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Kodomo no koro ni oitekita

I remember the dream that

Yume wo omoidashita

I have left behind in my childhood

Fran sat up from his bed abruptly, choking back a sob. It was horrible, absolutely horrible. He was an assassin damn it! Nonetheless, even though he was an assassin, he couldn't help but cry. How his heart wretched when all the faces of the people he killed appeared in his dreams. He looked around his shared room with Bel, only to find that he was by himself. 'That's right. The boss sent Bel on a solo mission.' He recalled.

Wakaku sairo no kanashimi o

And I sing sweetly, delicately

Hosoku amaku utau

Of the bright green colored sorrow

My fairytale...

Fran hugged his knees tightly and sang to himself quietly, attempting to rid himself of the dreadful nightmare he had just experienced. His soft green locks sticking to his wet face.

Nanimo owaru koto no nai

I knew there was an eternity

Eien no shitteita

Where everything would not end

He knew it. He knew it very well. The nightmares would not stop as long as he continued to kill.

Mou daremo kataranai

There is no one who would

Futari no monogatari

Speak of our story anymore

No one in the Varia talked about their first kill anymore, or why they even joined the Varia. Bel wouldn't speak about the family massacre, for it would bring up unpleasant memories of his dead brother. No one would speak, not even Fran himself.

KISSU no hitotsu no koshite

Where are you going?

Kimi wa doku e yuku

Leaving only one kiss behind

Tomoshibi hitotsu daite

Holding onto a light

Mori ni kieteyuku

You vanish into the wood

In the dark...

'I wonder how sempai is doing right now?' Fran mused, raising his hand to touch his right cheek. 'That idiotic sempai. Kissing my cheek before jumping off into the wood in the dark. I wonder if he ran into a tree?'

Zutto tooku e aruiteku

Nostalgic remnant

Natsukashii omokage

That is always walking off further away

Zutto tooku ga kimi no ie

And faraway in your house

Tadoritsuke wa shinai

I could never reach it

Your fairytale...

'What happened to sending us on missions together, boss?' Fran wondered. 'Oh the memories of when Bel-sempai and me carry out missions together.' He reminisced to himself.

Yume ni mita eien wa tozasarete mama de

The eternity that I saw in a dream remains kept away

Ayamachi wa fukaku kakusareta mama de

And mistakes remain hidden deeply

He closed his eyes and sighed quietly. Soon after, the faces of those he killed appeared again. He shot open his eyes and looked around cautiously. He sighed again, and once he realized he was alone, he continued to think about Bel. 'Bel will cover his tracks right? What am I thinking. Of course he will. The Varia never leaves behind any hints.'

Kiete yuku kaerimichi

The way home is starting to fade away

Kimi ga mou mienai

I can't see you anymore



'I miss him. When will he come back home? When will I see him again?' He closed his eyes again, picturing Bel in his mind. Slowly, the picture faded. "Bel-sempai..." Fran murmured quietly, opening his eyes again.

Kiri no mori wo nukete

Where are you going?

Kimi wa doko e yuku

After coming out of the misty forest

Fran looked out the window. 'It's pretty misty outside. Will he be okay?'

Hitotsu dake te o futte

You perish into tomorrow

Asu e satteyuku

Only waving one hand at me

Fran recalled the moment he had with his sempai, before the older had set off for his mission.

"Well, I'll be going now Froggy. Ushishi~" Bel grinned. Fran nodded, "See you later sempai." Bel's grin dropped. "What, you're not going to say something like, "I'll be waiting for you Bel-sama." or "Have a safe trip Bel-sama."?"

Fran crossed his arms and stared, "Why would I say that?" Bel shrugged, "Oh well. Ushishi~ Well, I'm off. It's starting to get dark now. Bye-Bi Froggy~" He leaned down and kissed Fran's cheek, causing Fran's eyes to widen. "W-What did you do that for?" He stammered. "Oh, nothing. Ushishi~" Bel grinned again.

He turned around and waved one hand at Fran, before jumping off into the woods. Once the elder of the two had left, Fran murmured to the air, "Have a safe trip sempai. I'll be waiting for you."

Fran sighed quietly, 'That idiotic sempai.'

Kimi wo suki ni natte

When I come to like you

Eien wa owaru

The eternity ends

Fran stared out the window, watching the sun rise. What he didn't notice, was that someone entered the room he shared with Bel.

Ikiteyuku yorokobi to

The joy and pain of

Itami ga hajimaru

Living begin

In the light...

"Hey Froggy."

Fran whipped his head to the origin of the voice. His eyes widened as he stared at the person in front of him. "Bel-sempai..." He whispered. Standing in front of him was Bel, his clothing covered in blood. Bel grinned, "Wow, what happened to you? You look dead." Fran sniffed quietly, his eyes beginning to tear up. "Nothing happened."

Bel dropped his grin and quickly changed out of his bloodied clothes into new, clean ones. He sat himself on Fran's bed. Fran looked away, trying very hard to stop crying.

Bel grabbed Fran, hugging him tightly. "I'm home..." He whispered in Fran's ear. Fran sniffed again and buried his face in Bel's shirt, breathing in the scent. "Welcome home..."They stayed like that for a while more, none of them ever wanting to let go.

"Did you miss me?" Bel chuckled. To his surprise, Fran nodded. Although Fran couldn't see it, Bel had a real, genuine smile plastered on his face. "I missed you too Froggy."

"Bel-sempai..." Fran murmured. "Hm? What is it?" Bel asked, curious. Fran mumbled something in Bel's shirt.

"Me too Froggy. Me too." Bel's smile widened as he swooped down to kiss his beloved frog.

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