Rating: Mature

Characters/Pairings: Brenda/Dylan; Brandon/Andrea; minor mentions of other pairings and principle cast.

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters from Beverly Hills, 90210.


This in an alternate universe fic. The Walshes never moved to Beverly Hills. Instead Brenda went to London and Brandon went to LA for collage. Brandon works at the LA Times and Brenda is actress. I think that's it. Questions and comments are always welcome.


City Lights
Chapter One

Brenda leaned back and closed her eyes. The flight was almost 11 hours and she knew that she should use this chance to relax. Once she landed in LA Brenda doubted she would have any time to herself.

Sighing Brenda shifted in her seat before finally giving up and opening her script. She was too nervous about the movie she was shooting. It was normal she supposed to be nervous about her first movie. However, Brenda was willing to admit it was more than that.

The movie was filming in LA not far from where her brother lived. As children, they were inseparable mostly because they were twins. It wasn't until collage they started drifting apart. Brandon went to school in Los Angeles and she went to London. Both places had been a culture shock from Minnesota where they grew up. Which is why their family was surprised when they didn't move back home. It had been nearly ten years since she moved to London and while Brenda loved it, she missed her brother. Phone calls and emails wasn't the same as being in the same city. And since her brother was a workaholic (like she wasn't), Brenda took this movie. She just hoped Brandon wasn't too annoyed with her showing up unexpectedly.


The airport as usual was a nightmare. By the time, Brenda got her luggage and through customs, she was ready to sleep for a week. However, she doubted Brandon would even think about letting her. 'Stupid brother.'

Knowing she was going to need some caffeine, Brenda stopped at a little stand for some coffee. As she waited Brenda, a little girl pointed and whispered to an older woman. She had seen the pair on her flight so Brenda wasn't completely surprised at what happened next.

"Excuse me. I know you probably get this a lot but my daughter she thinks your Brenda Walsh."

"I do but since I am I don't mind."

"See? Mommy I told you," the little red head said before turning back to Brenda. "May I have your autograph?"


"It's fine really." she reassured the embarrassed mother. Brenda pulled out a head shot and quickly signed it. "There you go sweetie."

"Thanks so much!"

"You're welcome." Brenda said genuinely pleased about making the young girl happy. It secretly made her day when someone asked for an autograph. Now if things with Brandon could go that easily.


As usual, the floor Brandon worked on was busy. He had been at the LA Times since interning here in collage. Brandon had slowly worked his way up to his current position. Now if he could just get some work done.

His cell phone rang yet again as he worked on an article. Even though he knew who it was, Brandon checked the caller id. He groaned and tossed the annoying object in a drawer hoping he could ignore it.

"How many times is that today?" Andrea asking sitting on Brandon's desk. At this point, she was barely holding back her laughter.

"About ten." he mumbled barely looking up from his article. "Why doesn't she get the hint I'm not interested anymore?"

"Because girls like Kelly Taylor can't imagine a guy not wanting them. Why do you think she bounces back between you and Dylan?"

"I don't know but we let her. What does that say about us?"

"That your guys." she said honestly. Brandon shook his head causing Andrea to continue. "Seriously. Most girls act differently in front of guys."

"You'd think having a sister I would be better at this."

"I guess not," she teased lightly. It was good to see Brandon acting like himself again. This breakup had been the best to happen to him.

"I'm glad my pain amuses you."

"It does. Now I'll let you get back to work."


Brenda approached the large desk in the lobby with hesitation. Surprising Brandon might be harder than she thought. "Excuse me but could you tell me which floor Brandon Walsh is on?"

"Are you here for an interview?" the bored looking woman asked not even glancing up from her magazine.

"Something like that yes." Brenda said deciding it wasn't a lie exactly.

"15th floor. Take a right when you step off the elevator. Oh and here's your pass."

She took the pass and let out a deep breath. If only surprising her brother went this well. "Thank you."