Author's note: I don't own Hetalia, just the OC's. So yeah. Oh and this is set in present day, so yeah. Yes, Elizabeth is punk. She is London. Duh.

"Mum, have you seen my car keys?" A seventeen year old asked her mother. The girl had bight blue eyes and short, spiky blond hair with hot pink tips. She wore a shirt with the Union Jack on it that said, "London Kicks Arse!" On the front. She had a short plaid skirt, colors black and blue. Her boots where almost to her knees, the classic punk shoes.

"Elizabeth, where do you think your even going?" A woman came out. This woman was Alice Kirkland, or England. The girl, she was Elizabeth Kirkland, or London.

"Out, with friends." Elizabeth said.

"Who are these friends? Are they from school?" Alice asked. Elizabeth sighed.

"Some of them are. Mum, I'm late, I have to go!" The girl said as she searched high and low for her keys.

"Elizabeth Mary Kirkland, who will be there and where are you bloody going?" Alice demanded. Elizabeth throw her hands up as a sigh of giving up and said, "With Emma, Kailin and Edwin."

"And where are you going. Don't roll your eyes at me young lady!" The English woman yelled.

"We're going to a club. Johnn-. Some blokes from school are playing there." Elizabeth said.

"JOHNNY BLACK! YOU ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE NEAR THAT BOY!" Alice yelled. It was no secret that Johnny Black was the bad boy at Elizabeth's school. It also wasn't a secret that he had had sex with more then a few girls. Alice nor Alfred would let Elizabeth get mixed up with him.

"But mum! That is so not fair!" Elizabeth whined.

"I don't bloody care, you go up to your room. Now!" Alice pointed to the staircase. Elizabeth made a noise of protest before she ran up to her room.

"I wasn't going to do anything." Alice heard Elizabeth say.

"That doesn't mean he didn't have thinks in mind." She growled.

With that, she heard Elizabeth's door slam. Just then, the song, "I need a Hero" started playing from her cell phone. She picked it up.

"Your daughter is s-" Alfred cut her off.

"Oh Christ, what did she do now. The only time you call her my daughter is when she's been caught doing something she not allowed to do or when she in trouble. What did she do Iggy?" Alfred asked.

"She was going to a club to see that boy, Johnny Black."

"SHE WAS GOING TO SEE THAT PLAYER!" Alfred yelled. It hurt Alice's ears.

"yes, now stop yelling you git!" She snapped.

"Well, the Meeting is in two days, and you are bringing her with you, I'll talk to her then." Alfred said, before muttering. "I should hurt the boy. Kick him in the b-"

"Alfred, I understand that we both don't like him, and we both don't want him to touch are little girl, but please don't talk about ripping his….area off." Alice said.

"But Iggy!" Alfred whined.

"Don't be such a bloody baby. I have to go." Alice said.

"Cool, love you." Alfred said.

"I love you too." Alice said before hanging up.


Elizabeth sat on her bed, glaring at the wall. If she had lazar vision, the wall would be toast!

Just then, her cell rang. She pick it up saying, "Hello."

"Iz." A male voice came. Elizabeth smiled.

"Hullo Johnny." She said, trying to sound smooth.

"Aren't you coming to see my band?" He asked, flirting.

"No, my mum found out and sent me to my room. She is so uncool." Elizabeth said.

"Well, its not as if she knows that we're together or anything." Johnny said. Elizabeth blushed.

"Yeah, she just thinks that you want to use me." Elizabeth said.

"I would never use you babe." He said smoothly. Making Elizabeth smile.

"Yeah, but it doesn't help that I have a brother and a father who like to play American football and an uncle who loves hockey. I don't what you getting hurt." She said with a dreamy look.

"Yeah, why doesn't your father and brother live in England?" He asked. Elizabeth had to go through this a lot.

"Dad is an American, he's got a big job there in Washington D.C. My brother um….well he likes it better in America." Elizabeth lied.

"Oh, where does your uncle live?" He asked.

"Well I have four of them. One lives in Canada, one lives in Scotland, the other in Wales, and then my other lives in Ireland." She explained.

"Where the bloody hell is Canada? Oh where they just had the dumb Olympics." He said.

"Yeah." She said.

"Elizabeth, you should be packing! Well be leaving for D.C. tomorrow." Alice called.

"I have to go. Bye. I love you." Elizabeth said.

"Bye……………..........I love you too." He said before hanging up. Just then, Alice came in.

"Who where you talking to?" Alice asked.

"Daddy." Elizabeth said with a smile.

"That's funny, because I was just talking to him." Alice said, crossing her arms over her chest. Her jaw set, and her eyes glaring at her daughter. "And I don't think it would be France, Canada, Wales, George, Ireland, or Scotland or you would tell me."

Shit, she caught me! Elizabeth thought.

"Fine, it was Johnny." Elizabeth said.

"Why the bloody hell are you talking to Johnny. He's only trying to use you. I heard that he got a girl pregnant, Pregnant Elizabeth Mary!" Alice yelled. "And I hear he is into drugs and all kinds of things! No daughter of mine will be used by someone like that!" Alice said. Elizabeth saw red.

"Johnny is not like that. He loves me, he told me so!" Fuck! You're an idiot Elizabeth "London" Mary Kirkland.

Alice's face turned red with anger. "Give. Me. The. Bloody. Phone." She said.

"But mu-"

"I said GIVE ME THE BLOODY PHONE!" Elizabeth glared at her mother before she handed her the cell phone.

"Your father will hears of this." Alice said, adding. "Your grounded!" and slamming the door.

Elizabeth fell on to her bed and glared at the wall again.

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