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Chapter 35


25 years of marriage sure goes by fast when you're enjoying life and the people in it. Everyone is currently gathered in our house to celebrate the occasion. Lilly and Anthony joined forces and put together the party for us, which I was currently avoiding.

Mainly because I was a massive tangled ball of nerves.

I was planning on asking Bella to renew our vows. I had jewelry and everything. Lilly was the only other one who knew what I was planning.

She was the only one I could trust to keep the secret.

It sure as shit wasn't going to be Emmett – that man hadn't changed one bit in 25 years. In fact, I sometimes think he's gotten worse.

Of course, it might have something to do with the fact that we're now family.

Yeah, I know what you're thinking. The girls were thrilled when Anthony asked permission to marry their youngest, Ariel, who was born almost 9 months to the day after Anthony.

Emmett and I had just stared at the two kids. Kids. That was exactly what they were at the time. They were only 21 and still in college.

They both graduated college then got married a month later. They then proceeded to rent a house down the street from us in the same neighborhood.

That also thrilled Bella and Rose.

"Dad, come on. Mom is getting irritated at you for avoiding everyone." Lilly laughed as she popped her head into what used to be her old room, which we changed back into an office after she moved out. And painted over the pink.

"Yeah I'm working on it." I sighed as I stood up from my chair and closed the photo album I had been looking at.

"Aunt Ali knows." She chuckled as we walked towards the living room. I raised a questioning eyebrow at my daughter. "It wasn't me! She just knew. You know how she is. Uncle Jazz suspected something because you've been nervous all night so yeah…it's your fault."

"Thanks kid." I laughed too.

"About time you joined us!" Emmett boomed when I turned the corner.

"Had to get some things straightened out." I smiled but never tore my eyes away from my gorgeous wife. I continued my path directly to Bella, never letting my eyes stray from hers. She hadn't changed much in the 25 years, her hair had begun to grey a little but not to the point where she wanted to start dying it. She had aged wonderfully and didn't look a day over 40 even though we were both now over 60.

As soon as I got to her, I dropped to one knee and grabbed her left hand.

"Isabella Cullen, I don't know how it's possible, but I love you more today than I did 25 years ago. The years we have spent together have been the happiest of my life and I want nothing more than to spend the next 25 with you. Will you marry me – again." I smiled up at her.

"Oh Edward! Of course I will!" She said through tears.

"I bought you something." I said as I stood up from the floor. "It's not much, but I wanted to give you a little something."

"You already gave me a vacation to the Bahamas." She chuckled.

"Well this is a little smaller."

"Same price." Lilly mumbled.

"Edward Anthony! What did you do?" Bella exclaimed as I pulled the jewelry box from my pants pocket and opened it towards her revealing the diamond earrings I had bought her.

"Figured you didn't need another ring." I smirked.

She gently smacked my bicep but grinned as she took the box from me to examine them better.

Simple teardrop earrings with 3 diamonds each. Bella cried, Lilly cried, Rose said she wanted a pair, Alice started planning the vow renewal ceremony, while everyone else just watched the scene unfold before everyone erupted into celebration and merriment.

It was how life had been the past 25 years. All the kids had grown and moved out on their own, but were all within driving distance, a few within walking distance actually. We were all constantly together and enjoying our little close family.

The only ones missing from our celebrations these day are our parents. Charlie passed away 15 years ago of a massive heartache. We were all devastated and it took some time before Bella smiled again. Not a year later, Sue left us. The doctors said she went peacefully in her sleep. We assume she decided it was time to join Charlie again.

My mother was the first of my parents to go; ten years ago she was diagnosed with a progressive form of lymphoma that had spread to pretty much everywhere in her body. After being diagnosed, it was only three months until we lost her. I'm not ashamed to admit I turned into a complete ass when I lost my mother. I hated everyone and everything; including Bella.

She actually left our house and stayed with Alice and Jasper for a few days allowing me to get my shit together. It didn't take long for me to pull myself together and realize I needed her with me to help me get through the loss.

It was because of that, that when my father passed just a few months ago, I handled it quite a bit better.

He told me he was ready to go anyways and it was a peaceful passing for him as well. I went to visit him and after a long talk over a couple of glasses of brandy, he said goodnight, went to his room, closed his eyes with a smile on his face and that was that.

Our celebrations though are full of new faces these days. Alex and Jane both have significant others. Alex is dating a nice man, his name is Felix. He's a huge man – like Emmett size so it threw us all off a bit when Alex introduced him as his boyfriend and not a buddy.

Janie has taken after her mother and is hot in the fashion industry. Her current beau is a model she met at a shoot for her new line. We assume it will be like her other relationships and when we all get together again in a few months for Thanksgiving, she'll have a new guy on her arm.

Vanessa is a model like her mother and models mostly for Jane but has recently gotten a huge break and has been asked to model for Victoria's Secret. She's seriously dating a professional baseball player, Colin, who has asked Emmett for permission to propose this Christmas. Emmett was ecstatic to say the least and agreed before the man had even fully asked the question.

Ariel, their youngest, is, like I mentioned earlier, married to Anthony. Alice had said they were meant to be together when they were only 5, but I didn't believe it then. It's clear to me though that they love each other like Bella and I love each other. Both went to law school and both got jobs right out of school. Ariel is in family law while Anthony went into corporate law.

We're all extremely proud of them.

Lilly is – and this is no surprise to any of us – an actress and singer. She's very successful and has had two movies that were critically acclaimed throughout the world. Her singing career is just beginning to get off the ground, but it's pretty clear that this venture will prove financially fruitful for her as well.

And much to my chagrin, she's recently accepted a proposal from her boyfriend who is also her business manager. Marcus, is a nice guy and I like him, but even though Lilly is 33, I'm not ready to walk her down an aisle and let her marry a man. They've set the date and she's hired Alice and Rose as her wedding planners. She's chosen May 15th next year.

The media is hounding her and Marcus's everything move and they've released a different date to the media than what is really being planned.

They're getting married at our house with the reception to follow.

Tanya, has unfortunately, showed her face a few times throughout the years, but when she popped in as Lilly was beginning to launch her promotional tour on her last movie to ask for tickets to a premiere, Lilly read her the riot act.

I was so proud of my little girl that day. Bella was too.

And it was the last time we heard from her. I can't even tell you where she's living.

"Well since everyone's here, I have something I'd like to announce as well." Ariel said from her spot on the couch next to Anthony.

"Two something's actually." Anthony smiled.

"Right…well first things first, I got the promotion at the firm and we'll be moving to Los Angeles as soon as we can get out of the lease at the house we're currently in."

"That's great honey!" Rose said. "We're so proud of you!"

"Thanks mom…um…the second thing is that…well…we're…I'm pregnant." She said with a huge ass grin.

"Grandpa Eddie and Grandpa Emmy!" Jasper was the first to react.

"Not a chance in hell." Emmett said with a dimple showing grin. "This kid's gonna be so damn spoiled!"

"Wow dad…like Ness and I aren't?" Ariel laughed.

"Hey now, you're the bratty little sister. I'm just fine." Vanessa said smiling as she hugged her sister. "Congrats A."

"Congrats Grandpa." Bella whispered in my ear as she wrapped her arms around my waist.

"You too Grandma." I said bringing her in closer to me.

"Yeah…we're gonna have to work on what this kid's going to call us. Grandma just isn't working for me."