Title: Lucky There Are Rules

Author: PlatinumRoseLady

Disclaimer: I didn't create Sam and Dean. I did create Lucky. Aren't I the special one.

Challenge Word: "Nail"

Word Count: 100 words. Because I can.

Players: Go to Enkidu07's page, and you'll find all the usual suspects. Resistance is futile – you will be drabbleized. We're like the Borg, only cuter.

Spoiler Alert: None. More time in the Luckyverse.

There were certain rules that they were all learning to follow.

Lucky's Rule: Scritches were the most awesome way his Humans had to show they loved him. If you scritched under his neck, you needed you use your nails. Tummy scritches required the pads of your fingers. And much free time.

Dean's Rule: You really can rub a cat the wrong way; and it's not really pretty when you do.

Lucky's Rule: If a stranger smells Wrong, alert his Humans RIGHT NOW.

Sam's Rule: If your kitten suddenly freaking out around the motel owner, LISTEN. And grab the Holy Water.