This can be considered as the flip side to "Closer Then Brothers" and is from the POV of Tommy's father. Power Rangers belongs to Haim Saban, Fox Kids, and Disney. I only own the plot. Takes place in the first season, not after any particular ep.

Peter Oliver couldn't believe it. Tommy had a brother. Maybe not in blood, but it might have well as been. He and Jason were inseparable. He couldn't tell you what made it so, but he was grateful for it. Many nights he would hear his son tossing and turning in his bed, moaning and crying. No matter how hard he tried, he could never get Tommy to open up to him and he would often hear the boy open his bedroom widow and sneak out of the house. He wasn't sure why he would do this, or why it would last the whole night, but he wasn't going to put a stop to it if it helped him deal with whatever haunted him. And his son was haunted. He had seen it in his eyes a little after they had moved to Angel Grove. Whenever Jason saw the look, he would just squeeze his son's shoulder, earning a grateful smile. And again, there were the nightmares. He had overheard them many times. But they never made sense. His son would constantly say things like "No, please. Don't make me. Don't want to." And that scared Peter more than he cared to admit. Because it sounded like someone had hurt Tommy in someway, but after getting no answers the few times he had questioned his son, he had reluctantly dropped it. Tommy could be stubborn when he wanted to be, and no amount of persuading could ever get him to open up. But that didn't mean that the nightmares didn't scare him, because they did. Especially when Tommy would wake up screaming his friends names. The man never knew what would bring them on. Along with the nightmares were some changes in his son's behavior. Like the time when they had been there a few weeks while Jason was visiting, Peter had found one of Tommy's curved swords in the trash, split into pieces, which was surprising because it had been one of his favorites. However, when questioned all he got was a tight-lipped "Too similar." A statement that made no sense. Similar to what? However, Jason had seemed to understand and had put a sympathetic hand on Tommy's shoulder. Yes, Jason and Tommy were unofficially brothers. And for that, Peter was eternally grateful.