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"Up," he said.

She slowly opened her crystal eyes, taking her first breath. She managed to get herself to sit up, finding a light to suddenly hit her eyes. She sheilded herself with her arm, her arm that was now of flesh.

"Do not look directly at the light, Hinata," he told her. She turned her head to where she heard the man's voice in the darkness of the unknown world she was in. She blinked.

"Hi...nata...?" she asked quietly.

"Yes. That is your name," he answered. "You are my first successful experiment. There were countless failures before you, but I finally perfected my jutsu, my technique, in bringing my works to life."

"...I am...con...fused..." she said, her new mind still developing in manners of speech.

"That's not a surprise," he replied. The man finally walked from the shadows to her. He looked down at her with his calm brown eyes, his red hair glistening in the light. She stared at him.

"Who...are you...?" she asked.

"My name is Sasori no Akasuna, but please call me only by Sasori, or Sasori no danna if you please. I created you," he answered. "You should be able to stand up Hinata."

Hinata observed him, figuring out that standing up ment being on two legs, as he was. She looked at her legs, which seemed lifeless on the ground as they were attached to her. She moved them, making them shift. Hinata then tried copying Sasori's position of standing, first trying to get her legs under her. Sasori watched, wondering if she could do it by herself. Her legs shivered as she got herself up. A small smile went across Sasori's face when he saw her stand on both legs. His smile was quickly wiped off when he saw her starting to tumble.

"Oh...!" she gasped, thinking she was going to smash into the ground, but didn't. Sasori in a swift movement saved her from colliding with the floor. Hinata, still in his arms, looked up at him.

"I am sorry...Sasori no...danna...I...failed..." she said sadly. Sasori shook his head.

"No Hinata, You didn't fail. You have plenty of time to learn how to function. I'll teach you everything I can, do you understand?" she stiffly nodded. He gave her a warm smile. "Good. Now listen Hinata, I want you to meet someone. He is my, what I guess you could call friend, the brat. He has been wondering when I would finally bring one of my creations to life, so I will introduce you two, okay?" she nodded again. "Alright. Hinata, sit here and wait for me. I will be back soon," Sasori told her, sitting her against the wall next to the light. Hinata remembered when Sasori smiled at her, so tried copying the memory. She was successful. Sasori saw it as he was about to leave.

"What's this? Your first emotion?" he asked.

"I was...just...trying to...imi...tate...what you did...what...is this...called...?" she asked, still smiling.

"It's called a smile, Hinata," he answered, softly smiling back. Her smile brightened. He turned and went up the stairs, out of the dark room. Hinata's smile disappeared when the room suddenly lit up like the light next to her. She was frightened by all the new things she hadn't noticed before, that were hidden in the darkness.

"I'll leave the lights on. I don't want you to feel alone or anything while I'm gone," he said, his finger still on the switch. She looked at him worriedly.

"Sasori no da-" she was cut off by the closing of the door left through. She heard a small click! a second or two later. Despite what Sasori had said, she still felt terribly lonely. She liked the darkness better. She felt safer in it instead of being surrounded by these alien objects.


"Brat," Sasori called. A man looked over his shoulder from his spot ontop of a large boulder. He looked down at Sasori, his long blond hair slightly covering his sight from him, the wind making it go all over the place. He jumped from his perch to land right in front of Sasori. He straightened his stance, looking into Sasori's eyes with his clear blue ones.

"Sasoir no danna? It's a rarity that you're not in Hiruko, hmmm. What brings you here?" the young artist asked.

"I just wanted to tell you that I succeeded," Sasori smirked.

"Succeeded in what? Pleasing a woman? But I thought you didn't have a-"

"DEIDARA, you insolent, little...!"

"I'm sorry, hmmm! Geez, can't take a joke?! What is it, hmmm?!" Deidara exclaimed.

"Just follow me, you half-assed, so-called artist," Sasori growled, walking away. Deidara did indeed follow him.

"No need to hurt my feelings, hmmm," Deidara said innocently. Sasori rolled his eyes.

They came back to the base quickly. Going inside, they found Sasori's quarters and went inside, the lights still on. Sasori gestured Deidara to go in first. Raising a brow, Deidara went inside, going down the stairs. He stopped dead in his tracks, a few steps from the floor, looking intently with wide eyes at Hinata. Hinata, who was holding her knees, felt his stare, so looked up at him, Deidara being only a few feet away from her. She stared at him with her pale, doll-like eyes. She blinked. Deidara gulped. Sasori crossed his arms with a smirk.

"Is that...Hinata? The same Hinata you made a couple weeks ago?" Deidara asked with disbeilef. Sasori walked past Deidara all the way down the stairs to Hinata.

"Of course it is," Sasori answered, he patted Hinata's head. "She just came to life about an hour ago actually."

"You..." Hinata whispered to Deidara. Sasori looked down at Hinata. "I...I remember you...Sasori no danna...too..."

"She has a beautiful voice," Deidara complimented. Deidara mentally slapped himself. WHY did he say something good about Sasori's "art"?!

Because for once, Danna created something amazing. Maybe even beautiful...

