And Then There Were Seven:

Saturday night was miserable.

The seven remaining guests cast suspicious glances at each other every few seconds, then turning away once they were noticed. They all stayed in the parlor, each guest leaving one at a time for little things. They sometimes discussed the day and recapped what they were sure of: They were all connected to each other, (which Rita told everyone she knew Cole Weiss, one of Ryan's victims, but wouldn't say how,) and that one of them was Owen. Owen would most likely kill everyone on the island for an unknown reason. But mostly they kept to themselves, thinking. When it was time to go to bed they barricaded their doors with all the furniture they had access too.

Hey you and me, not so pretty

All the world I've seen before me passing by

Silent my voice, I've got no choice

All the world I've seen before me passing by

Eva switched into video camera mode on her I-pod.

"Hi Gram. It's Eva. Right now it's Saturday, August 9th, 10:00 pm. I hope you'll see this video if necessary. I love you. You were the one person who never let me down. You're the only one who never wronged me. You're there when I'm way out of my league. The reason I'm making this is because I'm frightened. I am just so, so terrified. Three people have died. I don't know when the next boat will come, but there's a good chance I could be dead before then. I know you have to put up with stuff about me from the neighbors. I'm not guilty of Justin's murder though, Gram. I'm sorry that his mom and dad hate you now because of me. I'm sorry that they couldn't realize their son was a tool. What I'm sorry about the most is that if I die, you'd be alone. I promise you that if I do, I'll die innocent and with dignity, just like you always wanted to. So I guess what I'm trying to say is goodbye."

Vanessa sat back on her bed feeling bewildered. Why did Eva just come to her room crying and tell her that she killed Justin Kyndall?

Dr. Carson Cooper was sobbing. "Damn her! I can't do this! I can't!"

"Yes you can Carson. Do it for me?" the woman purred, rubbing his shoulders.

"Goddamit Elizabeth! I love you! I'm so sorry! I never should have done it!"

"Did you? Did you really? You're pathetic. Weak. Joseph was such a better man than you. I wonder why you didn't kill him too?"

"He was too strong. He didn't trust me."

"Exactly. You're weak. You should do it Carson. Prove you're not just a jealous bastard and do it!"

Dr. Cooper collapsed to the floor, alone.

Professor Nathanial Perry looked at the letter in his hand.

I know who the killer is

I can't tell you here. I know they're watching us.

Meet me at the wood shed tomorrow after breakfast at 8:00

-You know who


"Can you pass me the coffee?" asked Dr. Cooper.

"Here you go." Said Professor Perry.

"I wouldn't take it Doctor. You could be next." Glared Abigail, arms folded.

"Never before did passing a pot of coffee around the table seem so dangerous." Joked Ryan. Vanessa and Eva laughed and even Carson chuckled.

"At least it's not raining. Maybe the boat will come today." Rita remarked. It was obvious she didn't actually believe it.

"So, how are you doing?"

"I'm fine Ryan. What about you? You saw poor Samantha." Vanessa replied.

"Okay. I feel terrible about what I said about her earlier. But I can't stay sad or angry for long, or else I think I'd go mad."

"I guess you're right. Maybe I should just relax and not think about it."

They were in the library again. Vanessa was halfheartedly looking at the numerous titles on the shelves while Ryan was leaning on a nice piano.

"I took piano in primary school. Maybe I've still got it. May I serenade you?"

"I hardly think this is the appropriate time."

"C'mon love! Being all mopey isn't going to change the fact that your impending doom is almost upon us! So what bands do you like?"

"Hmm…Muse, David Bowie, the Young Veins, Panic! At the Disco, Never Shout Never, The Beatles-"

"Beatles! Thank God! I know a couple of their songs. Okay, um…let's see.."

"Woah!" a pile of books fell on top of Vanessa's foot.

"You okay?"

Vanessa picked up a hard covered book from the ground. She looked at the title and screamed.

The Shipwreck Island Murdersstared back at her.

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