Okay, so I left off with a cliffy in the last one. I shouldn't tease the readers so much, so let's just get into the story!


Naoya wakes when he feels a jarring impact. He has been thrown on the floor. It's odd that it should hurt so much. He finally realizes why. His hands have been tied behind his back, making him absorb all the impact with his shoulder. He can feel it. It hurts. He wants to scream, to cry, but he can't. There is some sort of tape over his mouth. He kicks and is surprised when he can move his legs. The movement causes him to fall onto his back, crushing his hands under the weight. This time he does scream, but it is muffled.

"Shut up, brat!" A gruff voice calls.

The exclamation is followed by a painful kick to the ribs. He feels his eyes begin to water. It hurts. It hurts a lot and the man hasn't done anything to him yet. In this moment, Naoya wishes he had Naoto's powers. If he had Naoto's powers he'd be able to throw this man far away from himself! If he had Naoto's powers he'd be able to untie his arms and get out of here! Sadly, he doesn't have that power. All he gets is another shock of pain when the man kicked him, a mental shock.

He begins to see into the man's mind. This scares him. He has always been able to get into a regular man's mind, he fears what is inside the mind of a killer.

He expects to see images of his passed murders. He expects to hear his mocking laughter as he stabs at the bodies of children. He expects to see blood and guts. Instead, he sees the man when he is a little boy. What he sees is far different.

"Stupid child! It's your fault! I never wanted you! If it weren't for you, every man would want me! It's your fault I have to reduce myself to a petty whore just to get off! If I didn't have to have a child following me everywhere I'd have suitors! Curse you!"

The woman shrieks as she repeatedly swings at him with her purse. The boy is covered in bruises.

"I'm sorry, mother! I'm sorry I was born!" The boy cries.

The scene changes. This time, the boy is even younger.

The boy walks over to his mother's bedroom after having a nightmare. He just wants to sleep beside mother and have her tell him everything is alright. When he opens the door he gets the shock of his life.

Mother is in bed with a man. Not only that, but this man is different from the one she brought home two weeks ago.

"Eww! You have a child? Get away from me!" The man yells as he gets up and leaves.

Mother sits up in bed, holding her head.

"Mother?" The boy calls weakly.

"Get out! Get out!" Mother yells.

She throws a pillow at him and he runs away.

The scene changes again. This time, the boy is a teen.

The boy is a young teen sitting at the bench in the playground. He likes to come here in his spare time to get away from his mother's beatings. Today, the park is filled with children. It's the weekend after all, mothers have brought their young children here to play. One mother is seated on the other end of the bench. His attention is drawn to her when her child runs up to her.

"Mommy, mommy!" The child calls as she raises her arms, begging to be picked up.

The mother complies and lifts her daughter onto her lap.

"Are you done for today, Shiko?" The woman asks.

The girl shakes her head.

"Not yet. I wanted to ask if we could go for ice cream later! Toshi said his mommy was taking him out for ice cream later!" The girl chirps.

The mother laughs.

"Alright, but don't forget that we have to eat dinner tonight." The woman calls as she stands up.

She walks away, holding the girl's hand.

"YAY!" The girl laughs.

The teen can't stand it. Such a happy mother and daughter. He hates it! All these stupid children are being loved for doing nothing! He was never loved! He was hated and he did nothing! Why should they get all the love? He wonders. With a plan in mind, he follows after the mother-daughter pair. He has a plan.

The two have placed their orders. The girl is standing beside her mother, waiting for mother to pay the man and get their ice cream. This is the small instant where the mother has to let go of the little girl's hand. That proves to be a mistake.

The girl looks around. She suddenly sees a man beckoning to her. It is the teen from the park, but she doesn't know that.

Naoya watches in horror as the girl skips towards the teenaged killer.

The scene changes a final time.

They are in a dark room. The little girl from the ice cream shop is tied up with tape over her mouth. She screams and makes noise, but none of it will save her. The killer has a whip.

"You think that you're special. You're not. You don't deserve all that love!" The man yells as he whips the girl.

She screams, she cries, and she begs. All of it just makes him laugh harder.

"That's it! That's it! Beg! It's not going to save you!" He shrieks.

He finally gets tired of whipping the girl and decides to end it. He takes the leather whip and wraps it around her neck. He smiles as he pulls on the two ends.

The girl's eyes widen as she feels the leather strip tighten. She tries to cry out, but it comes out as a strangled sob. She is too young to understand the concept of death, but even so it comes for her. She can feel her life slipping away, but she doesn't know what it means. In her last moments, all she can think about is her mommy. She realizes that she should have heeded her mother's words. She shouldn't have gone off with strangers. In that one instant she realizes that she will never see her mother again. When the man was whipping her, she constantly cried out for her mother. Now, she knows that her mother can't hear her, and that she will never see her again. Her eyes fill with new tears for the welling sadness she feels. The pain of goodbye and death touches everyone, even this little girl.

She dies. The man's evil laughter echoes through the empty room.

The echoing laughter is soon joined by a scream. Little Naoya screams at the horrors he has just witnessed. A child his age should never have to see such things. Heck, no one should see those things. That man tortured and killed a little girl. That isn't the worst thing. Not only did he kill her, he enjoyed every moment of it!