"You remember your time BEFORE becoming human?!" Sasori asked, full of surprise. She nodded slowly.

"It's all...coming back to me now..." she whispered. She pointed at one corner of the room. "I was once...sitting...right there...Sasori no danna...was...painting...my face..." she said. "Brat...was watching...he said something but...I...forgot what..." Deidara gave a look to Sasori.

"You told her my name was Brat, hmmm?" he asked irritatingly. Sasori sighed, looking to Hinata. Hinata looked up to Sasori.

"I apologize for confusing you Hinata," Sasori sighed again. "Even though he IS indeed a brat, a horrible one, that is not his name."

"Then...what is...his name...?" she asked.

"Deidara, hmmm. Don't forget it either," Deidara replied. Hinata stared at Deidara again. He flinched.

"Erm...Hinata, please don't do that, hmmm..." Deidara said, scratching his cheek. Hinata tilted her head, still staring at him with her big dolly eyes.

"Why...?" she asked simply.

"Well, for one it's creeping me out, hmmm. And SECONDLY, it's rude. So stop," Deidara explained.

"Rude...?" she asked, blinking once. Deidara gave Sasori a look that said Doesn't she know ANYTHING?!

"It'll take a while before all her humanly functions come to be," Sasori explained to Diedara, as if he said just that. "Maybe in a few days or so it'll all come to her, but just to make sure, I'll leave her in Konan's care for a little while. I'll leave her just long enough to learn womanly hygenie and manners."

"Leave...?!" Hinata asked with sadness. "Sasori no danna...don't leave...don't leave...me..." she pleaded. "I feel...sad when you're not here...I don't like...sad..." she muttered. Sasori looked down at her. Deidara smirked.

"I see she's already developing a crush on you, hmmm," Deidara said to Sasori. Sasori glared at him.

"No she's not. I created her, so of course she'd be feel sad if I wasn't with her. She trusts me..."

"Trust..." Hinata said under her breath. "Crush...?"

"Hinata, listen to me," Sasori began. "Konan is a nice woman. She'll take care of you and teach you all the basics."

"But...I thought...you...said...that...you'd teach me..." Hinata replied.

"I know, but the things Konan will teach you are things that only women should explain to eachother. I'm not a woman Hinata..." Sasori could hear Deidara snickering. "...so stay with her for a while. I already asked her that when you did come into the world of living if she could teach you these things, and she agreed. So go. Deidara will escort you. Oh and speaking of Deidara..." Sasori turned to Deidara.

"I want you to take care of her after Konan's done with her," he told Deidara.

"What?!" Deidara shouted.

"But...Sasori no danna...I thought you just assured...me...that YOU would...teach me..." Hinata trembled.

"I changed my mind," Sasori said. "I have far too much work too do. Deidara can teach you just as well as I can anyway. Trust him Hinata. If you'll obey one thing that I say, I want you to trust him. He may be an idiot, but please, trust him Hinata. He's your friend."

"My...friend...?" Hinata asked. Sasori nodded.

"FINE danna. I'll watch over her, hmmm," Deidara agreed. He averted his eyes to Hinata. "Yes Hinata. I am your friend, hmmm," he said softly. Hinata looked at him, trying to figure out if he really WAS trustworthy as Sasori said she was. She looked back to her creator.

"Okay...Sasori no danna...I'll...trust him..." Hinata said. Sasori nodded once. He looked to Deidara.

"Make sure she comes to no harm, brat. Or I seriously will kill you," Sasori said darkly. Deidara simply smirked at his partner.

"As if I ever would want to bring any harm to this living little angel, hmmm," Deidara looked at Hinata again. Sasori groaned. Great, now I just KNOW he'll do something, Sasori thought. I just have to trust it's nothing serious.

"Hinata-chan, come," Deidara called to her, turning towards the stairs. "Let's go meet Konan-sama."

"Farewell, Sasori no danna," Hinata said.

"Likewise," Sasori replied. He watched them go up the stairs and out the door.


Hinata's eyes widened when she was outside, her mouth open. Everything was so...different. So amazing...beautiful. At the same time, it was also horrifying, seeing the different things around her; different, strange lights too. Deidara, who was ahead of her, stopped and turned around. He saw the fear and awe in her eyes. He walked over to her.

"Hinata..." Deidara started.

"What is that?" Hinata suddenly asked, pointing up. Deidara followed her finger upwards. He just saw the blank sky.

"I don't see anything, hmmm," Deidara told her.

"But there's SOMETHING there! It has a weird light to it..." she said, still pointing. Deidara noticed how she said her sentences without pausing as she did before.

"Are you talking about the sky, hmmm?" Deidara asked. Hinata lowered her arm.

"Sky...?" she asked.

"Yes, hmmm. That thing that surrounds us above with the strange light is called the sky. The light is called blue Hinata. There are many other different lights, or colors. See that poofy object in the sky, hmmm?" he pointed at the lonely thing in the sky. "That is called a cloud. Its color is white, hmmm." Deidara looked at the ground. "See this prickly stuff all over the ground that surrounds us below, hmmm? That is grass. Its color is most commonly green."

