I had this idea when I discovered that You're Welcome was supposed at first to have Buffy in it instead of Cordelia. Therefore, here it goes.

I am considering Season 5 of Angel run along with Season 8 (comics) of Buffy.

The end will be a little different from what we saw. I love Illyria, but I hate Angel's selfish actions after this episode.

Chapter 1

- You said WHAT!?

- I told him the truth. We didn't believe or trust him. I mean… he is running an evil law firm.

- You… Stupid… Moron…

Willow and Xander, who were just listening, had to leave their seats to restrain Buffy. She looked pretty much murderous.

- Who… or rather… what GAVE YOU THE RIGHT TO SPEAK FOR US… FOR ME?

- Buffy. I thought…

- You didn't have to think. You went there to rescue the slayer and bring her here. THAT. WAS. ALL. I didn't send him any message, so you shouldn't give your own.

- I'm sorry, but maybe I was a little carried away with Spike there and everything…

- SPIKE!! Was Spike there?

This time was Willow the one to scream.

- How? Buffy, didn't you say it was he who saved us?

- Yes. It was.

Willow eyed Buffy suspiciously.

- And how come you are not impressed by this information?

- I knew it already.

- You… knew? That means you keep tabs on *him*?

- Yes. I'm not proud of it, but I wouldn't let him run away alone. There are things nobody understands.

- Buffy…

- No, Will. It is my business. Let's not discuss it.

- I won't discuss it, Buffy. I just want to say you should have told us something, so we could help with it.

Buffy looked grateful to Willow.

- Thanks, Will.

- Well, that is what friends are for. Anyway, what are you going to do?

- A little damage control?

Willow could see the exact moment Buffy became the Slayer.

- Will. I need a portal to LA. Do you think you can arrange it as soon as possible?

- Well. I'm a Wiccan, am I not?

- Xander. Can you hold the fort while I'm gone?

- Of course, Buffster. But, are you sure this is the time to go there?

- I'm not, but I don't have a choice. Maybe it is past the right time. I don't really know… and don't care. I have to go to him, Xander. Something is wrong and I have to… I should have gone to fetch the slayer, but I was a lot afraid to see him again after all this time.

- Why? As much as I know, the man is crazy about you?

- I'm not really sure of that anymore. He was involved with someone. Maybe he just… forgot me.

And nobody saw Buffy wince when she said the word "forgot".

- I was afraid I'd not see that shining star brighten for me anymore. What a coward, hum?

- No. Buffy. You can be everything, but not a coward. You are afraid and that is understandable. I still remember how I felt when Oz went all wolf with Veruka, so…

- Thanks, Will.

- Buffy. Let me ask you something. The time you dated Riley or even… well… stayed with Spike… did you forget Angel?

- Of course not… you know that. He was there… Xander, he was always there.

- So, why would you think Angel forgot you because he was involved with someone? And I must say I can't believe this… I'm defending Dead-boy.

Buffy could not avoid smiling.

- Yes. You were and… thank you… Xander.

The Slayer left the room.

Chapter 2

Buffy and Willow were standing in front of the Wolfram and Hart building. It was big and impressive… and evil. She could feel it.

- Buffy, what are you going to do?

- The best I can do. Barge inside. Let's go.

Buffy went to the building main door and walked to the information desk in front of it.

- I want to talk with Angel.

The security looked at her like she'd grow a head.

- Yeah, beauty. Everyone wants too.

Buffy grabbed the man by his shirt neckline so he'd be up in the air.

- You know… I had a really bad day and I want to talk to Angel. Tell someone in this damn building that Buffy is here.

Buffy released the guy who fell with a tud in the chair. He didn't look at her again and called someone.

- It is from Security Desk, there is someone here called Buffy who wants to talk to Mr. Angel.

- Yes.

The guard put the phone down, but didn't look at Buffy.

- She said you can go up. His office is in the last floor.

Buffy was impressed with the size of the main room in the office. There was quite a lot of people… and other species… around. She didn't like the life Angel had chosen for himself and his friend. Nothing good could come out of it. If she had a saying in it, he wouldn't be in the place much more.

- Harmony?!

Willow was completely dumbfounded to see Harmony Kendall in Angel's office desk. It seemed she was his assistant.

- Willow! So good to see you again! Buffy.

- Hi, Harmony. Is Angel around?

- No. He is out… you know… saving souls.

- Buffy.

His voice. Buffy turned around to see Spike standing there looking at her.

- Spike.

She came to stand in front of him. They hugged.

- What are you doing here? Let me guess… the big poof.

- Yeah.

Buffy turned around to talk to Harmony again.

- Do you know where he went?

- No.

- Buffy.

Buffy turned around to see Wesley coming in her direction.

- Wesley.

They hugged.

- Do you know where Angel went?

- No. Sometimes he just takes off a little.

- And nobody knows where he goes. That's bad.

- Buffy, Angel...

- No. Wesley. I'm not criticizing you. I don't have the right. I just… I'll try to find him.

- Buffy. You can't go around LA to catch Angel. He can be anywhere.

- I think I know how to find him.

Chapter 3

Buffy kept her distance. She could sense him, but it seemed he could not sense her anymore, but why would he. She knew that he was in love with Cordelia. She knew a lot more than Angel would like. She saw him leave the hospital where Cordelia was and walk around the city aimlessly. Then, he saw a young couple being dragged by seven men to a small street and went there. Of course, vampires.

- Hey!

The vampires looked up, but since the street was dark they could not see his face very well.

