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"Dei-Deidara..." Hinata began, her voice shaking as Deidara carried her in his arms through the forest. He slowed down, knowing he had been running for a while. Deidara started to just walk with her at that point.

"Yeah?" he panted.

"Where are we going?" she wondered. Deidara looked over his shoulder, seeing some of the hills he just bolted over as he held her, trying to figure out how on earth he did that. He wasn't really the..."sporty" type, if you get the meaning of that. He also saw that he could no longer see Konan's residence, nor Sasori's. That was good. Hinata stared up at Deidara still, confused as to why he was not answering her.

"Dei...dara?" she asked once more. Hearing her fragile voice speak again to him, he faced her, looking Hinata in the eyes.

"Right. I'll tell you on our flight, hmmm. Just hold on," he sat her against a tree, taking a few steps back from her, leaving a couple of feet in between them, Hinata wondering what he was planning.

"Flight...?" she pondered aloud. As she did, she scanned Deidara's body. "Deidara...why are you wet?"

"Hmmm?" he hummed, wiping his brow.

"Your body. It's...soaked." she tilted her head as she gave him another of her infamous doll-like stares. He flinched at her.

"That's called sweat, Hinata. You get it after working too much, so your body produces this liquid in an attempt to cool down your skin, hmmm," he explained. After giving her that brief science lesson, Deidara began to wonder for how much longer would the girl be so clueless. She stared at his feet before looking back up at him.

"So...what is flight? I've been wondering what it was...it's in my memory, but..."

"You'll see in a minute, hmmm." having finally caught his breath from the marathon he ran and regaining composure, he stuck an open palm underneath his cloak to his side. The hand found the large supply of clay in his pouch, chewing some of it up greedily in its mouth. Hinata watched curiously as he brought the hand out of his pouch the next moment. Deidara looked tiredly at his palm, his fingers squishing a substance in his hand that the mouth had spit up.

Hinata gasped with a smile, remembering that it was only yesterday what he made in those mouths of his. She remembered how, right before it had froze like he said it would, it went up to a shelf in her room at Konan's hidden place, staring at her with its hollowed dark eyes.

Deidara threw the bird at the ground.


Hinata waited patiently for the smoke to clear, expecting another friendly little bird to appear to her. But that wasn't what she saw. Her mouth was agape as she watched a ten foot tall bird arch its head up out of the summoning clouds, lifeless eye holes staring into nothingness. She trembled, never having seen as bird so big before in her whole life...but what could she say, she had only been alive for about two days now. Because of this, Hinata wondered if there were any bigger birds that existed.

As Hinata stared at the clay creature in amazement, Deidara watched her, a sly smile appearing on his face as he saw a small smile awaken on her lips.

Maybe she does appreciate my art a bit after all...

Deidara walked up to her, offering his hand to her. She stared at it for a moment before taking it, forcing herself on her feet. He helped her as they made their way to the large hawk-like structure, said thing bowing itself so that it may be easier for Deidara's injured friend to climb aboard.

Once both were sitting on top of the bird's back, Deidara looked over his shoulder at Hinata. Knowing she had no experience at all with chakra control (Wait, does she even have chakra? he asked himself I'll have to find that out later...), he knew that as soon as they flew off, she'd fall right off. He sighed when he commanded her to hold on to him. She nodded, scooting herself closer to him. She clutched his robe in her fists as she placed both arms around him, wondering why she must do so.

Trust him, Hinata... Sasori's words rang in her head. Hinata subconsciously nodded to her master.

Deidara faced forward, hands spread on his work's back.

"Let's go, hmmm," he said, the words not really being directed to anyone in particular.

The bird stood up after he uttered that. It spread out its well-crafted wings, flapping them slowly, gusts of wind coming from either side of it as it did, Hinata buried her face in Deidara's back, after watching clutters of leaves on the forest floor start to fly everywhere, branches going towards the opposite way. It scared her a little. The bird, then with one giant swoop of its wings, casted itself into the air, flying off into the afternoon sky.

"Are you alright, hmmm? Hinata-chan?" he exclaimed to her as the wind nipped at his face. He could feel her trembling as she said the words, "Yes, I believe so." she put her head on his shoulders, not being comfortable with speaking to someone without seeing their face.

"So...the action of moving through the air...is flight?" she asked him. He nodded in agreement.

"Unless they're plummeting to the ground, hmmm. That's called falling. Tobi witnesses that one a lot after I give him a swift punch to face, hmmm..." he told her, mumbling the last part. She tried to look at his face, but only saw his profile.

"What's a Tobi?" she asked him, rather innocently, her face pretty close to his yet again. Deidara glanced at her, wondering if she'd ever grasp the concept of "personal space".

"Correction, my dear Hinata. Who is Tobi. I suppose you will meet him once you're ready, since Sasori would like you to be introduced to everyone one day, and hopefully they won't lu-" Deidara stopped himself. "...never mind, hmmm."

