A/N: Hope everyone had a great Palm Sunday ^_^ For anyone who doesn't know, Man vs. Food is a show on food network.


"Being sick is not a pleasant experience," Castiel panted, reclining in back of the Impala, stomach churning.

"Do you even know how many burgers you ate?" Dean asked.

"I believe the final total was 237."

"Jeez. We seriously need to consider pimping you out to 'Man vs. Food'."

"You're all heart," Sam whispered shakily. Two hours after he had nailed Famine, the tremors had started: twitchy, uncontrolled movements that promised to get worse.

"Just saying, a stomach like his shouldn't be wasted."

"By that you mean..."

"After we get you dried out- Lula's rib eating contest, here we come!"