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With hair bobbing in the wind, Linda Sedgewick walked along the steps of the library with her father and step-mother.

"Honey I don't know why you insist on coming to the library, it's just a waste of time! I mean you could be learning about how to uhm…might I say, run the family business?" Mr. Sedgewick emphasized as Linda sped up past them, further up the steps carrying a stack of books.

"But I don't WANT to run the family business. Besides, Tony would LOVE to do it for me!" she mentioned looking over her shoulder as she pushed the door open to the library, her step-mother rolling her eyes.

"But Tony is in the Bahamas and I don't want to ruin my precious boys trip by making him work! And we know that you'll love working the hotel!" she smiled clapping her hands together as Linda pushed her books onto the checkout counter.

"How do you know what I like? I don't even like looking over everyone's work when you two are out, I went to college to study archeology and mythology. Not the sociology of running a hotel business—thank you—so I don't think I'd really 'like' taking over the family business. Ever." Linda answered with a snobbish tone.

She walked through the maze of tables and around the bookshelves, stopping to look at a group of books on archeology and mythology. She flipped through it and closed it after reading a line or two. Linda lifted her hand to her chin and scratched it as her parents followed silently.

Linda grabbed a book, examining the spine of it and smiling. She led her parents over to a table and lightly set the book on top of it.

"Why are we here exactly?" her father grumbled, crossing his arms in discontent and Linda just looked back at him.

"For research, I'm writing a paper about parapsychology and how it's linked to some archeology dig sites." Linda said exasperated as she noticed a tall, lanky man with glasses rummaging around the tables, with a hand-held machine.

It blinked red and green lights, the rectangular machine had long wings on the side that made it look like a remote control plane. Linda stood up straight and cocked her head at him. Two more men walked up behind him as he listened to the table with what seemed like a stethoscope.

One man made ghoulish noises and tapped the table with a book which he then slammed violently, causing the tall man to cringe and almost lose his footing. The man with the book chuckled a bit and started speaking with the other two.

"O what hooligans, let's just leave this place. Let's check out that book of yours and we can leave." Her mother said in the same snobbish tone Linda made before as she scrunched her nose at the men disgustedly. Linda rolled her eyes.

"Alright Collette." She mumbled and closed the book. She looked over at the men again as she led her parents along the rows of tables, they walked the opposite way as her, towards the books. The way she wanted to go.

Linda loved books, she loved knowledge, and yet she was born into a family and raised with another family that was more….physical…then mental. Meaning they'd rather HAVE the green then think of all the different things it could do. These men were lucky enough to be interested and something and actually be able to research it. A man in a teal shirt finally noticed her staring and stared back with a grin on his face from a joke Peter had told.

The man turned slightly pink as she didn't retreat from staring and his smile faded a bit. Linda looked down at the ground as she turned a bit pink as well, her cheeks going a bit fuchsia, and she smiled sweetly until looking back up at where he was. The three were gone.

"Dear walk FASTER. We need to get home." Her father persisted as the librarian checked out the book.

They stepped outside with Linda clutching the book to herself, her parents peering at the back of her head, Linda feeling their eyes seeping through her. She stopped and turned to her parents with her eyes closed.

"Okay…what's with the looks?" she sighed and stared at them as they looked at each other casually.

"You seemed to be staring at those three quite oddly. Like you were jealous…that's not quite like you." They said walking past her, carefully looking at each step.

Linda stared at them oddly now and chased after them, being careful not to trip.

"Not quite like me? They're able to go in there and read! I can barely check out a book without you two glaring at me every step I take."

"Dear. We have everything they don't. We could just BUY you a library." Her father said simply and patted her shoulder, leading his wife further down the steps.

Linda stared at them, mouth agape and her eyebrows knitted together angrily.

"But that's not what I want! I want to travel the world! Discover something! Be normal! Experience something we can't experience here!" she cried out slightly as she stopped them in their tracks.

She sighed and looked at her parents as they gloomily glared at her. Linda put her hands on her hips, still holding the book between her arm and her side and she looked around trying to think of what next to say. Soon her attention was to the ground as her parents walked past her, leaving her stand there alone.

"We'll see you at the hotel." They called as they left her there with people walked past her normally; every once in a while a person would stare for a second.

The doors to the library burst open and the same three men from before rushed out onto the stairs, jumping every other step.

"Excuse me! Sorry! Run!!!" they yelled to each other, dodging passerby's. Linda snapped her head around as they sprinted past her, the librarian following close behind.

"Did you see it?!" he called.

"We'll get back to you on that!!!" The man in the green shirt called back, staring straight forward, never once turning to anyone.

"Did they see….what?" Linda muttered to herself as she stared down at her book.

'Legend of Parapsychology.'