Authors Note: Here's something that's been kicking around for a year or so. Thanks to Tigertales for her indulgance in running through this with me. Enjoy;)

12 Grimmauld Place – November 26th 1999

Hermione slammed the covers of her book shut with a growl; she flung it on the floor with a loud thud, unable to concentrate. She rolled over as much as she could on the sofa and tried to wrap the pillow around her head to muffle the noises coming from upstairs. "Whose bloody idea was this anyway? Bloody Order of the goddamn Phoenix." This night was insane and it was driving her crazy, her skin was tingling and her body was on fire.

Squeak... squeak... thud

Nothing had been right since Dumbledore's death, the time that she had spent on the run with Harry and Ron had changed them all. The quest for the Horcruxes had torn apart their friendships, when they had been repaired things were never the same. The Ministry had been taken over, Hogwarts was closed; they were hiding out in this shitty old house. Tomorrow they were fighting a hopeless battle, one they had little chance of surviving and she had to put up with this!

The pillow didn't help, the noises may have been muffled but she could still hear each and every one. "Damn ban on magic." With a final exasperated grunt she threw the blanket off and got off the sofa, cursing Harry and Ginny for stealing her bedroom. Maybe a drink would help her to sleep.

"Oh... oh... yes"

Throwing open the door to the kitchen, Hermione stormed inside. She stopped dead at the sight of her former Transfiguration professor sitting at the kitchen table. Minerva McGonagall was clearly visible in the dying light from the fire; Hermione nodded a greeting and sat opposite her. Those sparkling eyes looked at her, as usual seeing everything and she pushed her half full whisky glass towards the younger woman.

With a grateful smile Hermione took the glass from her hand and took a very large swig.

Squeak... "Oh."

"Worried about tomorrow?"

Hermione turned her thoughts to the coming final battle, "Yes but that's not what is keeping me awake." She indicated upwards with her head.

"They kicked you out of your bedroom too?"

"Too? You mean you're bed-less tonight?"

"I could not resist Filius and Pomona begging." Minerva chuckled, "I have seen this type of behaviour before." She took the glass back from Hermione and finished it, pouring another. "Something to do with the human need to be close to someone... in the face of overwhelming odds." Their eyes met and the young woman shivered.

Hermione took the glass from her mentors' cool fingers, drinking more of the fiery liquid before placing the glass back on the table. She acknowledged the truth in the older womans statement with a nod. "They could at least be quiet about it."

"There is something to be said about completely abandoning yourself to an experience." They were both silent for a few minutes, taking turns to drink from the same glass. They heard but tried not to hear the chorus of various people crying out, moaning and the occasional scream.

Some of the voices, some of the screams were explicit enough to make Hermione blush. At those points Minerva would break eye-contact with the younger woman. They continued to drink.

"This is driving me crazy." Hermione vigorously rubbed at her arms trying to dispel the goosebumps that had risen on her skin. Minerva chuckled and pulled up her sleeve revealing her own arm. The young woman swallowed hard, captivated by the pale skin that was exposed to her gaze.

Thud... crash.... laughter

"This many witches and wizards... joining... in such a small area produces a type of primal magic. It will affect those sensitive to it in a variety of ways." She pulled her sleeve back down and took the glass from Hermione's slack fingers, bringing it to her mouth for another slug. She bit back a moan when she realised that her lips were caressing the spot that full lips had touched moments before.

Hermione squirmed in her seat, watching the smirk that spread across Minerva's face in response to her action. "And how is it affecting you Minerva?" Her tone and eyes were daring and something inside the older woman responded to that.

"In rather the same way as you, my dear."

They both smirked. Minerva pushed the glass nearer to Hermione who accepted it. Watching the older witch over the rim she said, "If I didn't know better I would think that you were trying to seduce me." Minerva coughed before feeling her nipple tighten in response at the sultry statement.

Chocolate eyes widened as she witnessed Minerva's growing arousal, as she watched the fabric of her nightgown reveal erect nipples. A husky response filled the air with unrealised potential, "Perhaps I am."

"Oh yes"... high-pitched monkey noises followed by a deep guttural grunting came from the East Wing.

Hermione stood abruptly, "I feel as though I am about to jump out of my skin." Her fingers gripped the edge of the table tightly as she rounded it and headed straight for Minerva.

Enhanced animagus senses began to detect the womanly scent of arousal emanating from the young witch, Minerva could feel a rush of wetness as her body began to involuntarily respond. Almost black eyes caught her gaze as Hermione moved closer still; they could both feel the tingling from the primal magic that filled Grimmauld Place race up and down their skin.

A young hand grasped the back of Minerva's chair, brushing against the hot skin of her shoulder as Hermione leaned closer. "Minerva?"

"Yes." Came the hoarse heated response.

"I don't want to die a virgin."

Minerva McGonagall lost the battle she was having with her self-control and she moaned. One hand slipped from the whisky glass and found its way onto a shapely hip, she turned sideways to fully face Hermione. Finding the proximity of the young brunette more intoxicating than the liquor.

An eager young thigh found its way between Minerva's knees as she moved ever closer. Hermione grinned cheekily when she felt a hand grip her other hip and pull her in. Minerva's lips found a patch of bare skin between Hermione's trousers and her top, she kissed the soft flesh feeling violent trembles under her lips.

It was at that moment when they both heard something that sounded like a horse whinnying followed by a female voice crying out for her partner to 'Come on, that's right, do me like a hippogriff'!

In the kitchen meanwhile two women erupted into hysterical fits of laughter, it effectively broke the tension between them. Minerva stopped laughing long enough to say, "I will never be able to look at The Weasleys the same way ever again!"

Hermione stopped laughing, got a serious look on her face and engaged Minerva in an intense eye contact. "Or me, for that matter."

"Hermione..." Minerva stopped not knowing what to say, the young witch was right but none of them were expected to live past the next morning, how could she tell her what she was thinking – what she was feeling? She rose from her chair and pulled Hermione into an embrace, seeking young full lips with her own and engaging her in a passionate kiss.

Squeak, squeak.... crash... "OH MY WORD!"

Hermione sucked on Minerva's tongue before pulling back, breathlessly she whispered, "Oh my word, indeed."

Minerva snickered. "Are you sure about this Hermione, I can stop."

"Maybe you can but I can't!" She pulled Minerva back into a kiss, feeling two strong hands slide from her hips and onto the generous curve of her backside. Felt herself being lifted up into the kiss and bent backwards like the victim of an arrogant sheik in a cheap romance novel.

The older witch deposited Hermione on the dining table, feeling those eager thighs wrap around her waist pulling her closer, bringing friction to where the young woman needed it most. When they broke apart to breathe Minerva could feel hands sliding into her nightwear.

"Hermione..." There was no response as lips were caressing her throat, "Hermione... we need to.... go somewhere.... more comfortable... more private.... Hermione?"

Reluctantly Hermione tore her lips from Minerva's skin. "Library?" The one word sounded incredibly erotic, immensely appealing and with an entirely new connotation. Minerva nodded and they left the room as fast as they could to a chorus of "OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH, ah, ah, ah, yes, oh, right there, now." Followed by a mighty roar from what could only have been a half-giant.