"...and hopefully they won't lust after me. Was that what you were going to say?" Deidara looked her, wondering how she took the words from his mouth that he had just thrown aside instead.

"Yes, actually. But how did you know, hmmm?" he wondered.

"You were having the same conversation with Sasori no danna when he was still...constructing me. That's what he said. I believe he was...painting my eyes...as he said that..." Deidara stared at her, still facing forward though.

"Yes, he did say that," Deidara said to her. "And he was in fact doing just that."

There was a moment of silence.



"What is lust?"

Deidara was silent. What?

"...? Deidara?"

"I'll tell you another day, hmmm," he answered her, trying to just stay focused on the clouds. But, as he thought she might, she wouldn't stop asking him questions. She was just so curious...about EVERYTHING. Sometimes it got a little ridiculous with each thing she wanted to know about.

"Deidara, why do days have names?"

"Deidara, why do birds have feathers?"

"Deidara, why is the sky blue?"

"Deidara, why are your eyes the same color as the sky?"

"Deidara, why do cats meow?"

"Deidara, what is the point of eating?"

"Deidara, why does a turtle die if it doesn't have its shell?"

Deidara was getting very annoyed by each question, although, hiding his frustration with the constant battering of her wonderments, he was still nice enough to answer each one with no sarcasm at all.

"It's so you know what each day is and everything's in order."

"The feathers help them fly, hmmm."

"It's because of the reflection of water droplets in the air."

"I was born that way, hmmm."

"They just do, I'm not very sure why, hmmm. It's rather annoying sometimes in my opinion."

"It's so your body will be given its nutrients in order for you to do all your functions and keep on living."

"The shell is attached to itself, so if you took it off, or, actually, ripped it off, it'd die instantly, hmmm. There's no such thing as a shell-less turtle."

She absorbed each answer of his, blinking once each time she glued it to her mind. Hinata asked a few more to him, until she got to one that stumped him. She had also asked him this earlier.

"Deidara, where are we going?"

Another moment of silence.

"...I haven't the faintest idea, hmmm," he admitted. She was right. Where were they going? This whole time he was just flying in circles around a random spot of the forest. Deidara was giving off the impression that he was a huge vulture awaiting to land on a dead carcass if anyone had noticed him. Well, he couldn't just hide her from Sasori and Konan. But then again, he couldn't just show them that she had a broken leg. They'd blame it all on him and then he'd get in trouble. He felt like a little kid hiding from his parents after doing something wrong. He sighed. Hinata poked her head over his shoulder again.

"Are you okay?" she asked him, a hint of worry in her voice. He looked at her.

"I should be asking you that, hmmm," he said lowly.


"Hinata, we're over 1,000 feet in the air, hmmm." he told her plainly.

"I don't know what that means," she replied. Deidara sighed yet again. Of course you don't.

"What really. What is wrong?" she asked again.

"Nothing is wrong," he replied. She blinked at him.

"Oh...well okay then!" she smiled, happy her friend was fine. After hiding her face back in his back again, Deidara shook his head.

Clearly Hinata does not know how to sense a lie when she hears it.

After that thought, Deidara had another one pop into is head, one he wanted to slap himself for thinking of.

Well, since Hinata has broken her leg...why not show her to that famous healer-lady? What was her name? Tsunade! Yes! Show her to Tsunade and she'll be fine in no time flat!

-mental slap- -mental slap- -mental slap!-

That was such a stupid idea! Yeah, let's just walk up to the hokage and ask her to heal a friend of an Akatsuki member! Wonderful!

Deidara rolled his eyes at himself. Alright, now that that suggestion was thrown in the garbage, he would have to think up of another way to help Hinata...

He looked over his shoulder at his passenger.

"Hinata?" he asked, her face stuffed into him. Was she really not scared?

She looked up at him, completely unfazed by anything.

"Yes?" she asked.

"Does your leg still hurt, hmmm?"

"Um...now that you mention it..." she looked down at her leg, pain stricken on her face all of a sudden. She rubbed it as Deidara sighed. This was going to be risky, but...

"Hinata," he said.


"We're...I know where we're going now, hmmm."

"Oh good! Where?" she was grinning.

"Oh no where too special..." he started, guiding his bird to switch course.

"No where...special?"

"Really, it's nothing. Just a little village, hmmm."

"Vill...age...?" she pronounced.

"Yes," he nodded. "Although Konoha isn't exactly that little, hmmm..."

"What is a village?" she asked, blinking at him with big eyes full of curiosity as she slid her head over his shoulder to watch him speak.

"Uh...you've seen a building before, right? Hmmm?"

She shook her head.

"Oh...well...do you know what a rectangle is?"

She nodded.

"Splendid. Well, this village in particular is made up of a ton on rectangles and squares...buildings, if you will. But it has more people than that. Many, many people...all ruled over by...by..."


"...by an evil witch, hmmm."

"What? A WITCH?" she asked, horrified. He looked at her lazily as he nodded at her.