Naoya continues to scream. He can't stop. He's scared. He now knows what level of evil this man is capable of. The fact that it was his first murder has him screaming all the louder.

If that was only the first murder, then there has got to be far worse. Naoya screams and begs any higher power that exists not to let him witness anymore of this man's evil deeds. He'd rather die than see those! That's when a thought strikes him.

He is going to die. At seven years old, little Naoya is going to die. He cries. He calls for his mother, much like the little girl had. That didn't save her. He cries for his father, but that won't work either. Finally, he cries for his brother. He screams 'Nii-chan! Save me!' over and over, until his voice is hoarse, and keeps going. Added to that, he calls out with his mind. It has worked before, he has talked to his brother with his mind before. He prays that it will work.

* * *

Naoto is still running towards home. The way back never seemed so long. It should have been a short run, but his thoughts of Naoya make ever second agony. The news report flashes across his mind, scaring the wits out of him. When he thinks of it, his mind creates horrible images of what that bastard could be doing to his precious little brother. Knowing what sort of man that guy is, he finds himself begging that he hasn't touched Naoya.

It's not the fact that the man will bring harm to the boy if he touches him; it's the fact that he is evil, and has evil thoughts. Of course, Naoto worries about Naoya being killed, or worse, tortured; but to think that his brother will have to see into that man's head...that's a far worse sort of torture. No matter how many times that man cuts Naoya it won't matter. Those scars will fade. What he fears is the mental scars that will be brought on by seeing into that man's head.

At seven years old, Naoya will have seen the gruesome deaths and murders of many young children. He swears that if that man made Naoya see those things, he will curse him to an eternity in hell.

It's funny that Naoto worries more about the lasting effects, than if Naoya will even live to see the effects. It seems like he is missing something, but really it's because he can't bear the thought of Naoya dying. He can't let that happen. He has somehow fooled himself into thinking that if he doesn't think Naoya is going to be killed, that he won't be. It's irrational, but it's all he has to hold onto.

'Nii-chan! Nii-chan! I'm scared! Nii-chan! Save me!'

Naoto stops. He thought he heard Naoya calling for him. He kicks himself for stopping and begins running again. Every second counts! He can't let any time go to waste! Naoya may only have a few hours left. If that man chooses to kill him tonight, it will have been his fault for wasting time!

"Don't worry, Naoya. I'll save you. I swear I'll save you!" Naoto growls his vow under his breath.

He can't let his brother die, he just can't. Naoya means the world to him, if he were to let Naoya die, he might as well die himself.

As he runs, he sees his house. He picks up speed. Before he even enters the lot, he is screaming.


By now, he has probably gotten the attention of the whole neighbourhood. Time is of essence and yet his parents still find a way to waste it when he finally sees them.

"What's wrong, Naoto?" His father asks.

Naoto refrains from punching his father for asking such a dumb question. He tries to tell them again.


HAPPENTOHIM!" He yells without drawing breath.

His father stares at him, wide-eyed. Naoto growls and grabs his father by the arm and begins pulling.

"Whoa, Naoto! Stop!" His father yells.

"I can't! Naoya's in trouble!" Naoto yells.

Finally, this gets through to his father and the man rushes to the car.

"Naoya? Why didn't you tell me sooner?! NAOMI, CALL THE POLICE! NAOYA'S BEEN KIDNAPPED!" Yukihiko yells to his wife.

The sound of a dish shattering after hitting the floor is heard as Naomi gasps.

"NAOYA!" She cries as she runs to the phone.

Yukihiko pulls Naoto into the car and drives off.

"Where was the last time you saw him?! What happened? Why did he get taken? Weren't you with him? How could you let this happen?" Yukihiko yells.

Naoto doesn't care that his father is putting the blame on him. They always do when it concerns Naoya. He doesn't mare at this moment, because all he cares about is finding Naoya.

"He was waiting for me at the school gates after school. I had some stuff to do right after, but when I ran out to meet him he was gone. All that was left was his backpack." Naoto mutters.

His father curses.

They reach the school gates and Naoto steps out of the car, followed by his father. He points to the school gates where he found Naoya's backpack.

"He was right there!" Naoto cries.

Yukihiko inspects the area. He curses when he finds nothing. Soon, a police cruiser arrives. The officer steps out of the vehicle and takes out a notepad.

"Are you Kirihara Yukihiko?" The man asks.


"I have some questions for you." The officer states as he begins a long list of questions, while taking notes.

Naoto can't believe this. They're wasting precious time! It's already sunset! It about five hours it will be midnight! If this jerk is anything like the horror stories he's read, that's when he'll hang Naoya's dead body from the clock tower for all to see!


Both the officer and his father stare at him, wide-eyed.

"Naoya's been kidnapped! It's the serial killer, I know it is! What are you all doing standing here when we should be looking for the bastard who took my brother?" Naoto screams.

"Naoto!" His father tries to reprimand him, but the officer stops him.

The man goes down on a knee and speaks to Naoto in a kind voice. He's treating him like a child!

"Son, you may be right, but we have to get rid of the paperwork and follow procedures. We have to do things like this and follow the rules." The man tells him.

"To hell with that! You stupid adults can spend all day chatting it up, but I'm going to do something!" Naoto yells.

He runs away from the two as they resume the questioning.

"Naoya, I'll find you!" He vows.

To be continued...

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