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BTW: This is based on the movie! Not the book! So, this may/may not be what you expect!

"Alright Toothless," Hiccup said wih a sigh. "We're going to take a vacation. A... really long vacation."

Toothless looked up quizzically, his face saying somethin like, 'What? We're leaving?'

"Yea, c'mon," Hiccup sighed again, attaching his heavy pack to a special fixure on Toothless' saddle he recently added. Toothless didn't seem to mind the weight as the teenager tightened the straps.

Hiccup swung his leg over the Night Fury's neck. He glanced back in the direction of Berk, gulping, almost too frightened to have his dragon friend fly away. He looked down at Toothless' neck, sighed, and gave the signal to fly.

As they rose up over the trees, Hiccup wondered who, if anybody, found his note. Then he wondered if anybody cared.

Yea, someone would. Gobber the Belch may, his father, Stoick the Vast, might. If he returned, that is. It's crazy, trying to find the Dragon's Nest, no one's ever come back. Hiccup sincerely hoped the latest search party did.

Hiccup looked out to sea now, and saw ships. Father?

Perhaps he should go see how everyone's doing... At least take an aerial sweep... He should leave at least knowing that everyone's alright.

Stoick's gangly son turned Toothless around, toward Berk. They hadn't left the cluster of islands that held the Vikings yet anyway.

Toothless tensed in anticipation. The dark Dragon sensed something might not go right. They would be seen, or shot at by those horrible Viking catapults. Still, he didn't balk at his Viking rider's command, trusting him to lead.

He did, after all, enable the Night Fury to fly again.

Hiccup leaned over as they passed over Berk, squinting to see that the boats took light damage, and his father walking with Gobber. They were talking about something. From this height he couldn't hear what they were taking about. He just hoped no one looked up. If they did, they would surely notice the dark winged reptile flying overhead.

From Stoick's body language, he was surprised about something. Hiccup smiled softly, almost grimly, at the news his father was sure to be recieving. It was probably about how his son, how in a few short weeks managed to rise as a celebrity, to the top of the dragon training class.

If only he knew how his son did it.

Hiccup had enough. He and Toothless headed back, away towards the far islands in the southeast. As they flew over the last bits of the village, a Viking woman looked up and saw the Night Fury.

The collective cry of "Get down!!" Hiccup did hear, from all the height up he was. Toothless would nearly be a speck from the Viking's view.

As the cry went up, Hiccup looked down. He signaled Toothless to go faster. The very last thing he wanted was to be shot down right over Berk!

- - -

A few hours later found Hiccup and Toothless flying over seemingly endless sea. There was no island ahead or behind. Hiccup began to wonder if he went in the right direction.

Toothless was tiring, they needed to find land soon...

- - -

Stoick the Vast was panicking. His son, his only son, was currently flying Thor knows where, on a dangerous Dragon! And if Hiccup's letter was to be believed, on a Night Fury!

Of course, this could all be a prank. He may not feel loved enough, so he "disappeared on a dragon" to make Stoick and the rest worry. The Vast Viking considered this from the start, it seemed like the thing his trouble-making son would do.

So, the Viking chieftain had sent out a search party immediately, intent on finding where his son was hiding. Dragons, after all, are unpredictable beasts, unable to be tamed or ridden.

"Uh... Stoick, Hiccup's no where on the islands," Gobber peeked through the door.

"He's got to be!" Stoick exclaimed,"I mean, riding a Dragon? You don't really believe he went off over the ocean on the back of one of our enemies!"


"Actually what?!"

"He.. he could've... I mean, he's got such a way with the beasts... I think, if he tried hard enough, he could, could, uh...."

"Convince one of those wretched beasts to take him over the ocean?!"

"Uh, yah...."

Stoick fumed. He'd go find his son himself!

- - -

It had begun to rain. Could their situation get any worse?

Neither of them could see land anywhere. They flew and flew and flew, but there was nothing but ocean! Nothing!

Hiccup could see, this was a mistake. Toothless would drop any minute now and Hiccup along with him.

Toothless yawned and shifted his wings. They lost altitude.

Suddenly, through the dark night, Toothless saw a rock, and headed for it. He could land there. Hiccup couldn't see it at first, but was glad Toothless could. Riding a Dragon was fun and all, but after a while you get pretty sore. He bet carrying a rider got a Dragon sore too.

When the Night Fury and red-head teen landed, both were soaked, tired, and hungry. Hiccup gave as much as he could to his Dragon before take his own share from their stores. They could fish in the morning, but they needed the stuff in his pack to last them. Toothless wasn't happy about not being fed enough, and he made sure Hiccup knew.

"Stop that!" the gangly teen scolded he heaved the pack away from his friend the third time.

The dark Dragon gave a grunt as if reluctantly saying, 'Alright, alright, no more.'

"Let's go to sleep," The exhausted boy yawned. He curled up a little ways from where Toothless was making his own little area. The Night fury looked at Hiccup a second before leaping over, grabbing him around the middle, and dragging him over to his spot. Toothless curled up around the Viking.

Said Viking smiled and patted Toothless. "Good boy."

Both fell asleep a short while later.

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