"Blue, white, green...colors..." Hinata muttered to herself, making herself remember all these terms. She looked at Deidara. She walked up to him, invading his personal space. Deidara went red.

"Wh-What is it, hmmm?" Deidara asked. Hinata grabbed his fringe of hair, feeling in between her fingers. Deidara turned even redder as he watched her play with his hair.

"Um, what is this?" Hinata asked, showing him his hair.

"It's called hair. Its color is yellow, hmmm. But since this is in terms of hair, which also includes fur, which is what you call the hair on an animal, you may also call it blond. Not everyone's hair is blond, hmmm. There are many variaties of hair color. Hopefully, Konan-sama will teach you more, hmmm."

Hinata noticed her hair on either side of her face. She touched it, feeling it between her fingers as she did to Deidara's earlier. He watched her.

"My hair...what color is it?" she asked him.

"It's a dark purple, hmmm," he answered.

"Huh..." she said quietly, looking over her hair. She grinned showing Deidara her hair.

"It feels great," she said. "Feel it!"

Deidara did as she said, feeling her hair. He subconsciously ran his fingers through her hair, looking into her eyes, his own eyes hallf open.

"It does, hmmm..." he said quietly. Hinata stared at Deidara confusingly.

"Um, Deidara...?" she asked. Deidara blinked. He quickly took his hands away from her.

"I'm sorry about that, hmmm..." he said nervously.

"Sorry about what?" she asked, tilting her head. "You didn't inflict harm on me." Deidara sighed.

"Nevermind, hmmm. Konan-sama's location isn't far from here. Come on," he commanded, walking off again, expecting Hinata to follow him. Which of course she didn't.

She heard a high pitch noise. It wasn't annoying, but...pretty. She looked around, trying to find out where it came from. She suddenly saw a creature, flying around above her, the pretty noise coming from it. She smiled at it. She saw it fly into a tall object. She ran to it, climbing up the seemingly lifeless thing with ease.

"...And that's why we have hairbrushes. Also-" Deidara turned around, realizing no one was there. Oh no.

"Uh...Hinata?" he asked. "Hinata?!!"

"Here I am!" she yelled. Deidara spotted her up a tree, reaching towards a small bird in its nest. The bird made unhappy noises at Hinata. Deidara quickly ran to the tree Hinata was in.

"Hinata! Get down from there now! You might fall!" he yelled.

"I'm fine!" she said. She reached towards the bird again leaning towards it. Deidara's eyes widened.

"HINATA!" he yelled even louder. Hinata, ignoring him, reached more and more towards the bird, who was angry with her for invading its territory. In a split second, The slim branch that supported Hinata snapped right under her, Hinata instantly falling from the tree. Deidara gasped. Before he could do anything at all, Hinata landed right ontop of him.

"ARGH!" Deidara and Hinata hit the ground hard. Deidara wearily opened his eyes, watching countless leaves flutter to the ground around him, one falling on the arch of his nose. He saw Hinata come face to face to him ontop of him. She pushed the leaf off of his nose, pushing her own nose on his, staring into his eyes.

"Are you okay?" Hinata asked. A moment of silence.

"I've had worse, hmmm," he said. "Now please get off me."

"Okay," Hinata got off of him, standing up straight. Deidara got up too, patting the debris off of himself. "Let's...move on, hmmm."

"Deidara," Hinata said.


"What was that thing in the tree, making all those noises?" she asked him.

"It was a bird, hmmm. A pretty ugly one too. I love birds, but a perfect one is impossible to find, hmmm. Unless, I made it..." he stuck his hand into his pouch, grabbing a hunk of clay. Hinata stared at him with confusion. In a matter of seconds, he constructed a bird out of the material. He threw it to the ground and raised a hand sign to himself.


Hinata gasped. The smoke cleared, revealing a life-sized bird. It flapped up to Hinata's shoulder. Deidara wearily smiled. Hinata smiled, her mouth open. She petted it.

"D-Deidara, it's...beautiful..." she said. "Could you teach ME how to do that?!"

"Uh...sadly no Hinata...I would if I could. You see, you need THESE in order to do it, hmmm," he showed her his hands, the mouths on them grinning. She yelped. She quickly looked to her own hands, reliefed not to find any on them.

"Anyway, you can keep that if you want, hmmm. It's safe. I didn't add any chakras to make it explode or anything...but as soon as I leave you with Konan, it'll freeze in whatever position it's in, because I'll soon be too far away to control it anymore, hmmm..." Hinata blinked at the clay bird still on her shoulder. Deidara, once again, turned from her. "We should hurry up, hmmm...this time, FOLLOW ME, Hinata..." she did as he said. The two walked down the path in silence, Konan's headquarters not far from them.


"Her name is Hinata?" Konan asked. Deidara nodded. Konan looked to Hinata once more. "Fine, I'll take her in for a while. When I'm done with you, you'll be perfect." Hinata nodded.

"So...I guess I'm dismissed?" Deidara asked. Konan nodded, shooing him away with her hand. Deidara sighed. "See ya later Hinata, hmmm," he said while walking towards the door.

"Farewell...Deidara..." she said back, before Deidara closed the door behind himself.


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