the nature of the first chapter, this isn't a journey story.

It's rated T just because I can't be sure Silver will be a good boy and not curse...also, I'm just being overly careful. I like my wiggle room.

Anyways, enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokémon! If I did, then this would likely be an actual story rather than a fan-fiction on a fan-fiction website. Pokémon is owned by Satoshi Tajiri, Game Freak, Nintendo, Pokémon USA, etc.!

Chapter 1

An electronic ping rang out and, with a violent force, shook her awake. Her mind was fuzzy and unclear, and she stood stiffly like a doll waiting to be released from her packaging. It made little difference when she opened her eyes; there was nothing but an abyss of black cloaked around her. In some way, she understood that she was not very awake, but it was so well-hidden in her mind that she had yet to register it.

Time stirred quietly. It was peaceful and not awkward to her in the slightest, although it was lonesome and a little dull. But eventually—whenever it was, the girl could not tell—a simple creature appeared before her. It vanished and reappeared to release a resonating wave of sound. She could feel herself flinch in reaction, her awareness rising as the scenery around her developed like a photo in a darkroom. The trees stood tall above her as blades of grass nipped at her numb ankles, bringing a tingling sensation to her skin. A certain apprehension hazed beneath the evening's red-orange sky.

In response to the first creature, two other Pokémon, sharing various letter-like figures, rang out in the darkness. Curious and unable to figure out the strange occurrences before her, she watched with a blank look on her face.

A shadow graced across the area with blinding speed, bringing about a noisy rustle. The girl twitched in fear, and the grasses bowed before her as a quick wind breezed by. A few feet away, a Wooper and a Pichu leaped from the brush, just as bewildered as she was. She turned to them curiously, but the alphabet Pokémon returned, appearing and disappearing rapidly. She glanced back and forth in a futile attempt to identify them, but they hid themselves once more. Her quick-paced heart ticked hastily in her chest as she looked about. The silence aggravated her, as if taunting her maliciously.

The frightening shadow came into her view once again, and she instinctively jumped a few paces back. It leaped amongst the letter Pokémon, bearing a powerful azure body and a pair of fluttering white ribbons. She gazed in awe as the beast disappeared behind the string of Unown. The alphabet Pokémon shuffled about before vanishing for good.

A strong musical piece arose and continued to play for a short time. The encouraging theme brought a slight grin to the girl's face, amused with the idea that her dream had found it appropriate to insert background music—though she still did not know yet that she was dreaming.


She flinched and searched around her, in hopes that she could catch sight of anyone nearby. But she was alone, and she was too timid to call out in response.

The trees whispered overhead in the warm, peaceful air. The girl would have taken to watching the Wooper and Pichu she had seen earlier, but she could not catch a glimpse of them in the tall grass nearby. Sighing, she knelt, feeling content to sit and wait to see what would happen next.

"What is your name?"

The question, new and also disembodied, it filtered into the atmosphere.

She lifted her head immediately. She was still alone, eerily enough, but she felt obligated to reply. After a few moments of thought, she answered into the twilight sky. Her new-found voice was quivering with inexperience, but loud with boldness because she knew the answer.

"My name... is Kris."

At once, a tingling sensation made her shiver all over. Looking down at the sleeves of her white jacket, she raised her hand to her eye level. Within her grasp was a Poké Ball, coated with the classic red and white paint. Her vision twisted, and she shut her dizzy eyes until the uneasy waves calmed.

A sweet aroma wafted about her nose, and the locks of her hair tickled her neck. Unable to stand the presence of darkness, she pulled her eyelids apart.

Kris blinked a few weary times as she stared into the coffee-brown walls of her generously spacious room. Her eyes focused on her right hand, which was held before her face, much like she had in her dream. Her hand was empty. A fresh song crawled through her eardrums, and she noticed that her TV had been left on. Whatever time she had fallen asleep escaped her, but she had at least slept in since it was past noon; at least, according to the plastic wall clock.

Forming a bright smile for whatever reason, she sat up from her abnormal sleeping spot on the floor. She ignored the chore of turning off her television and headed toward the descending stairs.

Two women took notice to her arrival on the first floor of her home, which appeared more or less similar to Kris's room in terms of the simple color scheme. This shade of brown would feel very bland if she had not grown accustomed to it; its neutral walls gave a sense of homeliness.

"Oh, Kris!" Her mother, a woman clad in a typical white apron and an eccentric hairstyle, strode toward her wearing a smile. With glee, she handed Kris a little cell phone, which was dubbed as a Poké Gear.

Kris observed it with a sense of curiosity as her mother continued. The Poké Gear had apparently been in some undisclosed repair shop for a while, but she remembered nothing of using it before—or seeing it, for that matter. She released a small sigh in order to suppress a yawn; because of her supposedly poor sleeping habits, she was quite sleepy that morning. Perhaps she would remember once it left.

"Oh, the day of the week isn't set," her peculiar mother said with a start. "You mustn't forget that! What day is it? Is it Daylight Saving Time now?"

It was almost surprising to hear her ask such simple questions, as they were so easy that Kris answered them as quickly as she could. She almost giggled at her mother's forgetfulness. Obviously, it was Monday; and since it was summer, Daylight Savings Time was certainly in effect.