- I'd let the couple go.

- Who are you, the boss?

One of the vampires asked.

- The name is Angel.

- Ah, you fucking bastard who kill your own kind!

The vampires were so angered that they released the young couple.

- Run.

They fought. Angel was in very good shape, but was out numbered.

- Duck!

Angel lowered himself just in time for the vampire behind him be staked. He looked up to see her standing there.

- Buffy.

- Angel.

Buffy felt like she could not breathe… again. He was still beautiful as she remembered him. The hair still spiked, but his eyes… it was like there was not a soul in the body.

- Hi.

- Hi.

- Nice… aim.

- Thank you.

- What are doing here? Heard of Spike.

- No. I already knew he was back. Came to see you.

Something in what Buffy said didn't make sense to Angel, but he was tired and didn't want to think about anything she had to say… or more of it. He had felt the tickling, but he didn't pay attention to it at first. She wouldn't be here, would she? It was his head tricking him… maybe his loneliness. He loved Cordelia now and that was enough.

- Andrew…

- Look, Angel. I came to apologize. What Andrew told you was not true. He may think it because he has this sick obsession with Spike, but I never said any of it.

Chapter 4

Buffy and Angel got back to W&H. They did not talk all the way. In Angel's office floor, Buffy saw even more demon than before and she could not avoid feeling sorry for Angel. For everything he went through.

- Come on. Let's go to my office so you can inform me of what you want… this time.

Angel's voice was cold and Buffy felt like crying, but she hid it. It would be no good. After they were settled, he looked at her. His face wrinkled.

- Get out!

- Angel, I…

Buffy never finished what she was going to say because of a voice… a female voice just behind her.

- You weren't home upstairs. Didn't think you'd mind me using your private elevator.

- Eve, I mind you breathing. Get out.

Eve walked to Buffy's side. She was looking with too much appreciation to Angel and Buffy had the urge to pummel her face.

- Yeah, sure. Except I'm here to convey the partners concern. A little issue of you letting a client skipped out of our dimension. Dead nuns we can deal with, but the firm's out 10 million in bail costs. Besides, who is your friend, Angel?

- Gee! For a big evil law firm like this you sure sound bad informed. I'm Buffy… as in vampire slayer.

- Oh. My name is—

- No bother. Didn't ask. Don't want to know.

- So. You are The Slayer. Our files say a lot about you. Actually about both of you. Undying love and everything.

Buffy and Angel both shot their heads to look at each other, but averted their eyes as fast as Eve recalled their love.

- Isn't love great! The love is undying up to when you found the next girl… a brunette nonetheless! Angel never talks about you… nowadays… it is all about Cor…

Buffy didn't move. She wouldn't give this woman the satisfaction to see it hurt to know the man she loved didn't love her anymore.

- Get Out! I thought I told security not to let you in this building.

- Sweetie, I'm liaison to the senior partners. You honestly think you have any control over my comings and goings?

Eve sat in the couch. *If she calls Angel sweet again I won't hold my fist"

- Well, maybe not my goings, but you did have a way with my comings at the Halloween party.

Buffy stared at the girl. She really thought she would be jealous.

- So you two are groin buddies? Angel. I thought Darla was rock bottom.

Angel looked at Buffy strangely. He was starting to feel something was wrong with her. It was like she knew something. Of course she didn't. If so, she would have coming running after the news of Spike resurrection. *She doesn't know anything*

- Buffy. We're not. It was just… just this once. And there was special… circumstances.

- Maybe… A spell? Please, Eve. I know that Angel in the full possession of his mind would never… and I say never ever… touch a slut like you.

Angel couldn't help but smile. She was still his sunshine. Sunshine... Where that poetry came from? Only for a moment Eve recognized the blow, but her face and voice didn't betray it.

- We'll talk business later, big guy. I'll let you two catch up.

- And I'll let you walk out of here with your head still attached to your body. Harmony! I want the security keeping tabs on Eve while she's in the building.

- Got it, bossy.

Angel came back to his desk.

- So, this is it. Is this how your life is? Angel, you shouldn't have come here. Selling yourself to the dark side is no good for your shan… soul.

- Buffy, don't be overdramatic. You don't know anything about me anymore. It's not that bad it here…

- Angel. You are working to the same people who tried to kill you more than once. Destroy this city you vowed to protect. Don't you see this is destroying you. This place reminds me of the Initiative. It gives the wings. Why are you here?

- Oh, come on. It is not that bad. They made an offer. I took it. We are changing this company.

In this exact moment a red-skinned demon with black hair, horns and a goatee walks up to Angel wearing a suit and holding a briefcase.

- Mr. Angel, I'm going. Everything's in place. They'll draw up the paperwork accepting the sacrifice you suggested.

- Good. Great.

- Racquetball Thursday?

- Ok.

Angel spun around to look at an open mouthed slayer.

- Oh, no. Buffy, it is not that! We made a clan of Kardashian demons to change the way they offer sacrifices. Now instead of children, they will only use blood. Our employees will donate it.

Buffy tried to talk but she couldn't. She just stared at Angel for a while and after some seconds she decided to leave the office.

- I can't believe you! Harmony. Can you find a place for me to stay?

- You are already settled with Willow in one of our apartments in the building. Wesley requested it.

- Thank you.

Buffy ignored Angel completely as a messenger appeared to guide her to her apartment. He stayed in front of his office door until she disappeared upstairs.

- What! What did I do?

I'll post one part every day. So keep tuned!