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Chapter Twenty –Unbreakable Love

Haley's eyes fluttered open slowly before closing again. She smiled tiredly as she remembered the dream she just had. It had been the one with her and Nevaeh in that field of wildflowers watching the sunrise. That one was her favorite. She would always wake up with a smile on her face after having that dream.

Her eye's fluttered open once again and this time Nathan's sleeping face came into view. Her smile widened as she pushed her face closer to his. He was sleeping peacefully and she lay there quietly and watched him. She loved watching him sleep. She could feel her heart hammering in her chest as she thought about how much she loved her husband. There weren't words to even describe how much. Nathan was everything.

As if reading her thoughts, Nathan's eyes opened before he grinned. They gazed at each other lovingly for minutes before Nathan leaned in to kiss her. Their lips pressed together tenderly before Nathan pulled away.

"I love you," Nathan muttered hoarsely.

Haley smiled. "I love you."

The sound of giggling had both of them laughing. They both glanced down at the space between them and noticed little feet moving. It was a second later that Nathan sat up and reached for the little body at the end of the bed. The giggling only increased.

"How did you get in here?"

"Yeah, I tucked you in and watched you fall asleep," Haley stated with a smile.

"I don't remember," the little voice spoke up.

"Is that right?" Nathan chuckled as he laid the little body on his chest. Haley watched as their daughter snuggled into Nathan before grinning at her.

"Good morning, Mommy. I love you!"

"I love you more," Haley grinned before caressing her daughter's cheek.

"What about me?" Nathan questioned.

"I love you, Daddy!"

"That's much better," Nathan smiled.

"I heard laughing," Jamie announced as he walked into the room. Haley moved herself over a little as Jamie got under the covers.

Haley noticed Jamie's hair sticking up and she pushed it down. "Morning, sweetie."

"Mom," Jamie whined.

"It's the first day of summer, I thought you'd be sleeping late," Nathan spoke up.

"That was the plan until I heard this one laughing," Jamie muttered before reaching over and tickling his sister in her side. The little girl giggled before trying to move away.

"Jamie," the little girl laughed.

"Faith," Jamie mocked.

Haley laughed as she glanced at her husband. They both smiled before reaching out and tickling Jamie. Jamie and Faith giggled loudly. It was minutes later when they all stopped and Jamie quickly got out of the bed still laughing.

"How about breakfast?"

"Pancakes," Jamie nodded before rubbing his stomach.

"With blueberries," Faith added.

"Let's do it," Nathan stated as he stood up with Faith in his arms.

Haley got out of bed before holding out her hands for Faith. "I'll dress her while you start breakfast." Nathan handed Faith over before kissing Haley softly on the lips.

"I'm so glad Mom taught you how to cook," Jamie muttered before dashing out of their bedroom. They both chuckled before Nathan followed Jamie out.

Faith held onto Haley tight as they made it down the hall to her room. "What do you want to wear today, baby?"

Faith wiggled herself out of Haley's arms before running to her closet. Haley stood there waiting until Faith rushed back out.

"I wanna wear this."

"Your Fairy Princess dress?"

"With the wings," Faith nodded. "Put it on me, Momma."

Haley laughed as she dressed Faith before they made their way downstairs. Nathan stood in front of the stove and Jamie sat waiting for his food. Faith grinned brightly before Haley placed her in the seat next to Jamie.

"It smells yummy! Extra blueberries, Daddy!"

"Here you go," Nathan muttered as he fixed both Jamie and Faith's plates. The kids started eating.

Haley made her way next to Nathan as he fixed her a plate of pancakes. She looked at the food in front of her before shaking her head and pushing the plate away. Just the smell of it was upsetting her stomach.

"Still not feeling the pancakes, huh?" Nathan chuckled.

"Yummy!" Faith giggled.

"How can you not like pancakes anymore?" Jamie questioned.

"It's the baby," Haley stated as she rubbed her huge belly. "He doesn't like pancakes." That had been clear in her first trimester. Even the smell was making her want to rush to the bathroom.

Nathan chuckled. "Well, what is the little man making you crave this morning?"

"Eggs," Haley muttered as she grabbed the carton of eggs. Nathan quickly took it from her and smiled. He caressed her stomach.

"I got this. Sit down and relax," Nathan instructed.

"Sit by me, Mommy," Faith smiled sweetly.

Haley took a seat and watched as Nathan moved around the kitchen quickly making her breakfast. She smiled as she watched him. All those cooking lessons that she gave him was finally paying off. He was getting really good in the kitchen.

"You still want strawberries with it?" Nathan questioned.

Haley nodded. "Yep."

"That's just gross," Jamie muttered.

"At least she's not mixing it together," Nathan chuckled. "Now, that would be gross."