The woman sent her another wave of sentences pertaining to how to use the Poké Gear, which sounded simple enough. Kris looked down at the phone with a grin. When her smiling mother turned away, Kris looked up and had the urge to skip alongside her to chirp a cheerful, "Thank You."

But Kris did not take a single step from where she was, nor did she utter a syllable from her mouth. The desire was there, but she did not act upon it.

Paralyzed, she stood with a funny sensation flailing in her stomach as she watched her mother return to her seat. The lyric-less tune droned on in her mind, and a foreign giggling squealed in delight. The laugh probably came from the TV behind her, and the music from the Poké Gear in her hand. A silent moment was rarely spared in her household, apparently. Music and the company of others did well to stave away any unwanted emptiness. Hence, it was odd of Kris to simply let the previous conversation drop off a cliff without her having the last word.

Before she could take further personal analysis of this, her feet moved her and she slung her azure Poké Gear around her neck without hesitation. She approached her neighbor sitting at the table, and the woman turned to her on a dime and suddenly talked to her. Although the woman seemed kind, Kris found her slightly boring. Being polite, though, she listened until she was done and steered away toward the exit. Kris bid the women farewell, expressed only by her smile and the glistening of her hazel irises.

They seemed not to notice, absorbed in their own conversation over Lemonade and some movie about a train. Not bothered by this, Kris turned back to the front door, which was marked by the pink doormat below her feet. The door easily gave way as she opened it.

A momentary flash blinded her, embracing her in white. As it faded, she blinked, dumbfounded.

It had taken her a few seconds for her eyes to adjust to the sunlight. She fabricated a small smile at what lay before her. A network of dirt roads snaked throughout the town, connecting the cluster of homes. Lime-colored shingles covered the houses like brightly gleaming moss. Her neighborhood was small and modest, dotted with familiar faces that lightened whenever she made eye contact with them. Just beside her, the restless sea brushed against the land with a gentle, consistent push. As usual, it was a beautiful, cloudless day.

Mild excitement stirred inside the girl while she took the road leading to a large laboratory next door, where her mother had told her to go. She had spaced out on what the laboratory's owner—Professor Elm—wanted from her, but she figured that she would find out eventually.

Kris slowed, spotting a sign picketed in the ground. Since the walk to the lab was not far off, she could afford to procrastinate a little. She attempted to run toward the sign, but she approached at an even pace nonetheless. The calm composure she displayed surprised even herself.

Once close enough, she read the sign silently.

The Town Where the Winds of a New Beginning Blow"

At that moment, a complying breeze brushed against her, sending a light tingle to travel up and down her dainty figure. Kris gazed quietly, looking at the name of her hometown as if she had noticed it for the first time. A wider smile accented her exuberant gaze, and she stood up straight with a nod. Clasping the straps of her backpack, Kris took an automatic turn and made an effort to skip toward the largest building in town.

It did not take long for her childish curiosity to again distract her, but this time it was not something as simple as a sign. What snatched her interest was a little more odd, and she took a casual step sideways to peer along the side of the pale yellow walls of the laboratory. Within the shadows, a boy was peeking through one of the windows. His appearance was not only shady, but extremely uncanny. He wore rather loose-fitting clothes, the most peculiar being a pair of purple cargo pants that failed to match the red accents of his long-sleeved jacket. In addition to this, his expression was as dark as the shadows he was isolated within.

Against her better judgment, Kris found herself strolling straight for the shady boy. A sense of uneasiness washed over her as the sunlight pulled away, but she did not stop. It was yet another thing she wished to think over—because her mother had told her time and time again to be careful, but she had this unusual bravery that she could not control. Especially now; to be honest, she found the boy intimidating, to say the least.

Kris stood behind him for some time, staring awkwardly at his long red hair that just passed his shoulders. That was probably his most curious feature of all, and it really made him stand out.

Eventually, she heard him mumble in a low tone, "So this is Professor Elm's Pokémon Lab..."

Was that why he was here? How strange he was. If he wanted to go inside the laboratory, he could just knock on the door. Or, if she asked him—which was a very big if—she could easily take him with her.

The boy suddenly turned around, facing her. He observed her for a brief second, as if making sure of her existence, and then scowled in disapproval. His glaring eyes were narrow, and it was impossible to distinguish any hue within. "What are you staring at?" he snapped, though he was relatively calm about it.

Kris looked away at once. Slowly, inevitably, she managed to ease her eyes back to him. The boy stared at her with more or less the same miffed expression. There was a few seconds of silence, making her evermore uncomfortable. But when she opened her mouth to speak, she shut it immediately. Deep shivers ran through her veins. She was frightened, somehow, far more than she felt; she could not even coax herself to speak whatsoever.

Her voice was gone; nonexistent.

Feeling as though the girl had spent long enough invading his personal space, the redhead approached further and shoved her back into the sunlight.

Only a gasp escaped her as she stumbled and narrowly avoided toppling over. Kris immediately turned to the boy, who stood in the same place as before. He acted as though she had never approached him in the first place, not even sparing her a glare. She felt rather offended, as well as a mixture of other emotions she had yet to pick apart and decipher individually.

"Hehe....Hey, that was mean!"

Kris froze. She truly wanted to stay and call out the scarlet-haired boy on his unfriendly behavior. She still, at least, wanted to ask him why he was spying from within the shadows. Then there was one other thing...

But, also as if nothing had happened, Kris coolly turned and entered Professor Elm's Laboratory.