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Hiccup swallowed nervously. The Chief of the Wilds was coming?

That just didn't sound good at all. What was he to do? They had Toothless in chains, he himself was bound, barely able to walk for the weight, and Melan... Where was Melan?

The huge man that used to be just beside him was nowhere to be seen! The red head turned around quickly, hoping the huge chains simply slowed the man.

A sharp poke in his kidneys from his guard's spear had in him facing front again in a flash.

The teen had seen enough though, to see that the brunette man was nowhere close. Or anywhere in sight actually. All he could see were the faces of the villagers. A few looked on disdainfully. Some pairs of eyes reflected anger. A select few women and children held sympathy in their eyes, but most had on an expression of fear.

A terrifying, ear-splitting howl pierced the chilly dusk air.

On the rock above them all stood a bent man, white fur skins covered his shoulders to his skinny knees, a horse's skull, sans lower jaw, covered his face. From the top of the skull, scales - of dragons, Hiccup realized - covered the beginning of a crest of sleek black feathers that trailed to the ground over his back. What may have been a brown tattered robe was underneath the animal-made finery.

"Is that boy's death truely the reason you have summoned me, mortals?"