Nathan glanced out the window as he watched Jamie play basketball with Madison. Just because Madison was a girl didn't mean Jamie took it easy on her. Nathan never saw Jamie play so hard in his life and the boy loved to play. He knew that it was probably because Madison was an amazing player.

Glancing over his shoulder, he noticed Haley sitting on the sofa folding clothes and Faith on the floor a few feet away playing with a bunch of her dolls. He smiled. Wherever Haley was, Faith was not far away. It had been that way since they had her four years ago.

It still amazed him how things turned out. Looking back on it now, he never dreamed that their life would be like this after the accident. He had hoped. This life was more than he could ask for. Back then things had been so dark for so long. They had been in a really bad place. Their marriage, their life, it had all been shaken with the death of their daughter.

They were happy now. So happy. They still missed Nevaeh more than words could say and they talked about her often. That loss would always be with them no matter what happened. She would always be apart of them but they learned to move on.

When they decided to have another baby things had a little hard at first. Haley had been always worried that something would happen to the baby and it took a lot to make her sit back and relax. She didn't need any stress while being pregnant with another baby. They had visited the doctor more than a normal pregnant woman had to because Haley's pregnancy had been high risk but in the end things were ok. They hadn't known the sex of the baby and when he first laid eyes on the screaming baby and realized it was a girl he had been so happy.

They had decided to name her Faith since faith had gotten them there in the first place.

It had been so different having a baby girl. Things were so different from when they had Jamie but they had gotten use to them. Now they were having another boy and Nathan was really excited about it. They weren't supposed to find out the sex but he had called the doctor wanting to know. He hadn't intended on telling Haley but she got it out of him when she realized he knew. She was quite seductive when she wanted to be.

His life, he could honestly say, was amazing. He was happy and a very blessed man.

"Why would you undress your dolls?" Nathan questioned. Faith's dolls were all naked with their clothes in a huge pile on the floor next to her.

Haley smiled as she folded a towel and placed it aside.

"I'm folding clothes," Faith stated simply. They both chuckled as they watched her fold the clothes and place it in a messy pile.

Nathan watched Faith for a few minutes before gazing out the window once again. Jamie must have been losing because he didn't look happy. Jamie always got upset when Madison beat him at anything. It was pretty funny.

"You know, I think I'm actually getting fatter by the minute."

"I hope so," Nathan chuckled.

"You're just saying that to make me feel better," Haley smiled.

"No, I'm saying that because the bigger you get, the taller our son's going to be," Nathan muttered.

"So it's alright if I look like a weeble wobble as long as our son can dunk a basketball?"

"Basically," Nathan teased before winking at her.

"He's gonna play with me. I'm gonna share my toys," Faith grinned.

"Well, that's nice of you," Haley smiled pleased.

"I don't think –"

"I have lots of dolls," Faith continued. "He can play with them."

Nathan quickly glanced at a giggling Haley. Haley shrugged at him before going back to folding clothes. Nathan crossed his arms over his chest before looking out the window once again. He'd have to make sure to buy lots of boy toys.

The sound of Faith singing had him smiling. He was glad that he had taken the week off. Haley and Jamie had just started summer vacation and he wanted to be home with them. He hadn't been working much lately and most days he stayed at home and worked up in his office. He liked it better that way. He got to be close to the kids and Haley. He wanted to be here if Haley needed him.

Plus, he loved being close to his wife.

"Our son just got his first kiss," Nathan stated smugly as he watched Madison kiss Jamie for a few seconds before she took off walking towards her house.


Haley was at his side a few seconds later with a hand on her belly as she glanced out the window. Jamie stood there watching Madison walk away. Nathan couldn't help but grin.

"That's my boy."

"He's only ten," Haley muttered before elbowing him in the side.

Nathan chuckled. "Hey, she kissed him."

Haley opened her mouth to say more but the sound of Faith making kissing noises had them both turning. She held two of her dolls together. Haley smiled before glancing up at Nathan. The smug grin was completely off his face and he had a somber look.

"She's never leaving the house," Nathan decided.

"Well, in seven years from now she'll be Jamie's age and she just might –"

"Don't even say it," Nathan muttered quickly. "I guess I should tell Clay about what I just saw."

"He's going to want to kill Jamie," Haley pointed out.

Nathan nodded. "I know. We'll keep the back door locked from now on."

The front door opened and they both watched as Jamie walked inside with his basketball in his hands. They both smiled before moving a little away from the window so that Jamie didn't think they were spying on him. Jamie seemed like he was in a daze.

"Everything ok, Jim Jam?"

"Yeah," Jamie muttered distractedly as he marched up the stairs.

"Ten years old," Haley sighed. "What is it with you Scott boys?"