"So you know what that is?" he

"Because she's the only one right now that can heal your legs, hmmm."

"Oh...that's...unfortunate..." she said, puzzled as to why an evil old lady could have the power to do something so good.

"Listen to me carefully, Hinata," Deidara started, the hawk picking up its pace. "the witch may sometimes appear nice, but trust me, she's evil. Everyone who lives in Konoha is evil too. They...they want bring harm to Sasori no danna." Hinata let out a loud gasp,

"S-Sasori no danna..? But why?"

"They're evil Hinata, hmmm. That's what evil people do." Hinata couldn't believe what she was hearing. Why...how? Who would want to hurt Sasori? It was impossible to comprehend, to her. Deidara continued.

"So, when we get over there, we must not let anyone know who we are. Well, it's okay if they see you, since they don't know who you are at all, but they know who I am, because I'm a friend of Sasori. So, I must do in with a disguise, lead you to the witch, let you get healed, and get out as quickly as possible, alright?" Hinata nodded. "Because we've already been gone for far too long, hmmm. Konan will be getting a little antsy as to why we have not returned yet, hmmm."

"...but, what will be do for a disguise?" Hinata asked. "They can't know who you are! They...they might separate us...just like Ethan and Elizabeth..." Deidara arched a brow at her.

"Just like who?" Deidara asked.

"Those were the names of the people in my storybook. The witch separated them...for a really long time..." a look of sadness cracked into Hinata's usual care-free, calm countenance. Deidara sighed at her.

"We'll be fine Hinata. But that's right. I don't have any spare clothes on me," he thought aloud. "Where am I going to-" Deidara looked down at the forest. He noticed someone walking. He let the hair fly away from the left side of his face in order for him to use his scope. He zoomed in with it at the person. What a coincidence... there was a young man, walking along, alone, right in the middle of the forest.

Deidara smirked down at the man as he shut off his scope.

The young man walked along happily, whistling a happy tune as he walked down the quiet, peaceful road. The birds were chirping, the sun shining, flowers blooming. It wasn't long before a hand reached out of the bushes and yanked the man out of the pretty scene of wildlife, a scream heard before a thump!, and the man was out cold, simple as that.

"D-D-DEIDARA!" Hinata screeched, her voice echoing through the forest as the man fell to the ground, Deidara watching him do so. "Wh-what are you d-d-doing?"

"Improvising!" Deidara exclaimed as he practically ripped the man's shirt off, taking his pants too. Deidara went into another set of bushes with the stolen clothes, telling her, "One minute, hmmm." Hinata waited, holding a fist to her face as she watched the man on the ground start to groan, but was still unconscious, thankfully for Deidara.

"Well, hmmm!" Deidara started aloud, walking out of the bushes. "How do I look?" Deidara stretched out his arms, showing her all of what he was now wearing. It was pretty much a simple, plain brown shirt along with plain-old blue jeans. Hinata blinked at him.

"It...It looks good, I suppose," she answered, wearily smiling up at him from the ground she sat on. Deidara smiled, satisfied with her answer.

I wish I could just use the transformation jutsu, but any shinobi with a brain would recognize it right away... Deidara thought to himself as he brought a handsign to his face, his head poofing as he did. Hinata averted her eyes at him, wondering why he did that.

As the smoke cleared, Deidara was the same, only now his hair was the exact same color as Hinata, and now his hair only reached his shoulders. He let his ponytail loose.

...Although a transformation as simple as this would probably just be overlooked as nothing, Deidara finished in his mind.

"Deidara...why did you just do that?" Hinata asked, subconsciously feeling a strand of her hair as she observed the new color of his own.

"I'm going in in a disguise, am I not?" he answered her. "I will pass myself as your older brother, hmmm. They know my name too, so refer to me as-"

"Ughh,,,," the man grunted, shakily starting to wake up. Deidara rolled his eyes at him, Hinata watching in fear. When Hinata shut her eyes, Deidara quickly tossed a little sculpture at the man's head when-


Hinata screamed in horror when she saw the man's head explode. Thankfully they were both far enough away from him not to get anything on them. Deidara gasped, pretending to of just noticed.

"Oh no!" he began to say. "The Konoha people know we're nearby! Quickly Hinata! We must go!" he grabbed her hand, running off towards his clay hawk, jumping on it with Hinata in his arms as they continued their trip to Konoha (which he knew was still a pretty long distance away).

"They...they really are evil..." Hinata sobbed into Deidara's back as they soared through the sky.

"Yes they are. But you must forgive them. They didn't mean it, really. In their eyes, it had to be done," Deidara told her, referring to himself.

"I...I will try..." Hinata said, sniffing.

"Now then, Hinata-chan, listen to me again," he told her softly, trying to make her stop crying. "When we go to Konoha, you must not call me by my name. In Konoha, you must tell them that I am your older brother, hmmm. In Konoha, call me Hiro," he commanded. Hinata nodded, wiping the tears off her face.

"Good, hmmm. We're almost there anyway..."