"We have a gift," Nathan grinned. "And lots of charm. We're kind of irresistible."

"Says the guy who wouldn't talk to me when we were in high school," Haley teased.

"Why wouldn't you talk to Momma?" Faith questioned as she stood in front of them. Her head was tilted back so that she could look up at them. Nathan lifted her in his arms.

"He was scared," Haley whispered with a playful smile.

"I was not scared to talk to you."

"But why?"

"Why?" Haley repeated teasingly.

"Didn't you like Mommy?"

"Didn't you like me, Nathan? I was so nice to you."

"Stop that," Nathan chuckled. "I loved your Mom. She was very pretty but she had an ogre of a boyfriend."

"Like Shrek?" Faith questioned with huge eyes.

"Meaner," Nathan muttered as Haley rolled her eyes. "And he didn't like daddy very much."

"But why?"

"I don't know," Nathan grinned. "Probably because Mommy liked me better than him."

"I did," Haley agreed.

Faith giggled. "I'm glad you liked Daddy better." She then hugged him tight.

"I'm glad, too."

Haley grinned at him before lacing their fingers together. She brought their hands up to her lips and kissed his.

Meeting Haley had been the best thing that ever happened to him. It brought them here, to this moment, and he didn't want to be anywhere else. This was where he belonged, together with Haley and their kids.

Nathan woke up slowly as he felt warm hands run up his chest. His eyes fluttered open and he only had time to grin at Haley before she was kissing him. They had an amazing sex life but with Haley being pregnant it was better than ever. He couldn't complain.

She kissed him hard as her hand slipped inside of his boxers and took hold of him. In an instant he was hard. He groaned into her mouth as he ran his fingers through her hair and pulled her more into him.

His eyes fluttered open for a second to make sure that the door was closed. When he noticed that it was, he kissed Haley deeper.

"I want you," Nathan growled as he reached down to pull off her shirt. When his hand felt nothing but her soft creamy skin under the sheet he almost lost it. The fact that she was already naked was almost more than he could take.

"Please," Haley laughed softly as she kissed his jaw. "I'm huge and –"

"Perfect," Nathan cut her off. "You're perfect. So beautiful."

His hand reached out and caressed her huge stomach. Haley had always been beautiful to him and pregnancy didn't change that. If anything it made her more beautiful to him.

"Sexy," Nathan muttered as he pushed a few strains of hair out of her face. "I love you."

"I love you," Haley whispered back. "So, so much."

"Show me," Nathan teased.

Haley laughed. "That's my line."

"And? I want you to show me," Nathan grinned.

"I plan to."

"What time did you come to bed?" Nathan questioned before kissing her neck.

"Not that long ago," Haley breathed as she held him to her. "Brooke kept me on the phone forever. She's almost two weeks late. Her doctor will have to do something if the babies don't come in a few days. She's so uncomfortable and really, really huge."

"Twins," Nathan muttered.

"We're gonna have fun watching them with two babies," Haley laughed softly.

"Yeah. I'm glad we're having one. One at a time. Two would be…"

"So hard to deal with at once," Haley finished for him. "But they'll do just fine."

"I'm sure."

Haley was above him a few seconds later. He placed his hands on her belly as he gazed up at her. He felt his heart pounding in his chest as so many different emotions rushed through him like they always did when he gazed at her. So much love, pride that she had chosen to spend the rest of her life with him, and such happiness. Boy was he happy.

Before either of them could move the phone rang. Nathan glanced at the clock before reaching on his nightstand for the phone.

"It's late," Haley muttered as she quickly took the phone from his hand. "Hello."

"Who is it?" Nathan questioned as he glanced up at his wife. It was seconds later when she hung up the phone and smiled at him.

"It's time," Haley smiled happily. "Brooke's in labor."

"Yeah?" Nathan smiled. "We should get to the hospital." He went to help her off of him.

"Not so fast," Haley muttered. "We have time. We don't have to be there right away."

"I suppose," Nathan grinned. "I mean, if that's what you want."

Haley smiled back. "Oh yeah."

"Well, since you're my wife and the mother of my beautiful children, I think its best that I give you whatever you want."

"Glad to hear it," Haley sighed happily. "I love you, Nathan."

"Haley Scott, you have no idea," Nathan grinned. "Now, I think you were about to show me just how much you love me?"

"That I was."

They gazed at each other happily, lovingly. Nathan reached up and caressed her cheek with one hand as the other stayed placed on her belly. It didn't matter what life had planned for them. He knew that they'd get through everything together. When you loved someone as much as they loved each other, you could get through anything. Their love was simply stronger than anything. All they needed was each other and their family. As he gazed up at his wife, he knew that he was the luckiest man on the planet.